The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TrinityKelowna

Renovation Day 12. I had so much fun breaking up the lovely pink tile in the bathrooms yesterday I decided to rip up the floor that the tiles we glued to today. More fun for me. Randy continues to make good progress in the kitchen and I think we are almost ready for a video tour update. Stay tuned.

The whole time I was with Janet yesterday I teased her about going to sledge hockey today in hopes that if I said it enough she might actually go. Lo and behold, she did go! Just to watch though, which is fine as she still got out with a group of people and that’s good. She created some excitement on the way out of the arena as she was propelling herself and got going too fast and tumbled out of her wheelchair. The only thing hurt was her pride and she actually told me the story almost word for word as Garrett did when I arrived at Connect. The staff were very attentive to her and I didn’t notice any ill effects at all.

That outing prevented Janet from getting to the gym this morning so she agreed to do The Shuttle before church. Her performance was satisfactory. To me, her right leg seems to not have gained any strength since I last worked with her over a week ago but she is getting significantly more extension from her pushes so that’s good. Janet had a decent Skype chat with Heather and a good phone conversation with Cam and Gina. I think it’s soon time for her to learn to initiate or answer phone and Skype calls herself as the prearranged ones or requests that come through me seem to annoy her most of the time. Spontaneous or self initiated would be better.

For as long as we’ve been attending Trinity Janet has nine times out of ten just wanted to leave right after the service. The last few weeks she has agreed to exit via the front row so we can say hi to people and tonight she was the one that asked if we could do that. She was able to talk to a number of people, some of whom she said she didn’t really know but it was nice talking to them anyways. I’m really glad Janet is starting to seek people out and hope it continues.

Back at Connect Janet went into the Standing Frame while our pizza cooked. In honour of Gina’s family we watched a little of the baseball game and cheered for Boston. Janet said she had a good lunch then proceeded to eat four slices of pizza for dinner! All she could do after that was watch a little more TV on the couch with me then fall asleep with her head on my shoulder. I let her sleep like that for a little while before attempting to get her back in her wheelchair and when I finally woke her up she came to pretty well and got herself ready for bed as usual.

Praying for a deep and healing sleep tonight and lots of energy for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #trinitykelowna

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house! That means this is my last night at the secret location very close to Janet. I’m not sure if I’m more excited see the house and get started on the renovations or be able to empty the stuff out of our new car that I’ve been packing around the last week. It feels like I haven’t really been able to drive it out of fear of sending something crashing. Both will be exciting I’m sure. Janet reminded me tonight that she’d like to be a part of things as they go along at the new place and when I asked her if she wanted to drive by the old house today she said “no, it might make me wish we lived there”. I asked her that as we dropped off some dog food for Nash and she didn’t want to see him either as “it would make me sad”. It would not have been fair to have him think we were picking him up then take off on him again so I’m glad she said no.

Janet’s day prior to that had been good with Garrett taking her to the gym this morning for a good long workout. We offered Janet the chance to go to sledge hockey again but her fear of being cold made that decision for her. Garrett said they did a really good stretching session and a decent job on the Shuttle. After lunch we got Janet into the Standing Frame putting as much weight through her right leg as possible and despite a few complaints of pain early on she tolerated it well. I still feel like we haven’t found the optimum positioning for her yet.

We attended the service at Trinity tonight and for the first time Janet stood and sang the entire first song! I held her the whole time and she wasn’t exactly elegant but she managed and it was cool. She enjoyed Wayne’s message so much she asked to go down front to say hi afterwards. She never does that and told me later that she is better able to follow Wayne’s talks as opposed to anyone else’s.

After a stop for dinner we arrived back at Connect with enough time for a Popsicle before bed. Today was a solid day for Janet and I’m praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and an exciting day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #CarShopping

After a busy day of preparing to move I got to Connect to find Janet lounging by the TV in the living room. She was eager to do something so my suggestion to go car shopping was readily accepted. Combine that with dinner out and a visit to the church before going back to Connect and she was all smiles.

