Janet, A Success Story. May 9. #TSJ

Going home day for Janet today and she didn’t get to go as early as she had hoped. I had lots to do before I could go and get her so while she waited she did lots of walking with Nicole, a student on practicum at Connect. Janet complained of that sore right foot when I called her at lunch but never mentioned it at home tonight. That foot does seem a little swollen on the arch to me so we may be headed for the doctor for this one. On our way home we stopped at the show repair place as they requested Janet’s foot to make sure the strap they put on her clog fits. I used the opportunity to have Janet walk from the car into the store and back as we were able to park right outside. She did well on the way in, stepping up a three inch curb very nicely. The way back she chose not to follow my directions and went a little sideways stepping off that curb. No risk of falling but not very graceful.

We hosted two couples at our house this evening who are interested in joining a Small Group we have been wanting to start for a while. They all seem nice and the conversation was good although Janet seemed a little disconnected after the first twenty minutes or so. She had all positives to say after our guests left though and we are looking forward to meeting with them every other Friday to study Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick.

It was late when the company left but we stayed up to catch up on The Voice and I’m happy to report that Janet’s new pick is on to the semi finals. We haven’t done so well this season but Janet is really enjoying the show.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. May 3. #TSJ

Today we eliminated one stressful item off of my to do list. Janet found shoes for the wedding! AFO lady had suggested a store called Hollywood Shoes and that was our first task of the day. Half an hour later we left the store with wedding shoes and a pair of clogs for outings away from Connect. Happy happy.

Since we were in the area we stopped by to see John who is still at the care home he doesn’t want to be in. It is a pretty sad place and John has yet to recapture his positive personality although he tries hard to put on a brave face. He was pleased to see us and Janet felt good about visiting him.

I eased Janet back into some walking practice today and I didn’t notice any real set back after the day off. The big test came at church this evening where she propelled in wearing her new clogs then walked down the aisle to her seat. She did well saying the left show feels a little loose. It was better on the way up the aisle after church and Janet thinks it’ll be fine but I will test her more tomorrow. Janet took a few steps on her own without even thinking about it and did a nice turn to her spot at the table without assistance. If she would just believe in herself she could do so much more.

We got some great news about our friend Wendy in Nanaimo this evening, she is off the respirator, conscious and “out of the woods”. Still in ICU but things look positive. Thanks to those who prayed for her.

Janet and I closed our day catching up on American Idol with Janet offering some good critiques and correctly naming who’d be sent home. Her favourite, surprisingly is Caleb.

Praying that Janet sleeps well and is bright and energetic for tomorrow.