Janet, A Success Story. November 29. #TSJ #Baptism

I’m happy to finally be able to share the video of Janet’s baptism with you. She just watched it today for the first time and got all excited in doing so. It was a very special moment that we’ll never forget and we hope you enjoy it.

The audio is a little out of sync, I apologize.

Janet, A Success Story. March 23. #TSJ

If Janet was to habitually wake me up at 4am I would not be impressed. This morning it was more than welcomed as she wasn’t waking me to go to the bathroom or reach for the puke bucket, she wanted a glass of water. A sure sign she was getting better! We made the most of being awake by including a successful bathroom trip, a wash of the face and a re-tucking into bed. Before falling back to sleep she asked if it was time to get up and she would ask again at 6:30 then finally around 8:40 I let her. The rest had done her a lot of good and she happily got her water and took her meds before making a cup of coffee. She was more enthusiastic about it than her body would allow and after a half piece of toast and a few sips of coffee she was done.



Since we missed church last night we tried the eleven this morning and although Janet was reluctant at first it turned out to be a great experience. She stood during worship way longer than I expected and really connected to Wayne’s message, even going up to him on her own at the end of the service to tell him. Wayne lovingly prayed with her as Laurel and I stood back and watched God at work. Beautiful.

Seemingly scared to take in too much food, Janet managed half a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch but was more than willing to go for a nice long walk in the sunshine with Laurel and I. Before we left I felt Janet was very capable of walking to the bathroom and she did to Laurel’s amazement. It struck me then that maybe I haven’t described Janet’s walking abilities in as much detail as needed to paint a good picture in this blog so I will try and get some video to share with y’all this week. The fresh air and warmth of the sun during our walk around the surrounding neighbourhoods was rejuvenating I’m sure and set Janet up nicely for a much needed nap. She woke up a couple hours later calling me loud enough to hear her over the TV as Laurel and I watched basketball. Janet was eager to do the same and settled in on the couch until dinner, finally able to relax and enjoy Laurel’s company.

Tell me they don't look alike.

Tell me they don’t look alike.

Dinner was not the usual Janet sized portion but very respectable considering, and it was more than I ate as I started to feel some of her symptoms. They’ve subsided as I write and hopefully go away all together. We sadly dropped Laurel off at the airport on our way back to Connect with Janet feeling loved as a mom. She really wanted me to read for awhile once in bed and although what I read was fascinating, Janet was asleep less than half an hour in. No surprise.

Thanking Jesus for his bountiful blessings and praying that Janet is completely recovered tomorrow and able to fully participate in her day.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Gameday

Before bringing Janet home for the weekend I spoke to nurse Jen about a medication Janet has been on for a long time that may not be necessary any longer. It is given with breakfast and usually mixed in with Janet’s fruit and yogurt. We agreed to not use it this weekend then alternate days at Connect with it for a couple of weeks to see how it goes. Janet has been complaining of having to have fruit and yogurt every morning so with the lack of medicine this morning she was finally allowed to go without. She thoroughly enjoyed her toast and coffee and that was all, except for a glass of water of course.

It was such a nice Spring like day here we couldn’t resist the chance at a walk before the Seahawks game started. It was windy in spots along our route but even then still warm enough for Janet to tolerate it. Mom enjoyed seeing the neighbourhood and meeting a few of our neighbours who were out in the sun too. We got back in time for pancakes and kickoff and enjoyed a good first half. I gave Janet the opportunity to get some exercise during halftime thinking she’d do a little standing and take a few steps. She ended up using the entire fifteen minutes to circumnavigate the couch including side stepping along the back one and a half times. It was an excellent performance and certainly her longest walking session to date. I’m now even more anxious to get that AFO on her on Monday.

New Orleans made a game out of it in the second half and Janet and I were on the edge of our seats right till the end. I actually thought she may have jinxed things when she said out loud that Seattle might lose this game. Yikes. It wasn’t the case thank goodness and Janet gave one of her patented fist pumps when the deal was done.

We won!

We won!

Right after the game we headed off to church with Courtney meeting us there. Janet propelled across the parking lot again but went a little too far left and started going downhill faster than she’d like. I was right there of course but she is still nervous about that kind of thing. She conquered that fear a little by guiding herself down to our seats on her own. Her transfers were solid tonight and she stood for a decent amount of time.

After chatting with a bunch of people and a bathroom break we all went to dinner at The Minstrel Cafe and enjoyed some good food, wine and music. It was too loud to talk much however but still fun and a pleasant way for my mom to end her visit here.
We are glad she was able to be here and see our new house and how much Janet has progressed and it’s always good for Janet to hangout with someone other than me and to hear their positive comments about her.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep that provides lots of energy for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Music

Renovation Day 61. A day off, I hope, for Randy. A day of decorating and organizing for Janet and I.