I was too late to get a briefing on Janet’s day so far and all she could tell me was she just had a shower and doesn’t like having them so late in the day as her hair doesn’t dry fast. She also mentioned going outside with Garrett for exercise but wasn’t able to give me details.

Car shopping is proving as difficult as house hunting was. Janet is being very patient through this process and understands she needs to be there because if she can’t get in and out easily there’s no point in considering that car. We did find one SUV that she can get into but in reading online about it tonight there is quite a discrepancy between the gas mileage the salesperson told us the vehicle got and what the websites list. Not sure if that was an honest mistake or what. Still searching.

Dinner was at Gengie and was “yummy” according to Janet. Her chop stick skills are improving and this was by far the least messy sushi dinner I can remember. We stopped by Trinity to check out the Small Group kick off event. The goal was to connect with a small group that I could take Janet to during the week for social and spiritual gain. We ran into Heidi who invited Janet to join her at She Life, a group that meets Wednesday evenings at the church and will be discussing the book we are reading, Not a Fan. Janet accepted the invite quickly and seems quite excited to try the group out. I hope to be able to help with the Tech Team while Janet does her thing so it could be win win. Don’t tell Joel.

We made it back to Connect just before nine and Janet put away a bunch of her things I had brought out from the house then asked to get ready for bed so I could read to her a little. That was quite a different day together than typical and Janet seemed to enjoy it all. I wouldn’t want to keep her away from the gym or that busy too often but it was fun and we learned a lot and had nice chats with a few people. All good therapy.

Praying for a healing night of sleep and a positive day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #trinitykelowna #skype #oloffs #kaltire

Janet awoke refreshed and ready for the day this morning. She seemed to really enjoy breakfast with Cam and Gina and had a good Skype chat with Mary/Gaga right after that. Her answers to questions were not always correct but she was enthusiastic during the entire call.

I thought about doing some moving related chores with Janet before lunch until I noticed a tire looking pretty flat on our car. Thankfully it wasn’t raining like it did yesterday so we were able to go out, pump a little air into it and drive over to Kal Tire and have it fixed. For FREE, and in half an hour! While we waited we walked over to Rona to check out paint samples for the new house. That was a good test of the porter wheelchair and I’ve determined that I like the idea of having two chairs but this one is not ideal for Janet. It’s too high and the foot rests are too far apart.

After a quick lunch and a look at Cam’s new car it was nap time which resulted in about an hours rest time but no sleeping. It was enough rest to give Janet a big enough boost to enjoy the rest of the day which started with the service at Trinity. Janet got really excited about a book Wayne referenced in his message called Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman and we are going to start reading it right away. We haven’t been reading anything lately except emails and such so it will be nice to get into a book again. From church we went straight to Sandi and Henrik’s for a nice meal and good conversation. We hadn’t seen them in a while and it was really nice to reconnect. Janet managed to sit in a real chair the whole time we were there and her porter chair proved inadequate in wet gravel and for bringing into the house after getting wet. You don’t know until you try.

It was pretty late when we got home but Janet still had energy, so over a cup of tea I got her nails painted for the first real football game of the season. Seattle vs Carolina. We’ll be watching over breakfast with jerseys on. Go ‘hawks!

Thanking Jesus for everything we’ve been blessed with, especially family and friends. Praying for complete healing.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #realestate #trinitykelowna #Godatwork

It was another one of those restless nights for Janet Friday and when she woke around eight o’clock Saturday morning I could tell she wasn’t really awake despite her saying she was ready to get up. Minutes later she was snoring away and did so until 9:30. Once up she was very bright and had a good conversation with her mom on Skype after breakfast. I laced her fruit and yogurt with some Peg 3350 to help with the BM situation and it was very successful. Janet agreed that was a much better way to take the Peg than drinking it.

