Memory Lane. Janet visits the old job site. #TSJ

Today was a more typical Janet day than the last few. I mean that in mostly a good way. She was waiting for me in the living room at Connect with a big smile and a laugh. Her first words through all that were “I haven’t really done much today”. I wonder if she was rehearsing that knowing I always ask her what she’s been doing. Hope so.

Wanting her awake for later in the day I decided it was nap time before we did anything else. Janet didn’t argue about it but didn’t really sleep much either. Lorne got her meds ready for me and we were off for the weekend. First stop was Sandrine’s. It had been too long since the two of them had seen each other and Janet felt good in the store saying she remembered some things about it. Sandrine let us try her new vanilla macaron and it is incredible.

Seeing the smile on Janet’s face and the obvious familiarity of the place I will make a point of stopping by more often for her.

At home Janet had a long play time with Nash while I got most of dinner ready. She then helped make the salad and set the table. Well done considering the lack of a nap and the fact she is still coming down from the Dilantin OD. After dinner it was time to change finger nail color to St. Patrick’s Day green. That color was not cooperating with me tonight and the process took way longer than it should have, right past bedtime. Janet fell asleep in a hurry even while I was packing for our road trip to the coast tomorrow. We are really hoping we reach our destination this time and are looking forward to a good sushi dinner with Jim and Nancy tomorrow and a yummy birthday lunch with my mom Sunday. All in North Vancouver so it will be interesting to see if any memories are triggered there.

Praying that the peaceful sleep Janet is in now continues all night and we have a safe and enjoyable trip to North Van. tomorrow.