Janet, A Success Story. October 9. #TSJ #doctorday

Thursdays are always interesting for Janet, mostly because its the start of her weekend at home. Today she also got to see three doctors before getting home. Jess took her to the clinic right after breakfast this morning to get meds for another UTI. They had to wait quite a while to see the doctor there but Janet said he was nice and she enjoyed chatting with Jess while they waited as there usually isn’t time to sit and talk at Connect.

The next doctor on the list was Dr. Miller at KGH. Since Janet might be attending a Speech Therapy program there after she comes home, we took the opportunity to see how familiar Janet is with the place and if she’s confident enough to make her own way around. I pulled up to the Rehab entrance and followed Janet inside. Erica, the head nurse saw us and came to chat as we were walking in. Janet doesn’t remember her but appreciated her encouraging words. Once inside Janet got a little confused and needed a prompt to head in the right direction. Rob, the physio guy saw her but wasn’t sure it was really Janet. He went ahead of us to Dr. Miller to make sure and was excited that Janet is doing so well. Dr. Miller was his usual upbeat self, although dressed down today. Janet seems to thrive off of his praise and although I was hoping for some detailed strategies to cope with her fear and self doubt, his reassurance to Janet and encouragement to keep doing what she’s been doing resonated with her and may be enough of a boost to push her through these last few weeks at Connect. Janet walked herself freestyle to the Rehab bathroom after the meeting then used her cane and lead me to the outside door where she waited in the sun for me to get the car. While I was gone she had a nice chat with an older lady who was out getting some sun. Awesome to be able to leave Janet do things like that and hope it grows her sense of independence.

Yes, I said weeks for coming home. Hard to believe but there is a very real possibility of Janet being home by the end of November which is only seven weeks away. She is aware of this and is willing to work hard for it. The last doctor of the day was Janet’s GP for a regular check up and to set things up for the lab near our house should Janet need to use it once home. Finally at home, Janet called her own nap time then stood for a long time at the cooktop helping me make dinner. Her stamina for that is growing and she really does appreciate the meals more when she helps out.

Praying for a healing night of sleep and a sunny Friday.

Janet, A Success Story. September 13. #TSJ Goaaal #2

This is just a quick update to announce that Janet has achieved another of her “get out of Connect goals”!

Brian came over this afternoon to do an assessment with Janet around the house and gave Janet credit for being able to load and unload the dishwasher. She hasn’t quite got the controls mastered but I can’t think of when it would be necessary for her to use them so goal achieved!

The weekend is going well and I’ll post a full update tomorrow night. Go ‘Hawks!

Janet, A Success Story. March 9. #TSJ

Sunday arrived early thanks to Daylight Savings Time and our need to be on the 10:30 ferry to Vancouver. Janet was up with lots of energy probably because of her good night of sleep using the entire queen sized bed except for a few inches she kindly left for me. More justification for the king size we have at home.

The ferry ride was made more enjoyable by a massive pod of dolphins that crossed ahead, underneath and astern of us. I’ve never seen so many in one pod before, ever, here’s a little video but it doesn’t do what we saw justice at all. Very cool.

We met Brittney, Ethan and Julian for lunch in New Westminster before the long drive home. It had been a long time since we’ve been able to visit and we enjoyed our brief time together today. No surprise that Janet and Ethan got along as if they’ve known each other all his life and Janet lit right up as soon as she saw him. Call it what you will, there’s something special about Janet and little kids.
Janet Ethan 2
The drive to Kelowna was sunny and easy with Janet staying awake all but a few minutes. We stopped for dinner before the final leg to Connect and Janet faded fast as dinner progressed. There was only some minor complaining about going back and after reading for a bit she was all settled in and ready for a good night of sleep.

Janet enjoyed her weekend away saying her highlight was “seeing everyone again”. She did amazingly well on all of the driving, her transfers and walking continue to improve and I never once had to be concerned about toileting. She was on top of that situation the whole time. It was a fun weekend.

Praying for Janet to have a productive day tomorrow and all week.