Getting up late made the wait for our realtor to arrive more bearable and Janet was noticeably excited when Les drove up a little ahead of schedule. The offer he brought with him was from the family that took a long second look at our house yesterday and we quickly came to an agreement with only the usual subjects. Janet was beaming as we accepted the offer and gave a big fist shake and a YES as Les left to get the documents to the other realtor. Now the work to find somewhere to live gets serious.

After lunch Janet and I went out into the yard to work as I had to cut the lawn to be ready for a showing tomorrow and Janet really wanted to help. Yes, we will still show the house even with the accepted offer as its not a done deal until the money’s in the bank. Janet cut back some flowers that had finished blooming while I cut the grass in the front then moved to the back with me and pulled a bunch of weeds. She didn’t think she helped much but every little bit helps. It is better if I can work alongside her though so maybe we’ll do some of that tomorrow. While we were working in the back we got a surprise visit from Jim and Nancy’s daughter Laura and her husband David. They presented us with a massive box of awesome cherries. It’s good to know people in the business. Thanks you guys!

Today is the 50th wedding anniversary of our neighbors Barb and Gary. Their six children and families are gathered here from around the country and Janet and I were able to join the celebration after a quick costume change. It was nice to finally meet the entire family and to see Barb even happier than usual. We couldn’t stay long but we did reassure Barb that when we move she’ll be one of the first to know our new address so she can keep delivering her delicious homemade bread.

Janet I enjoyed the worship experience at Trinity tonight and feel blessed to be part of that faith community. On the way home we did a drive by of a couple potential places to live, one a complete no go and the other a very exciting possibility but it has to get on the market first. Are you listening Brian? Sushi and a movie made up the rest of the night, don’t bother watching The Big Wedding, and I managed to get Janet into bed at a decent hour and the early indications are this should be a better nights sleep for her.

That was quite a day, not a lot of physical activity but a lot of mental exercise and Janet powered through it quite well. Every activity she engages in I see a real effort to do well and her desire to contribute was emphasized numerous times today. We have a busy bunch of weeks ahead of us and I think Janet will navigate them very well.

Trusting God that He is at work in our lives and has a plan, and praying for rest, healing and continued improvement for Janet.

Mother’s Day. An emotional day for Janet. #TSJ

Mother’s Day. Janet and I don’t usually make much of Hallmark holidays but I sensed this one would be special for Janet and it was. As we were finishing breakfast I read, or at least attempted to read a poem written by Laurel and emailed to Janet this morning. Laurel really should know how difficult it is for me to read sappy things like that and when Janet started crying five words in, that was the end of me too. It seriously took me twenty minutes to read fourteen verses to her in between the watery eyes and running noses. I tried to laugh through it to get Janet to laugh but no. Tears tears and more tears. And that was just the start of our day.

The service at Trinity was of course designed to honor moms and following a very entertaining take on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, the message was delivered via a table discussion with four next gen members of our church. They told stories of what it was like growing up in their homes and some of the comments resonated deeply with Janet and brought more tears. The comments that really hit her were about values and practices that Janet always fought hard for as a mom and to hear them validated by a group of young people was very powerful. She was still in tears long after the service ended and it took a visit from Kiko and Joel to cheer her up.

At home the Skype marathon began with Cam who we have not been able to connect with for a while. Janet was surprised that he remembered it was Mother’s Day. Heather was next followed by a voice call to my mom. Determined to avoid a nap Janet agreed to go for a swim and a hot tub. Knowing the Rehab pool is 36C I brought ours up to 32C hoping Janet would be comfortable. I think there’s something wrong with my thermometer because that 32C felt more like 52C but Janet of course loved it. I quickly learned that I need some different exercises for our pool as its only three feet deep in the shallow end and slopes dramatically to the deep end so there’s not enough water to work with in one end and too much in the other. Janet did manage to float on her back all by herself for five seconds today even recovering twice in that time when her face dipped below the surface. Next time the water will be cooler and I’ll have a better routine for her.

