Janet, A Success Story. June 1. #TSJ

This morning was more mellow than Saturday morning and Janet was able to get through breakfast well before the weekly Skype chat with her mom. In fact, we were able to watch Genie Bouchard win her fourth round match at the French Open before the mom call and Janet was pleased to be able to do so. She’s a fan.

From what I heard of the conversation with Mary/Gaga it went well and Janet even ended the call properly on her iPad, something I’ve been trying to teach her for a long time. After some suntanning time we drove out to see John and go for a walk with him. Janet noted he seemed a little down compared to last time so we left him with a promise to take him for lunch next Saturday in hopes that gives him something to look forward to. We were then able to eat our lunch outside before Janet’s nap time. Have to get her tanned up for the wedding you know.

After her nap we walked up to check out the pool. I wasn’t able to convince Janet to swim but she was all over going for a hot tub. As you can see in the picture the first step in is a doozy with the four others not much better. Janet made it in OK but getting out was no fun at all. I was over confident in what Janet is able to do and attempted to assist her in walking out. She just doesn’t have the strength to tackle large steps like that and if one of our neighbours wasn’t there to help me get Janet out, we might still be there. I’ll be carrying her out from now on. The pool steps are not as large so hopefully Janet can manage those ones better.
Janet Hot Tub

Janet’s conversation skills are certainly improving as evidenced by her striking up a chat with the lady in the hot tub (the one that ended up helping us) and then by having an excellent Skype chat with Andrew. Her speech and recall were outstanding today. There weren’t too many walking opportunities but she did make it up and down our ramp a few times.

Our arrival back at Connect tonight was later than usual as we lingered over dinner, America’s Got Talent, and ice cream before making the trek. Janet says she doesn’t mind it when she gets there its more the thought of having to go back that bugs her. This is a short week for her though as she gets to come home Thursday and stay for the weekend on account of a few appointments Thursday and Friday. She’s happy about that.

Praying for a restful night of sleep, lots of energy all week and a willingness to work hard.

LarryJanet Hot Tub

Janet, A Success Story. March 29. #TSJ

Janet woke me up early this morning to go to the bathroom. Should have been even earlier though. Nice move anyways. After figuring out that the microwave doesn’t make good toast, we enjoyed a sunny breakfast and got caught up on some emails. I had Janet walking a lot this morning and each time she improved even to the point where she was bringing her right foot slightly ahead of her left one each step.

The sun was out for most of the day and we took the dog for a spin around the neighbourhood. Janet loved the feeling of the warm sun on her face. We could see black clouds off in the distance and sure enough five minutes after Janet went for a nap it got a little ugly out there. Good timing us.

I had visions of Janet walking down the aisle to our seats at church tonight but I think that would be pushing it too far yet. The floor is sloped and we sit near the front which is a long ways from the lobby so it would take awhile. Soon it will happen though. Janet stood for a record long time tonight and totally understood Scott’s message and was quite pleased that she did.

Our evening was sushi and a movie, The Dallas Buyers Club. Janet loved the sushi but is still complaining a little of a sore tummy. She found the movie hard to follow but said it was worth watching.

Praying for an uninterrupted night of healing sleep and continued improvement in Janet’s walking abilities.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #CarShopping #TrinityKelowna #Sunshine #XFactor

Today was a nicely laid back Saturday. There was no rush to do anything and except for going to church and Skypeing Mary/Gaga we made the day up as we went along. Janet slept well but not long enough really as she went to bed so late. Her morning was good though and the chat with her mom went well. Neither of us was in the mood to do any packing so out into the sunshine car shopping we went. I was looking forward to zeroing in on one particular make and model but it wasn’t to be so after driving eight different cars since we seriously started looking there is still no clear winner. We did enjoy a nice lunch outside at a Extreme Pita location and even though all the outside tables were full a family invited us to share theirs. Nice!

Home for a quick nap it was back out to church then back for dinner which included probably the last corn on the cog of the season. With one talent show ending of course another has begun and tonight instead of packing we got caught up on X Factor and are really glad we did. This has got to be the best audition I’ve ever seen on any of the shows. Am I right?

With the day off from exercising I noticed Janet’s right leg being very independent today. Her right arm seemed stiff too and she said she felt a little cold most of the day. In the hot tub I was able to get good stretches on everything but aside from that it was hard to keep her right foot on the wheelchair footrest and when standing to transfer, her right foot was no where near being flat on the floor. We’ll do some standing and other exercises tomorrow and see if that makes a difference. We’ll also do some packing. No choice. The clock is running out.

Praying for a good night of healing sleep and a bright day tomorrow, Janet’s last full day at this house.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #homeless #moving #yard

After what I believe was a great night of sleep for Janet I expected our morning and the day to be stellar. The day probably was but I think Janet might have overslept as she took a while to kick it into gear. She didn’t have much to say to Heather during a Skype chat with her which was a huge contrast to yesterday with her mom. Janet spent a lot of time on the toilet this morning which may explain some of the lack of energy. Yesterday was the day off so today was back to work and the first task was vacuuming. The last experience at this was very good and Janet improved on it today although she still said its really hard. That little workout seemed to wake her up a bit and she accepted an invite to work outside. Janet was a big help in pruning some rose bushes and pulling dead stuff out of some of the garden areas. Saved my back a lot by having her gather and put stuff in the bin plus it was great to be out in the sun which is where we had lunch while Janet got even more tanned.

