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Janet, A Success Story. September 25. #TSJ

With a fist pump and a “yay, we’re outa here!” I brought Janet home early this afternoon. She had done her usual Thursday morning stuff with Jess and ate her lunch as soon as she could, in anticipation of my arrival and her exit.

Tez stopped me in the hall as Janet was getting ready, to express his concern over Janet’s attitude. He was pleased to hear of the upcoming appointment with Dr. Miller and Brian’s heads up to him. Tez knows Janet can do much more than she’s letting herself do and its frustrating him a little.

We had no big plans today other than watching The Voice. There was a stop at the grocery store where I tried to involve Janet as much as possible. She is a willing participant if she’s sees the relevance to doing something. The same goes for helping out at home. She did great in the kitchen tonight and deserved the few hours off to watch and sing along to The Voice. Janet correctly guessed which coach most of the artists would pick tonight. It was crazy how many she got right.

Praying for a good night of sleep and a fun day of learning tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. May 9. #TSJ

Going home day for Janet today and she didn’t get to go as early as she had hoped. I had lots to do before I could go and get her so while she waited she did lots of walking with Nicole, a student on practicum at Connect. Janet complained of that sore right foot when I called her at lunch but never mentioned it at home tonight. That foot does seem a little swollen on the arch to me so we may be headed for the doctor for this one. On our way home we stopped at the show repair place as they requested Janet’s foot to make sure the strap they put on her clog fits. I used the opportunity to have Janet walk from the car into the store and back as we were able to park right outside. She did well on the way in, stepping up a three inch curb very nicely. The way back she chose not to follow my directions and went a little sideways stepping off that curb. No risk of falling but not very graceful.

We hosted two couples at our house this evening who are interested in joining a Small Group we have been wanting to start for a while. They all seem nice and the conversation was good although Janet seemed a little disconnected after the first twenty minutes or so. She had all positives to say after our guests left though and we are looking forward to meeting with them every other Friday to study Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick.

It was late when the company left but we stayed up to catch up on The Voice and I’m happy to report that Janet’s new pick is on to the semi finals. We haven’t done so well this season but Janet is really enjoying the show.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. April 25. #TSJ

For some of you, yesterday’s post was delivered to your Spam folder and I don’t know why. I have in light of that made a slight change to the RSS feed for this blog. All emails will now be only a summary of the post, you must click on the title in order to view the entire update in your web browser. Making a change like this may have solved the problem from yesterday or maybe not but it should at least give me a more accurate picture of how many of you are reading this thing each day as when you only read in your email editor you don’t show up in the blog stats. I know, numbers shouldn’t matter, but they do, I’m human.

The first part of Janet’s day was “the same boring stuff” according to her and she was eager to come home. I encouraged her to nap before I picked her up and she was in bed when I got to Connect but nowhere near sleeping, so home we went. Along the way and for the first hour or so there I thought this would be a short night as she seemed to be fading. Dinner in the sunshine gave her a nice boost though and we had a fun night together.

In an effort to help Janet gain confidence in walking I intend on having her do more and that started tonight. Each trip to the bathroom and the couch was walked instead of wheeled and I find Janet’s technique and speed to be better when I am in front of her acting as the cane. Her steps are long and deliberate and she pushes down well with her right leg. Tez may have a different opinion but we haven’t seen him for a few weeks so I’m going with this until someone tells me different. Janet likes it compared to the cane saying “it feels more like me doing it”. I think she means her motions are more natural and it feels more like walking. We’ll try and get a little video tomorrow to show you.

Leading into The Voice we actually watched the end of a basketball game and quite enjoyed it. We haven’t done any of that all season and don’t expect to get right back into it but it was fun. The Voice was much more intense though as Janet’s pick was in danger of being eliminated in the first live show. Facing the prospect of owing me two Blizzards Janet was chanting his name as the results were about to be announced. He didn’t make it and Janet was quite upset at being bounced in the first round. Being the nice guy I am I allowed her to go double or nothing by picking someone from her top four so she could keep playing. If this is any indication of what the season is going to be like, wow.

Instead of begin all tired and asleep by nine thirty, Janet was full of energy after that intense session of The Voice so we read for a while in bed and had some laughs from Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Good way to wind down until almost eleven thirty.

Praying for a good night of rest and an energetic Saturday.

Janet, A Success Story. March 15. #TSJ

It was late when we went to bed last night but I was still shocked when I looked at the time when we woke this morning, 9:47! What a sleep in! Janet was quite happy about it, giving one her patented fist pumps saying “yay, I slept!” She obviously had and was bright and full of energy which enabled her to get her own breakfast with a minimum of coaching. Since it was practically lunch time as we were eating breakfast I decided we better answer some emails so we could say we got something done. Janet surprised me by remembering how to activate the speech to text feature of gmail and she quickly knew what she wanted to say for each email so it was a quick and painless task.

