The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TrinityKelowna

Renovation Day 51. Randy continues to work on drawers and shelves for the kitchen. I took the morning to catch up on bill paying and other paperwork knowing Janet was coming home in the afternoon to help unload a few boxes.

Janet was helping Jess do dishes when I got to Connect and she was quite cheery. I dare say she’s ramped up the brightness level a little since her walking yesterday and the confidence level seems a little higher too. Thanks to all of you that sent comments to us. I read them all to Janet and it really helps her to hear what you all think and have to say about her. She knew exactly what we had planned for the day and wasn’t too excited about going home to unpack saying “its a lot of work”. It is and she’s a big help to me especially in deciding things like what colour of towels go where. We got a good start on the last of the boxes today and I’ll be able to handle the rest on my own so we left the house early to run a couple errands before dinner and SHElife.

Dinner was at Milestones tonight and Janet was looking pretty tired before the appetizer arrived. The food gave her an energy boost and by the time I dropped her at the church she was doing fine. Tonight was the church AGM combined with a group packing of Christmas hampers. Janet really enjoyed the meeting but couldn’t give me any details on what was discussed. She did name a few of the speakers and very accurately described her challenges when it came to packing the hampers. Whoever pushed her down to where that was happening didn’t realize Janet can’t really write and left her at that station. Unfortunately she didn’t think to move on her own but someone came along and realized the problem and took her to the station where she could help load things into bags. Janet had nice things to say about quite a few people she interacted with tonight and that has been a huge benefit of her SHElife experience. I hope she decides to go again in the new year.

There were no big break through moments today like there was yesterday but Janet was very bright despite being tired and I noticed a lot more initiation of conversing than ever before and her response time to questions seems faster as well. It was a good day overall and one that Janet was happy to let happen at a slower pace than yesterday.

Praying for complete healing soon.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Home

Renovation Day 45 was more of an unpacking day for me. Randy continues the renovation side of things, finishing Janet’s closet and the one in the Den/Second Bedroom. He also did a great job installing our new dryer which required adapting the exhaust vent to run out of the bottom of the machine. Still no sign of the electrician but rumour has it he’s coming tomorrow and if so we will then be able to do laundry. Yeah!

I met Janet at the pool this morning along with Courtney. It was great having Courtney there as we were able to take Janet into the deep pool where the water is warmer. Janet swam well there but that’s all you can do so we did a little time in the lap pool as well so she could practice balancing and walking. She had virtually no push down in her right leg at all but was able to move it forward well. Janet enjoyed having Courtney in the pool with her and went the entire session without whining, pretty much a first.

After lunch with Courtney at The Asian Pear we went home and Janet was able to load some of her closet. She admitted it was a little overwhelming trying to put all of her stuff away so I stopped her after an hour and a half and got her into our new bed for a nap. I had hoped to give Janet the side of the bed closest to the bathroom so that’s what we tried today. The transfer into bed was OK and will be much better using a stripper pole when we get that installed. Janet found it a little hard to manoeuvre on the bed, feeling its a little soft. She slept well and really liked the bed once snuggled up in it. Getting out proved more challenging as she has to use her weak side more being on the opposite side of the bed from Connect. I think we’ll try it for the weekend and see if she can adapt, otherwise a switch may be in order.

We don’t yet have any means of cooking at the new house so out for dinner we went. This time to Original Joe’s. We hadn’t been there since early in the summer but Janet remembered the room once we were in it. The food was good but the place was very noisy so I think we’ll leave it as a lunch option as it should be quieter then.

Janet had enough energy in her to put in a decent bike ride when we got back to Connect and closed a busy day with some TV and Tootsie Rolls. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep, lots of exercise in the morning and complete control of her right leg.