After a good nap Janet and I played real estate dealers again. Our counter counter offer was countered so we countered again and are still waiting for a response. Turns out the lady who owns and lives in the home we are after has an out of town daughter that is controlling the real estate transaction and she, in the words of her realtor, is being “a hard nose”. That’s being polite. I’m trying not to let my anger rule the situation but may walk away if her response is negative. God is trying to teach me something through this and I thought maybe it was to love my enemies so our last offer showed a lot of love. We’ll see if that was the intended lesson.

Even though the sun is setting too early these days it made for a beautiful dinner tonight before we drove out to pick up Cam at the airport. He’s here for the week before heading back to school in Calgary and Janet and I are excited to have him home. The house will not be lacking in energy this week. I had intended on taking Janet to Connect for a workout prior to picking up Cam but there would not have been room in the car for her wheelchair and Cam’s bags. Janet escaped that one much to her pleasure.

To close out the night we did some star gazing from the hot tub, this time with glasses on. “It makes a huge difference”, said a smiling Janet. I gave her the prerequisite stretch then it was into the leg extenders for ice cream while watching a podcast from Elevation Church. This morning Janet’s right leg was doing its own thing a lot and she was having trouble keeping her foot on the footrest. After standing on her own for a few minutes her foot stayed there easily and for a long time. We had a good long talk about the benefits of exercise and I hope she’s starting to get it. At bedtime her standing was great and she was able to more confidently put a little weight on that right leg. I think the hot tub and leg extenders help a lot.

Praying that janet gets a deep and healing sleep that provides lots of energy for a productive day tomorrow. Also praying for resolution to our real estate situation.

Spring Fling. A fun in and out of the sun day. #TSJ

Today was Spring Fling day at Connect, the brain child of staff member Jess, and what a great idea it was. Technically it is Spring but we continue to enjoy summer like weather here, so much so I’ve had to resurrect Janet’s sun hat from last year. She still looks cute in it. She was also cute with her shirt saver on and a flipper in her hand as she helped Jess make pancakes for brunch this morning. For some reason she didn’t think I was coming to see her today and I’m not sure that she was upset about that at all. She seemed to be having lots of fun without me. Jess does a great job with Janet, always making sure she’s busy.

The staff set tables up in the parking lot and hired a guy to play guitar and sing while everyone enjoyed the sun and food. It was really nice to have all the residents and staff together with friends and family in a really positive environment. The highlights for Janet besides making pancakes were meeting Brian’s baby daughter Olivia and playing ladderball with me. There’s a Keek of her excellent throwing abilities. @larrylatour

By the time the Fling was over it was after one which meant either a nap then shopping and stuff or shopping and stuff then a nap. Janet of course chose the latter hoping to avoid the nap all together. She actually nodded off a little in the car on the way to the mall. Yes, the mall again. I realized we should have bought her a few more shorts when the girls were here as she doesn’t have any at home and I also wanted her to have a pair of sandals. After quick and successful stops at The Gap and Urban Trail we were headed home for a quick nap. I would have been happy with Janet resting for an hour or so then getting up for Church and a sushi dinner. She exceeded expectations and slept for over two hours which meant no Church and no sushi. We BBQ’d salmon instead, enjoying it outside then I got Janet into lounging mode while we watched Silver Linings Playbook which we both really enjoyed.

It was definitely late when I got Janet to bed but after her late nap today she did just fine and should have a good sleep. She continues to show improvement cognitively, saying some really intelligent and unsolicited things today. On the physical side, I’m not liking her left leg right now but will at least get her in the hot tub for a stretch tomorrow and see if that improves things. Janet drank all her Peg-Lyte today with no results yet. Sunday was her day last week so here’s hoping. Praying for a good sleep tonight and continued healing.

Hot Tubbing. Fun in the sun with the girls. #TSJJ

Unbeknownst to Janet, Heather and I drove out to Connect this morning so Heather could hang out with her mom before Laurel arrived. We got there as Janet was finishing breakfast and I sat with her for a minute then cued Heather for the surprise appearance. You can see the reunion on Keek. Janet seemed very bright and was talking well. She ended up going to the gym shortly after I left and had a solid workout with Lorne and Karl.

The girls all arrived home around one thirty with Janet all smiley and enjoying herself. She had quieted down quite a bit since the morning and seemed a little tired. It could be that she was a little overwhelmed having her two daughters all of a sudden here instead of just being talked about. She agreed to have a nap so she would be better able to enjoy the evening.

Happy hour took place out on the deck and I managed to carry Janet down there reasonably easily. Laurel and Heather had gotten all the patio furniture washed up during nap time so Janet was able to sit in a patio chair like she always did and have a nice visit in the sun. We convinced her to try the hot tub kind of by bribing her saying if she did and got a good stretch in there we wouldn’t have to stretch in the house later. Not sure if that’s why she agreed or not but into our bathing suits we got. Lifting her into the spa was easier than I thought it would be and Janet settled in quite nicely. The pool at KGH is thirty six degrees and our hot tub is thirty eight and those two degrees made a big difference. I was able to stretch both her legs out better than ever before and Laurel got some decent range on her right shoulder. There is barely enough room for Janet to float straight out on her back and as she did I was able to let go of her for about three seconds without her sinking. As expected, getting out was a bigger challenge but we managed and before doing so Janet stood with me in the middle of the tub and did some squats. The deepest ones I’ve seen her do. Warm water is magical.


Everyone pitched in to help make pizzas for dinner then we had a nice family chat with the last of the 2012 CedarCreek Riesling that had gone nicely with the pizzas. Janet was very tired but determined to stay up so that she didn’t miss anything. She finally agreed to go to bed and was snoring within seconds of the lights going out. Praying for lots of rest tonight and a bright and energetic tomorrow.