In discussing last night’s talk by Erwin McManus and checking the schedule for today at the Levite Summit, Kiko confirmed there was another session with Erwin this afternoon. I sort of had to drag Janet there as she was intent on chilling and watching The Voice. I knew the summit would be a better experience and I was right. Janet confidently took her seat then stood and sang for the entire worship set before Wayne came up to introduce communion. Normally people bring the elements to everyone at their seats but today we were asked to walk to the front of the stage and get them ourselves. To my surprise Janet agreed to walk up there with me. It was about fifteen feet one way and on a bit of a sloped floor and Janet handled it impressively. I was a little concerned while we headed back to our seats as I now had only one hand available to her as I held our elements in the other. Janet was strong and deliberate in each step and thanks to the patience of those around us, made it back safe and sound. Huge high five! Janet listened intently to Erwin’s talk and at the end, with a big smile said, “that was great, well worth coming to”. Indeed it was.

Janet went for a nap after a late lunch and slept through our regular church time. She didn’t really want to go as that would’ve been three times in two days so I let her sleep. We were content to have sushi and watch The Voice during dinner before starting to read The Artisan Soul. Janet tired before we could really get into the book but I think she will find it a good reinforcer of what we experienced this weekend.

Praying for full and complete healing and an always positive attitude.

Janet, A Success Story. March 14. #TSJ

As soon as Janet was done lunch today we headed for home so she could get a nap in before going to Trinity for the Levite Summit this evening. Her morning was routine and she felt pretty good about the gym session she had.

The sun was shining and that made it hard to sleep this afternoon so after maybe a half hour of shut eye, Janet was up helping get our early dinner ready. We ate it while watching Crave: The Documentary, by Erwin McManus whom we were going to hear speak tonight. The film was shot in Vancouver and centres around Erwin asking people for a positive or negative answer to certain words like, religion, God, Jesus, spirituality. The responses and subsequent interviews are intriguing and provide an insightful look at humanity and the role of the “church”. Janet loved it and that set her up well for the event tonight. It was a concert like atmosphere to start the evening off and Janet stood, smiled and sang along for a long time. She even let go for a few seconds to try and clap along at one point. She found Erwin’s talk to be “really good” and “interesting”. We bought his new book, The Artisan Soul, and look forward to hearing more about how we were all created to create.

Erwin McManus at Trinity

Erwin McManus at Trinity

On a down note Janet has been reluctant lately to interrupt an activity to go to the bathroom and that happened tonight. I’m concerned at how often this is happening as she was doing so well for such a long time. This feels like a set back but maybe its just a blip.

We got home late but Janet wanted ice cream and to watch The Voice so after more singing along in between spoonfuls I got her into bed where she quickly fell asleep. I’m very grateful Janet can participate and enjoy events like the one we attended tonight and love that she can make sense of it all too. Praying for an energetic Janet and a productive Saturday.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #justvisiting

Around lunchtime today I called Janet and on the second ring she answered all by herself! She was about to have lunch so didn’t want to talk much but she sounded great and it was really cool to be able to call her like that. I did it again just as I was leaving to pick her up and this time she answered right away saying she was going to sleep. Good thing I called. I held back for an hour then went to Connect, loaded her up for the weekend and headed to KGH to see John.

John was awake this time and we were able to have a nice visit. He is looking and feeling a little better and enjoyed teasing Janet who was very compassionate and all on her own wished him a speedy recovery and a hope that he returns to sing with her soon. There is a real connection between the two of them and we are blessed to have John in our lives. As we made our way out of the hospital we ran into nurse Arlene headed off on a break. Janet didn’t remember her but Arlene took the time to really speak some love to Janet and assure her what an inspiration she is. I love it when others tell Janet truths like that.

Janet helped make dinner and we settled in to watch the first two episodes of The Voice. It is amazing to me how much Janet takes in and correctly processes things now. It wasn’t long ago that TV watching took place with no interaction at all, now Janet sings along, comments on performers, laughs and genuinely understands what’s going on. She is truly disappointed she has to wait a week to watch more.

Looking forward to a great weekend and praying for lots of energy and a positive attitude.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #joy

Renovation Day 28. Painting has begun! The ceiling in the living room, master bedroom and both bathrooms has been painted. The kitchen and den/second bedroom are scheduled for tomorrow. The wallpaper was removed from the main bathroom and right away it became clear as to why the previous owners installed that wallpaper. The walls underneath are painted pink! That means at one time that room had pink walls and a pink tile floor. Yikes!

I managed to sneak up on Janet this afternoon as she waited for me in the living room. We played a little game of tag circling the fireplace until I let her find me. She was in a great mood and since it was so nice and sunny out I thought it would be good to test her new jacket. Short trips to and from the car don’t really tell us how warm the jacket is keeping her but a long walk would for sure and I figured sunny and eight degrees was a pretty safe try.

Surprisingly enough Janet complained her arms were cold after about ten minutes. She had a long sleeve sweater on so I am not sure how we can improve that. We’ll try again sometime soon and see if it continues.

