Railless, sleeping in a big girl bed #TSJ

Today was the day Janet and I were going out for lunch, she remembered and was waiting for me when I got to Connect. She knew we were going with someone but I had to remind her it was Heidi and Jack. We enjoyed a nice meal and good conversation with janet amazing them both with her chop stick skills. We are very appreciative of the love and support we have had from them over the years and especially since this new journey with Janet began. Thanks guys for a nice break today!

With nothing else planned I opted to take Janet back to Connect after lunch primarily because she told me she hadn’t been to the gym yet today. That of course was incorrect as we found out when we returned but all she did this morning was work on her right arm and hand so that gave us plenty of options. Janet was nodding off a bit during the drive back and before heading to the gym I had her put away her laundry. She was having a tough time with that and started crying so I suggested a nap and an hour and a half later she awoke thanks to a knock on the door from Brian. Thanks man. Kidding, it was time to get up anyways and Janet was noticeably refreshed and agreed at bedtime that the nap had done her good.

After a nice chat before getting up from bed we headed down for dinner. Jess, Bob and Clint had made a chicken curry with pita bread and Janet gobbled hers up nicely giving her energy to go to the gym with Carly and me. Carly doesn’t often work in Janet’s house but I’m glad she was tonight as she has a lot of PT knowledge and skills and gave Janet’s legs a good stretch considering how late in the day it was. I think Janet responded well to Carly and if it wasn’t so late would have done a lot more. I was happy to see that although the spasticity is still very present in Janet’s legs it doesn’t seem noticeably worse as I had suspected. Janet and I had a good talk afterwards about her need to work hard and take advantage of her time at Connect to get as better as possible as that’s why she’s there. She agreed.

By this time it was well after seven, a time when Janet is often starting to fade, not tonight. She was actually willing to read for me but insisted we find something interesting to read, not the silly iPad game. Using the iPad I found an online version of a magazine that Janet used to like and had her read an article from that and she did very very well. It was pretty cool as I was able to expand the page so that the words were quite large with only five or six showing on screen at a time so it was easier for her to follow. High five! She had had enough by eight o’clock though and was ready for bed.

Earlier in the day, Brian had informed me that the falls mats for Janet had arrived, and I was excited to set them up so Janet could sleep tonight with no rails on her bed. She seemed to understand their purpose and thought it was quite funny when I mentioned no houdieno action. She thinks she is past all that now. We will find out soon enough. Staff will keep a close eye on her and if she can avoid falling out of bed for a week or so we can start planning for her to sleep in a real bed. I have a high confidence level for this.

I said goodnight to a smiley, laughing Janet after a really positive day. Praying for a restful night, in bed, and an active day tomorrow.