The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #walking

Renovation Day 31. Just a little shopping for me today as there were lots of Janet things going on. Randy and Dave were both busy all day and it looks to me like we’re close to finishing the painting and the kitchen appears close to where Randy can start building doors and drawers.

I met Janet and the gang at the pool this morning and found Janet to be in a good mood albeit not too excited to go swimming. After the cold water the last couple of weeks I can’t blame her for the loss of enthusiasm and am glad she still is willing to go. Thankfully the water was noticeably warmer today and Janet was comfortable after five minutes or so. Walking in this pool is still really challenging as her right leg just stiffens right up from the cold. Swimming on the other hand is spectacular as Janet realizes she can generate some warmth by moving around. During one length, she was swimming so fast on her back I actually couldn’t keep up to her and she shot past a group of people like a torpedo. She was smiling all the way too.

We visited our local Urban Fare for lunch after swimming and Janet polished off a massive and very tasty wrap before we stopped by the house to let the dog out and give Janet a peak. I wheeled her in with her eyes shut hoping to get her to the very yellow bedroom before she opened them but she couldn’t resist and opened them in the kitchen. She was very happy with what she saw, even the bedroom, saying “it’s so nice and bright and cheery”. That’s a great critique on a dull and almost snowy day so my color fears have been put to rest.

As soon as we got back to Connect we met with Tez at the parallel bars. Janet has tried various routines on this apparatus before and was quite vocal about not doing it again but we assured her this time would be different. And it was. A lot of what’s holding Janet back from standing and walking is a lack of confidence and a fear of falling. Tez put her in a sling that allows her to walk and fall safely. Kind of like a Jolly Jumper with less seat. Janet was really nervous at first but by the end of the session walked the length of the parallel bars pretty much on her own. Tez allowed her to fall a few times to prove she couldn’t really fall and I think Janet started to believe it a little. The plan over the next while is to focus on getting weight through her right leg in hopes it will relearn to do what it’s supposed to do. Tez is hopeful that using the leg as it normally would, i.e. walking, will facilitate that relearning. This is a big move forward and if Janet agrees to work hard at this and if her brain can rewire her right leg some more this could be a turning point in her physical recovery.

Wes was very proud that he ate more than Janet at dinner tonight as Janet was still full from lunch. She worked some of that off with a bike ride before watching The Voice to round out the day. This was the first results show and both of our picks survived. Praying for a restful and healing night that provides lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #shopping

Renovation Day 16. Randy continued work on the fireplace area cabinets and started some finishing touches on the kitchen island. We made decisions on location and size of drawers, cut out vents for the wine cabinet, prepared for the new floors and arranged for some plumbing work to be done. I also decided to not sand any more ceilings. Dirty job and too expensive to have someone else do it.

I managed to sneak up on Janet while she watched TV in the living room at Connect this afternoon. She’d had a busy day in the gym and around the house so was ready to go “look at something” with me. The something was a dining room light fixture and some glass for cabinets at the new house. I’ve never shopped for glass before and was expecting it to be complicated but it went very smoothly and we were out of the store in fifteen minutes after making a good choice. Light fixtures are always difficult but we got some good help and Janet narrowed the field really well and we went to the new house armed with a couple possibilities, one of which, I think we’ll buy. Janet was quite surprised by what she saw at the house. There’s been a lot of progress since she was last there and she’s quite excited. Not excited enough to give you a video tour yet but I’m working on her.

Before we left Connect I listed the things we were going to do and Janet was most excited about going out for dinner, so, with the shopping complete and the house inspected, off we went. We decided to go to Cactus Club as we hadn’t been there in a long time and wanted to use the gift card Joel and Kiko got us a long time ago. Thanks guys! I love taking Janet out even more now as she sits in regular chairs, doesn’t need a shirt saver and tries really hard to order her own food. I asked Janet which she liked best, the appy, the entrĂ©e, the wine or dessert. She quickly said dessert. No real surprise.

By the time we got back to Connect the wine had hit Janet and she was quite tired. I would’ve liked to have gotten her on the bike but there was no way that was happening and I think the outing and conversation we had was good therapy anyways. Praying for lots of rest tonight and a fun day tomorrow especially swimming.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Transfer

Renovation Day 12. Lots of progress today, construction, demolition and decision making. Randy made good progress on the kitchen cabinets as well as the area around the fireplace. I managed to break up most of the lovely pink tile in both bathrooms and with Randy’s help Janet and I decided on a counter top, handles for the cabinets, moulding for the fireplace area and floor for the bathrooms. Good day.

Just after lunch Janet was hanging out in the dining area with Kieran, Wes, Willie and Humberto, laughing at the verbal jabs being thrown by Kieran and Wes. I hid from her for a bit to watch how she interacted with it all and she was seeming quite entertained. She was ready to go when I made my appearance knowing we were looking at something for the house. I dragged her around to a number of places where we met Randy with the goal of deciding on a number of key items for the new house. Janet was a real trooper, admitting she was tired but pushing through and helping make some really good choices. I was pretty confident we’d get the counter top quickly and we did. I thought the handles would be more challenging than it was. Janet did very well in saying what she liked and didn’t like and the choice was made a lot sooner than I thought. Neither of us had too strong an opinion on the mouldings so that was easy but the bathroom floor was another story. Janet was quite tired by this time and the process was made more difficult as soon as we realized I had brought home the wrong floor sample the other day. What me and the salesman that day thought was the right one wasn’t so when our actual salesman came out with the real one this afternoon I freaked a little. Luckily after we inspected it, all of what we’ve chosen so far works well with the floor so no need to freak. It still took a long time to narrow the choices and make a decision on the bathroom floors and Janet was getting a little frustrated but hung in there really well and contributed right to the end.