Our house finally felt like a home Friday night when it was full of friends and it felt like a home this morning as Janet and I slept in big time. For once there was nothing scheduled until church in the evening so we took our time getting up and having breakfast with Janet admitting she didn’t wake up at all overnight. Quite the change from the “terrible” sleeps she used to have. In fact she was sleeping so quietly at one point I had to make sure she was still breathing. We both were very happy to see the sun streaming through our windows this morning and noticed how nice and bright the house is even with no lights on. Home.

Now that most things are unpacked and in an area where they belong it’s easier to see what we have and where it ought to go. Janet was eager to go through the entire house section by section and rearrange things as needed. She made some good decisions and let me make a couple as well. Not wanting to stop for lunch she chose spots for a few more pictures in the bedroom as she was starting to fade a little. That somehow re energized her though and after a late and light lunch we hung out for a bit before venturing out in the cold to go to church.

The music at Trinity this weekend is provided by Greg Sczebel, one of our favourites, and the first Christmas music of the season for us. Janet sang loud and stood for a long time. We had nice long chats with a lot of people after the service and didn’t leave the building until 7:20. It’s not often I can get away with that with Janet but today was going at such a nice pace that even she wasn’t in a hurry to move on.

Janet’s favorite all time movie is The Sound of Music and tonight we watched the live television version starring Carrie Underwood. Going in I was more interested to see how NBC would manage to pull it off live but as soon as the first song started and Janet joined in singing along it turned into a somewhat emotional experience bringing back a lot of memories involving Janet and music. Kiko would sing to Janet when she was super sick and get sometimes no reaction from her at all. Then one day she sang along to Do a Deer and her first expression of real emotion was crying when I played I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mratz. Music is a powerful thing and the joy I saw and heard in Janet tonight was heartwarming. She knew almost every word to every song except the new ones and had lots of intelligent comments afterwards about the story, the characters and the differences between this production and the movie. Loving it.

Praying for another night of deep and healing sleep.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ

Renovation Day 47. Randy worked from home today and Janet and I emptied a few boxes and arranged a few things in our room and the Den/Second Bedroom. There’s not really that much more we can do until the kitchen is finished. There is lots more I can do of course but that’ll have to wait for Monday when Janet is back at Connect.

The first night in the new house was a good one with Janet waking up refreshed and in bed still. The sun was shining brightly into the house as we had breakfast then called Mary/Gaga for a Skype chat. Janet was pleased with the way the conversation went and thought she did well. She did.

Our day consisted of puttering around the house, unpacking what we could and setting a few things up. We can’t for the life of us find our bedside table lamps so if anyone has them or knows where they are I’d love to hear from you.

It was nice enough for us to take the dog for a spin around the complex after lunch and we used that time to knock on the doors of a couple of our new neighbours so Janet could meet them. Since she’s hardly been here she’s missed out on people dropping in to say hi. We are blessed to have a lot of good neighbours here and Janet noticed that, saying, “we are lucky, because there could be a lot worse people living here”.

Janet thought the service at Trinity tonight was “really good and fun”. It was and she did a great job standing a couple of times during it. Moxies was our dinner choice tonight and Janet found it to be too noisy. Those environments are really bothering her lately so I’ll have to be mindful of that when deciding where to take her.

Today was a total day off from exercise and its hard for me to allow that as I want Janet to keep working her right leg especially. I notice she’s cold a lot these days and that really impedes the use of that right leg never mind the tone and neglect. Hawaii would be a great solution.

The benefits of the new neighbourhood are starting to be realized as I made a less than ten minute round trip run to Save On for ice cream tonight while Janet got ready to watch the X Factor results show. That trip was ten minutes one way from the old house and I was never comfortable leaving her alone and being that far away. This seems much safer although we should figure a way for her to call for help if needed. Ideas?

Praying for a night of healing sleep.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #citylightkelowna

Renovation Day 40. Another busy and productive day, lots of baseboards on, painting almost finished, closets designed and the place cleaned up a little in preparation for our stuff arriving Monday. #excited.

