The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #football

Renovation Day 62. I think I was a little ahead of myself yesterday in giving Randy the day off. I was in Sunday mode but it was only Saturday so I suspect he was working from home on cupboard doors and such. Hopefully he took today off! Janet and I started to decorate a little then she decided she didn’t want to hang the pieces we were considering so down to the crawl space they go.

Today started a little earlier than yesterday with Janet willing to get up but not that thrilled about it. Her energy level was a little low all day and I’m not sure why. Our morning included a nice Skype chat with Mary/Gaga during which Janet communicated very well and was happy with how she did. I challenged Janet to make her own coffee this morning and she did so with minimal coaching. Our chores were completed in time for the Seahawks game and that is how we spent our afternoon. Like I said, Janet’s energy level was a little low so she wasn’t into cheering so much during today’s game and I think that was a contributing factor in the loss.

I suffered a bigger loss than the Seahawks today as a piece of Janet’s clothing finally beat me. We attended a turkey dinner for everyone in the complex this evening and Janet wanted to wear her new dress again. It was a challenge putting it on her for our party Friday but we were successful but tonight it beat me altogether. For now I’m saying it shrunk just enough in the wash and it wasn’t my incompetence that caused the fail. It did spoil the evening a little as I was not a very happy guy after battling a dress for half an hour. Janet said she had fun at the dinner and we did meet some nice people there but it was a little weird and old. Still good to go as I learned I will be assisting with the next event, a wine tasting in January. Word travels fast!

Returning to Connect Janet asked to get ready for bed then have me read Open for a little while. That was a nice way to calm back down for both of us and I found it very hard to leave the room for the night. Part of me gets very used to having Janet at home, especially the new one, and part of me wants her to keep working hard at Connect to get better. I know the latter is what she needs still and the prospect of Janet being at home full time is a little frightening right now but having to say goodnight and drive thirty minutes away sucks.

Praying for a night of restoration and lots of energy for a productive tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #turkeydinner

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Janet’s morning was rather routine today. Breakfast, Shuttle, shower, Standing Frame, lunch, then a little time with me to respond to an email from her dad. Janet hasn’t been typing on the iPad for a while and was quite reluctant to do it thinking she couldn’t. I need to keep working on this with her as I believe it’s an important skill and she’s not as bad at it as she thinks. She also doesn’t think she can read but yes she can.

Knowing tonight was the big turkey dinner for everyone connected to Connect, Janet agreed to a nap after the iPad work. I quickly painted her nails after she got up and we went to the Winfield Memorial Hall for the Fall Social. Janet went in saying “your going to know everyone and I’m not going to know anybody”. Before we sat down she had been welcomed by at least six people and had changed her tune to “lots of people are saying hi to me”. There were some little kids there and one at our table that kept Janet’s attention for a good part of the evening. The dinner was very good with Janet gobbling down a large portion of turkey. Pun intended. The staff had put together a slide show featuring all the residents from the past year. Janet said “there won’t be any pictures of me”. Two minutes in she had appeared four times with each one making her laugh. She was well represented throughout the show and wondered why because “I’m never out doing anything”. Funny how she perceives herself sometimes. Janet says she would have danced with me but “not to that music”. That’s a line I used to use while waiting for the scotch to take effect. I didn’t push the dancing on her and we got back to Connect in time to read a little, watch some TV and go to bed.

Today had a nice steady pace to it and Janet was good throughout. Praying for healing sleep and a willingness to try sledge hockey one more time tomorrow.