Janet set another personal best on the bike today going a mile and a half in twenty five minutes. It’s so much fun watching her ride and enjoy it. Here’s an example.

Feeling good after her ride and with time to wait before dinner we decided to read some Not a Fan. Janet continues to impress me by how much she comprehends, is able to relate to and discuss and also to read. We had an awesome discussion about the chapter we read and each comment and question Janet had was right on point. Fun.

After dinner I asked Janet to practice standing and putting weight onto her right leg. That didn’t go so well tonight as Janet tired very quickly, I think somewhat due to a lack of confidence on this subject. The Botox has totally kicked in on her right arm and I’m seeing some change in her right leg in that she’s not flamingoing anymore. I think we’ll go see Julie to get the splint adjusted again soon.

Before watching The Voice we made our bet as to who we think is going to win. Janet picked a good one who performed tonight, my choice performs tomorrow and after seeing Janet’s pick I’m not so confident.

Today was a fun day with a very cheery Janet who continues to improve before my eyes. Praying for strengthening of her right leg and restoration of the use of her right arm and hand.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #swimming

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Janet thought she was going to have an easy morning as the only thing planned today was swimming at KGH. Breakfast was done in time for Jess to take her to the gym for a Shuttle session and a little stretching. Janet was happy to get it over with and was for the pool.

Sean, the PT from 4B was in the pool with us for the first few minutes and Janet took great delight in trying to splash him. She wasn’t successful but had fun trying then Sean gave us a few new exercises to do in the water and suggested that weight bearing in that right leg is really important. I put a five pound weight on Janet’s right ankle to see if that would help her keep it on the bottom and it did somewhat but there is so much tone in that leg I think we’d need fifteen pounds to keep it down and Janet wouldn’t be able to move it at all then. Overall the pool sessions were good today with the biggest smiles coming from targeting Sean and swimming on her own and the toughest part being walking and using her right leg.

We had to stop by the Interior Health offices at Capri Mall for some administrative work then went to the food court there for a lunch of some decent Chinese food. We were pleasantly surprised to see our church friend Carol there with her group of senior single ladies out for the afternoon. The drive back to Connect was a quiet one as Janet faded and was actually snoring as we pulled into the parking lot.

It was a fun evening together watching football while in the Standing Frame then watching The Voice with Humberto, Wes and Karl the rest of the night. Janet loves that show and even sang out loud to one of the songs, a good warm up for singing with John tomorrow.

No one has guessed the model of our new car yet, some got the make so here is a more revealing picture.


Praying for a deep and healing nights rest and lots more strength for that right leg.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TheVoiceIsBack #Connect #Swimming

Monday, not a favourite day of Janet’s as she knows its back to Connect and the gym and all that fun stuff. The morning was good, Janet slept well and woke up on Connect time, eight o’clock, as opposed to her more usual at home time of nine’ish. We had a nice relaxed morning together that included a little packing before going to the KGH pool.

Swimming went well with Janet doing lots of laps on her back, some on her tummy, and lots of “walking”. That part is still mostly hopping and her right leg was more buoyant than I’ve seen it before. Janet did get a good rhythm going for a little bit and some push down with that leg as long as I stood on her left foot to keep her from moving it too soon. On her own she was hopping like crazy. Janet complained to me a number of times that when she tries to use her right leg the left one moves too. Its great that she is aware of that and doesn’t seem too upset by it. On our way out of the pool we went via the Rehab nurses station where Janet received an enthusiastic welcome from Nicole and Emma along with a bunch of others. For once she seemed to really lap up the attention and smiled and laughed a lot. She blew Nicole’s mind by remembering her name but as I suspected Janet actually read her name off of her name tag. We’ll let Nicole think she remembered for now. The biggest smiles and true remembering came when we saw RJ. Janet even gave him a nice hug. I realized later that of all the nurses, RJ worked with Janet the longest as he was with her most of the time on 4B then followed her to Rehab not long after Janet transferred there. All that attention was a good confidence builder for Janet and made her feel good as it did the nurses to see how well she’s come along thanks in part to them.

After a quick lunch at home and a little more packing it was time to go do some errands before returning to Connect. The day had gone so fast that if it wasn’t for Barb and Gary coming over to say so long to Janet I would’ve forgot this was Janet’s last visit to this house. There was no big production as we left and Janet didn’t want a picture, too messy inside and too cold outside. So that was it and before she knew it we were back at Connect. The day had taken a toll on Janet and even though dinner was being served as we arrived, she asked to lay down for a bit. I practically had to force ably get her up at six o’clock but once up she ate a good dinner and chatted well with me and some of her fellow residents. With her being so tired I gave her the night off from the gym and she really appreciated that. There were some things to put away in her room, some parenting to do and the premier of The Voice to watch and Janet really wanted to watch that. Its fun to watch her watch the show and see her react to things she never would have reacted to even a month ago. She is much more in tune with things now.

Part of the no gym deal was an early to bed night so by 9:40 I was saying goodnight and praying for a deep and restful sleep for Janet and lots of energy for tomorrow.