It was later than I wanted by the time I got to Connect today and Janet was in bed again, awake and chatty. It was time to leave for church though so the chatting with me would have to wait. That didn’t stop Janet from chatting with Kieran who ended up coming to church with us. Not sure if Janet invited him or if he invited himself, but I figured it was cool if he came along and it was. Kieran had never been to a church before and was a little nervous going in but when I asked afterwards how it was, he said he felt at peace and thought it was interesting and he liked the music. It was not what he expected. Scott delivered a strong message tonight highlighting the #citylightkelowna initiative where our church hopes to have everyone doing random acts of kindness throughout the community. Kieran was in the spirit of that yesterday as he had everyone sign a card for the injured and off work Karl. Janet enjoyed having him there and everyone we met made Kieran feel welcome. Janet stood for the first couple of songs again then once more during the service. She wasn’t quite as strong today and she was doing the flamingo a lot. We gave Kieran the choice of dinner type and he chose Chinese which meant we got to try a new to us place called Asian Pear Buffet. It’s an all you can eat buffet and we did and it was surprisingly good. Their dessert selection was poor though and since it was snowing a little outside we all figured it was a good night for a Blizzard so we bravely ventured off into Rutland to the closest DQ.

Dessert may have been the tipping point for Janet, I’m not sure, but twenty minutes after arriving back at Connect she started complaining of a sore tummy. She said the pain was on her lower left side and was sharp. This has happened before and I almost took Janet to the hospital, but that time she hadn’t gone to the bathroom for a while so I was concerned about that. She is much closer to regular now so I figured we could ride this one out longer as she wasn’t feverish or responsive to pain stimuli. Almost an hour later she was still saying it hurt so I told her we were going to KGH. That got her really upset and may have motivated her to stretch out on her bed which I believe started her recovery. She was soon asleep for twenty minutes and when she woke she was feeling ok, tired but ok. I helped her get her PJ’s on then into bed where she finally seemed comfortable. It was late enough that I had to ring the night staff to let me out of the building but that was good as I was able to give Chelsea an update from what Tiffany told her and suggest she check on Janet in a couple hours. I’m confident that whatever it was is over and Janet will have a good night of rest. Praying for complete healing and thanking Jesus for the ability to experience his grace, love and mercy.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Thai

Renovation Day 33. Randy spent the day grouting the backsplash in the kitchen, looks awesome, and priming the cabinets for painting. I finished installing lights and started changing plug outlets and switches after finally figuring out how to reconnect the doorbell. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest.

I met Janet as she was stuck trying to get into her bathroom and was about to call for help. I love that she’s trying these things on her own. Janet is getting more comfortable using the iPhone and iPad and she called her mom to set up a Skype chat that went well. They hadn’t talked for a couple weeks as Mary/Gaga and Keith were in the Bahamas for a little vacation. Janet was happy to get caught up then agreed to a bike ride before going to church and blew me away when she started at 34RPM and stayed in that range for a good ten minutes. She finished with a personal best 1.6 mile ride in twenty five minutes. The timer was set for thirty minutes but I let her stop sooner since she’d beaten her record.

Church tonight was very cool as its baptism weekend at Trinity. We witnessed about fifteen mostly young people get baptized and share their stories. Some of the stories were quite moving and Janet enthusiastically cheered for each person after they got dunked. She really enjoyed the different format of the service tonight and stood for the longest time yet, even shifting weight a little onto the right leg at times. After another Home Depot run we went to try out a new to us restaurant and were very impressed. <a href="http://

20131107-002050.jpg“>Mon Thong served very yummy Vietnamese food that except for one slightly spicy dish was gobbled up by a hungry Janet. We returned to Connect for dessert and a surprise Skype chat with Laurel, Raj and Cam. Janet was very excited to talk to them even though it was almost bedtime and she thought it was nice of them to think of calling her.

Throughout my time with Janet today her right leg was in varying states of stiffness. Most of the time she was able to control it enough that it stayed on the wheelchair footrest. When she was cold and tired it dragged on the ground. I warned her that tomorrow we’d be doing the parallel bars and she’s not that excited about it so hopefully I can convince her to try. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep that brings increased strength and flexibility.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TrinityKelowna

Renovation Day 12. I had so much fun breaking up the lovely pink tile in the bathrooms yesterday I decided to rip up the floor that the tiles we glued to today. More fun for me. Randy continues to make good progress in the kitchen and I think we are almost ready for a video tour update. Stay tuned.

The whole time I was with Janet yesterday I teased her about going to sledge hockey today in hopes that if I said it enough she might actually go. Lo and behold, she did go! Just to watch though, which is fine as she still got out with a group of people and that’s good. She created some excitement on the way out of the arena as she was propelling herself and got going too fast and tumbled out of her wheelchair. The only thing hurt was her pride and she actually told me the story almost word for word as Garrett did when I arrived at Connect. The staff were very attentive to her and I didn’t notice any ill effects at all.