The hot tub’s 38.7C felt cooler to me than the pool I think because its supposed to be hot where I’ve always liked the pool to be refreshing. Once again I got a really good stretch on both Janet’s legs in the hot tub and set her up nice for a long lounging session this evening in her wheelchair. That came after a Skype chat with Laurel who apologized for the tears this morning then a voice call to a surprised Mary/Gaga.

Dinner was take out from our go to sushi place where Brian and his family were having dinner when we got there to pick ours up. Brian went out to see Janet and she identified him as Gary. When I got back to the car she told me Jimmy came to say hi to her. Oh well.

Janet was determined to watch The Voice with me tonight and I could see her fighting to stay awake for it all. She managed barely and was asleep before I finished our goodnight prayer. Today was an emotional day for Janet. It was also one of those days where you look back and think it was really busy but it seems like you didn’t do much. What we did do was great though. We are proud of our family, blessed by our friends and our church and grateful for the progress Janet is making. Praying for a healing and restful night providing lots of strength for tomorrow.

No Smiling. Chef Janet helps again. #TSJ

While bathed in the morning sun I woke Janet up around 8:30 this morning so we didn’t have to rush through breakfast before going to church. It has been well over a week since Janet’s last BM and with no action overnight I decided I’d really try and get her more physically active today in hopes that would get her going. With that in mind I had her do as much of her morning routine herself as possible. That included a few standing attempts with her pulling up or pushing down her pants. She excelled at that again today. As Janet finished her breakfast she turned to me and asked, “if it’s OK with you I’d like to go to the bathroom?” How could I say no? That turned into her most successful bathroom trip in over a week and I gave her a standing ovation. Not even sure if I gave my kids one back in the day so Janet’s pretty special.

The morning success paved the way for a positive and enjoyable Sunday. There was singing and laughing at Trinity with Tim’s talk being on sex and Janet thinking that was pretty funny. I finally got her to sign her passport renewal form so after church we went to the dreaded mall to get some pictures taken. It wasn’t that hard for Janet not to smile for the camera but it was super hard for her to control her blinking. Thank goodness for digital cameras. She did a great job and took the best passport picture I’ve ever seen. We stayed there for lunch then went home for a really good stretch and a nap. I got both of Janet’s legs the straightest I can remember after working them for a good twenty minutes. The left leg especially still seems quite tight but once you get it going a bit it loosens right up. Janet didn’t argue about her nap today but did say that she doesn’t sleep during her naps or snore. I told her I would record some video of her sleeping and snoring during this nap if she would believe me then. She agreed, fell asleep for two hours but only snored a couple times so no video. Next time, and it’ll get Keeked.

Janet was such a big help with dinner yesterday I wanted to make something today she could help out with as well. Cinco de Mayo is coming up and we were discussing what to do for it and decided to warm up for it by making enchiladas. Janet chopped an onion, opened cans, poured, stirred and scooped and was very willing to help in anyway she could. Cooking this way is actually becoming fun and I hope we can keep it that way. You can see her scooping with a smile on her face on Keek, @larrylatour.

After dinner we watched a little basketball and halftime came just at the right time for a quick stretch. This one wasn’t as good as Janet was getting tired so I took it easy on her wanting our evening to be fun. She had a little problem with the Dilantin tonight in that I neglected to get her to drink a lot of water after taking the pills. I thought since we were sitting watching TV she’d sip on her Fresca enough to get them all the way down. Wasn’t the case and she started complaining her throat hurt. Turned out to be nothing more Fresca and a little ice cream couldn’t cure then it was a bowl of popcorn and The Voice before bed. Janet actually called her own bedtime tonight. The Voice ended about 9:40 and she started wheeling away mumbling something that turned out to mean she was ready for sleep.

Praying that Janet has a restful night that brings lots more healing to her legs and right arm and provides her with energy and strength for tomorrow.