The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Superbowl

Today ended up being Janet’s sleep in day and good thing. She never would have made it through the Superbowl without a nap otherwise. She managed to make her coffee and toast by herself before having a good Skype chat with Leslie. I noticed Janet correcting herself a little more now, saying no in answer to a question by default then switching to the correct answer seconds later. Good to see.

We continued our scrapbooking type work and finished off the one with all the greeting cards in it. The big project now is photographs and to start we are going to digitize them all and Janet was quite happy to sit by the scanner and place photos on it while I operated things on the computer end. The photos we did today were of school age Janet and it was fun trying to figure out how old she was in each picture as most are not dated. I think she guessed fairly accurately. One photo puzzled us more than others. Can you find her in this one? We have different opinions.Janet Pre School Class

Our strata had an information meeting in regards to a large landscaping project facing us and I wanted to go but Janet didn’t so I risked leaving her alone for forty five minutes and she was quite happy to do so. When I got back she was watching the Superbowl Pre-game show and had really enjoyed the interview with Denver head coach John Fox. She said he seems like a nice guy. I’m glad she was that tuned in while I was gone not just staring blankly. Apparently she even went to the bathroom on her own. I know she is capable of that so I believe she did. High five!

After a quick chat with the Calgary gang (plus Ottawa and Costa Mesa) it was time for some football. Janet had never been upset we weren’t going to a party or having anyone over to watch the game so she was ready but neither of us was ready for what we witnessed. Janet stayed interested throughout and made lots of intelligent comments along the way. It was nice to watch quietly with her.
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The return to Connect keeps getting more and more difficult, for both of us I think. Janet was a little crabby and just wanted to get ready for bed and read even though it was only 8:30. I didn’t expect going to the gym or anything but thought she could at least help set her calendar for the week. Nope, bed it was, and ten minutes into the read she was sleeping. It’s like she willed her way through the football game then crashed. It was a good day all around and I think she’ll have a solid week. Praying for full and complete healing and thanking Jesus for every minute I get to spend with my beautiful wife.
Janet School Gr12

Super Sunday #TSJ

After a busy week and a late night Saturday I elected to not push an agenda on Janet at all today. She woke up just after nine this morning and was in no hurry to get out of bed. We did manage to have breakfast in time to go to church but it would have been a rush and I was not prepared to be rushing around today and Janet was not too excited about going so we had church at home. We watched a sermon podcast from Elevation Church with Steven Furtick on how change (and our growth in faith) is not a project but a process and he mentioned how important it is to not think you have reached some high point and then judge others as though they haven’t. That helped me forgive and pray for the strata council at Invue who now for the final time rejected our request to modify the condo we were considering purchasing there. Their loss.

Leslie joined us for a nice Skype chat then while I was making lunch Janet requested a bio break. I can’t use a standing transfer at home so part of that routine is to lay her on the bed. After her successful session on the toilet and while she was laying on the bed getting dressed she agreed that she was pretty comfortable there and maybe she would have a rest. Shocking! An hour and a half later she was ready to get up and get ready for the Superbowl. I made some pregame snacks of which Janet said she would only have a little as she wasn’t very hungry. From the amount she ended up eating it was a good thing I made as much as I did.

As game time neared I asked Janet who she was cheering for. For the past two weeks whenever that question came up I encouraged her to say San Francisco. Just before kick off she chose Baltimore. A choice I allowed because she did cheer for them previously because of Michael Oher. I tried a little football 101 with Janet as the game started and have to say she’s starting to catch on a little bit. Overall she enjoyed watching the game and was quite proud of herself for picking the winner. We both enjoyed Beyonce’s halftime show and wished she would have sung more.

When it came time to head back to Connect Janet asked me where I was going after I had gotten her ready and was heading out to open the car. I told her we were going back to Connect and that’s where she would sleep tonight. She asked “with you?”, and started crying when I told her no. She really enjoyed being home this weekend and I think especially enjoyed the relaxing day today. I hope she’s not enjoying being home so much that it adversely affects her performance at Connect. I got her calmed down and told her I hoped she would sing during the car ride and she did for the first couple of songs. By the time we got near the airport she was asleep. She seemed to accept my bedtime pep talk once she was tucked in and I’m praying that she continues to work hard at getting better and that her therapists and the staff continue to do their best to help her.