That outing prevented Janet from getting to the gym this morning so she agreed to do The Shuttle before church. Her performance was satisfactory. To me, her right leg seems to not have gained any strength since I last worked with her over a week ago but she is getting significantly more extension from her pushes so that’s good. Janet had a decent Skype chat with Heather and a good phone conversation with Cam and Gina. I think it’s soon time for her to learn to initiate or answer phone and Skype calls herself as the prearranged ones or requests that come through me seem to annoy her most of the time. Spontaneous or self initiated would be better.

For as long as we’ve been attending Trinity Janet has nine times out of ten just wanted to leave right after the service. The last few weeks she has agreed to exit via the front row so we can say hi to people and tonight she was the one that asked if we could do that. She was able to talk to a number of people, some of whom she said she didn’t really know but it was nice talking to them anyways. I’m really glad Janet is starting to seek people out and hope it continues.

Back at Connect Janet went into the Standing Frame while our pizza cooked. In honour of Gina’s family we watched a little of the baseball game and cheered for Boston. Janet said she had a good lunch then proceeded to eat four slices of pizza for dinner! All she could do after that was watch a little more TV on the couch with me then fall asleep with her head on my shoulder. I let her sleep like that for a little while before attempting to get her back in her wheelchair and when I finally woke her up she came to pretty well and got herself ready for bed as usual.

Praying for a deep and healing sleep tonight and lots of energy for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #trinitykelowna

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house! That means this is my last night at the secret location very close to Janet. I’m not sure if I’m more excited see the house and get started on the renovations or be able to empty the stuff out of our new car that I’ve been packing around the last week. It feels like I haven’t really been able to drive it out of fear of sending something crashing. Both will be exciting I’m sure. Janet reminded me tonight that she’d like to be a part of things as they go along at the new place and when I asked her if she wanted to drive by the old house today she said “no, it might make me wish we lived there”. I asked her that as we dropped off some dog food for Nash and she didn’t want to see him either as “it would make me sad”. It would not have been fair to have him think we were picking him up then take off on him again so I’m glad she said no.

Janet’s day prior to that had been good with Garrett taking her to the gym this morning for a good long workout. We offered Janet the chance to go to sledge hockey again but her fear of being cold made that decision for her. Garrett said they did a really good stretching session and a decent job on the Shuttle. After lunch we got Janet into the Standing Frame putting as much weight through her right leg as possible and despite a few complaints of pain early on she tolerated it well. I still feel like we haven’t found the optimum positioning for her yet.

We attended the service at Trinity tonight and for the first time Janet stood and sang the entire first song! I held her the whole time and she wasn’t exactly elegant but she managed and it was cool. She enjoyed Wayne’s message so much she asked to go down front to say hi afterwards. She never does that and told me later that she is better able to follow Wayne’s talks as opposed to anyone else’s.

After a stop for dinner we arrived back at Connect with enough time for a Popsicle before bed. Today was a solid day for Janet and I’m praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and an exciting day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #CarShopping

After a busy day of preparing to move I got to Connect to find Janet lounging by the TV in the living room. She was eager to do something so my suggestion to go car shopping was readily accepted. Combine that with dinner out and a visit to the church before going back to Connect and she was all smiles.

I was too late to get a briefing on Janet’s day so far and all she could tell me was she just had a shower and doesn’t like having them so late in the day as her hair doesn’t dry fast. She also mentioned going outside with Garrett for exercise but wasn’t able to give me details.

Car shopping is proving as difficult as house hunting was. Janet is being very patient through this process and understands she needs to be there because if she can’t get in and out easily there’s no point in considering that car. We did find one SUV that she can get into but in reading online about it tonight there is quite a discrepancy between the gas mileage the salesperson told us the vehicle got and what the websites list. Not sure if that was an honest mistake or what. Still searching.

Dinner was at Gengie and was “yummy” according to Janet. Her chop stick skills are improving and this was by far the least messy sushi dinner I can remember. We stopped by Trinity to check out the Small Group kick off event. The goal was to connect with a small group that I could take Janet to during the week for social and spiritual gain. We ran into Heidi who invited Janet to join her at She Life, a group that meets Wednesday evenings at the church and will be discussing the book we are reading, Not a Fan. Janet accepted the invite quickly and seems quite excited to try the group out. I hope to be able to help with the Tech Team while Janet does her thing so it could be win win. Don’t tell Joel.

We made it back to Connect just before nine and Janet put away a bunch of her things I had brought out from the house then asked to get ready for bed so I could read to her a little. That was quite a different day together than typical and Janet seemed to enjoy it all. I wouldn’t want to keep her away from the gym or that busy too often but it was fun and we learned a lot and had nice chats with a few people. All good therapy.

Praying for a healing night of sleep and a positive day tomorrow.