Rocker knife

Free Friday. Home for the weekend. #TSJ

When I arrived at Connect this afternoon Janet was just about to take another successful potty break. Today was very good in that department and I’m very happy about the improvements she is making there. She wasn’t interested in wasting any time in going home but we did stop and have nurse Jen look at her former peg site to see if we needed to keep the wound care protocol going. Jen suggested we give the whole thing a rest for a couple of days and see how it goes. I brought the kit home with us just in case but so far it looks like it is continuing to heal very nicely and some air will probably do it good.

With our only plans being to watch a movie tonight Janet thought that reason enough to avoid having a rest. I explained I’d like her to stay awake during the movie so carried her straight from the car to the bed so she had no choice. She didn’t sleep long but it was long enough to give her a nice energy boost for the rest of the night.

Janet’s training as a prep cook continued tonight as she tore lettuce and chopped peppers by herself with the rocker knife and sliced grape tomatoes with my help. The only help she needed in setting the table was identifying my napkin. She hasn’t grasped the concept of the napkin ring that’s on it even though it was her idea way back when we got married. An outstanding job none the less.

Comedy was the genre of choice for our movie and without searching too much we chose Easy A. Turned out to be a good choice as Janet said it made her laugh. I saw her smiling but didn’t hear any laughter. She said she “was laughing on the inside”. I thought the movie had just the right pace for Janet to keep up to and some of the jokes were quite intelligent and certainly not crude. A good Janet movie.

Thinking she had a second wind Janet thought she could stay up late and it was already nine when the movie ended. She was sound asleep by 9:45. So much for the second wind. Our time today was nice and relaxed, unusual enough that Janet even asked a couple of times, “how much time do we have” when I asked if she wanted to do something. It was nice to be able to say “as much as we want”. Praying for a restful night of healing and a relaxing day of learning tomorrow.

Purging #TSJ

I got the sense that Janet had a bit of a restless night last night as she seemed to be tossing and turning quite a bit. Not that she can toss and turn very well but I did notice her moving a fair bit and on a good night she barely moves once. When she opened her eyes she was ready to go though and wasted no time in getting up. The only plan for the day was to go to church for eleven so when Janet was dressed by nine I thought we had tons of time and offered her pancakes for breakfast. She of course jumped on that idea and when all was said and done we were in the car at 10:40 and in jeopardy of not getting the only seat in the house that allows Janet a good view of the stage even when people are standing. Thankfully we got that seat and enjoyed the message by Tony Campolo who had some intriguing things to say. Janet had a tough time staying awake despite Tony’s solid message, further testament to my theory of a restless night.

Back at home and after lunch Janet was eager to help me purge some of the kitchen cupboards. Really I think she would have done anything to avoid nap time. I didn’t pressure her on that as I really wanted her help with this project as there was a lot she could do that would be good therapy. We made it around the kitchen cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer with Janet spreading things out on the counter and table so we could see it all and make the decision whether to toss, donate, sell or keep. We filled a garbage bag of junk and have a lot to dispose of in other ways.

Two huge benefits came from our purging efforts. One was finding a box of straws. Janet failed the straw drinking test a while back so I was curious to see if she could do it now in hopes that it might get more liquids into her more rapidly. I gave her a straw in her glass of Fresca and she caught on right away and seemed to think it was fun enough to keep drinking that way the rest of the day, expect for her glass of wine later, that would be a no no. The other cool thing we found was a rocker knife. As soon as I saw it I remembered Janet using it from time to time but had totally forgotten about it. I think Mary/Gaga and Keith gave it to us when the cruised to Alaska or it could have been my mom after a similar trip?

After our weekly Skype chat with Leslie I had Janet use it to chop some peppers and broccoli for dinner and she did very well with it. High five!

The late night last night, restless sleep and napless day today caught up with Janet as she started fading during dinner. By the time we got to Connect she was beyond tired and getting a little confused. She argued with me about going to bed so early, 8:30, who I was, Elfie, just some guy, not her husband and there is no way we’ve been married ten years. I’m convinced this all came from being over tired, not the little bit of wine or Dilatin side effects and by the time I turned the lights out she was smiling that peaceful about to sleep smile.

Praying for lots of rest tonight that brings more healing and prepares Janet for all her activities tomorrow. Thanking Jesus for the great weekend together.