I’d been wanting to have Brian coach me on car transfers soon as I feel I’m doing more than I should and probably not using the best technique for Janet’s right foot. While we were out today and making so many stops I thought it was a good idea to try some different moves. First up was having Janet wheeled up to and facing the open car door. I asked her to hold the top of it and stand up. She did, pivoted around easily and sat in her seat. Just like that. All I did was hold the wheelchair and move it out of her way. I was very impressed. The first attempt at getting out of the car was that same move in reverse. Janet nailed it and again, all I did was hold the wheelchair and be ready to catch if need be. No need. As much as I praised her accomplishment she still didn’t think it was that big of a deal but by the end of the night she was starting to believe and agreed we don’t need Brian’s help. Kidding.

After all our running around we picked up Nash and some dinner and headed back to Connect. Janet reluctantly agreed to a gym session after dinner and was not having a good time on the Shuttle as she was cold and tired. Garrett told me the bike was now in Janet condition again so I got her on it for a little test ride and I think it will be a nice addition to her routine. She looked good on it and peddled more than twice as fast as she was the last time she was on it. Janet won’t admit it but I think she thought it was OK.

The lack of an afternoon nap made for a relatively early night and after a nice sleep time chat I said goodnight. Praying for continued building of strength, improved flexibility and greater command of her right leg.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Seahawks

Renovation Day 11. Lots of construction going on as Randy continues to make the kitchen look like a kitchen.
I managed to find a few more things to destroy and had the pleasure of sanding texture off of the second bedroom ceiling. Fun times.

There was too much going on this morning for me to join Janet at the pool. She said swimming was fine and Carly mentioned they did a lot of walking as well as swimming. Janet said it still took her a while to warm up but she did get comfortable but still wanted more time in the hot tub.

We had a nice chat out in the sunshine once I got to Connect and Janet was quite talkative and cheery. Dinner was a miss tonight especially after so many good meals out lately. Curtis kindly tried to find something Janet would like instead but it seems that once the bad taste is there its hard to correct. The food woes were diminished by being able to watch the Seahawks victory and having a phone conversation with Laurel. Janet spoke really well and made lots of good comments totally relevant to the topic. I am more and more impressed with her that way each day.

Janet showed no interest in going to the gym tonight at all using the swimming session as an excuse. I gave her a pass more due to the football game and the fact she was really engaged and communicative not just staring blankly at the TV. She is starting to recognize good plays without me prompting her and she genuinely cheers when Seattle scores. Go ‘Hawks!

Recognizing she was tired around nine, Janet called bedtime and in an all too familiar fashion was asleep two pages into my reading of Not a Fan. We are going to have to schedule reading time earlier in the day so she can actually retain some of what she’s hearing.

Praying for a restful and healing sleep and an active day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Sushi

Renovation Day 6 was another day of sanding, mudding and pulling staples. Progress none the less.

Janet had a busy first part of her day and was sleeping when I got to Connect this afternoon. Of course she woke up saying she wasn’t sleeping when I snuck into her room but she clearly had been and wasn’t quite ready to get up. When she did we went in search of countertops for the new house, a more difficult task than I imagined. I was counting on Janet to be relatively quick in picking a few colours she would be happy with but that proved a challenge without being in the house and having things like cabinets and flooring to match with. Then there’s the materiel and how much we want to spend. Oh well. We ended up with a few samples and ran into Connie at one store who told us they had just done their kitchen and found Quartz to be the best bang for the buck so we’ll look more at that.

Janet has a little bit of a cold and that did impede her ability to focus on colour matching but not her participation at church. Tim gave an excellent message that Janet picked up on fully. She hung in there real well as we picked up Nash then some sushi and went back to Connect. Even with her cold her appetite remains strong and she really enjoyed the sushi. We had a quiet night watching a little TV before getting Janet into bed.

Praying for a restful night that heals Janet from her cold and gives her lots of energy for the Seahawks game tomorrow and what promises to be a fabulous feast at Mark and Veronica’s house tomorrow night.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #doctor

Renovation Day 5 was a dusty one as Randy was mudding and sanding drywall repairs from the electrical work we had done and the two walls that were removed. The best part of my day was pulling staples and nails from the floor in preparation for installation of the new one. Janet and I brought home a sample of the new floor to see what it looks like in its natural environment. Pretty cool,I think.

Jen from Connect delivered Janet to her doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I met them there. This was a routine check up and I didn’t even have a list of questions this time as medically Janet is doing fine right now. I let her discuss things with her doctor, only stepping in if she gave inaccurate info and that only happened a couple times. Janet is concerned about her perceived lack of sleeping at night and the doctor suggested trying to stay in a routine of going to bed at the same time each day and getting up at the same time each day. Apparently that helps regulate your Circadian Clock and may explain the difficulties Janet was having on Tuesdays when she was home on weekends until Monday night. She was going to bed way later and getting up way later than at Connect so when she does finally get a chance to come home I’ll make sure she stays in a more regular routine. This was a great visit to the doctor as Janet did most of the talking for once and handled herself very well. Afterwards she told me she likes her doctor as “she’s very approachable”.

Janet was a big help in choosing the colour for our new blinds today and also in picking out a kitchen faucet. We were quite picky about what we wanted as it has to be something Janet can comfortably use so the guy at Splashes really had to work to find the right thing. Good job!

By the time our shopping was done it was time to get Nash and figure out dinner. Janet wanted pizza so we decided to try Papa Murphy’s and were pleased we did. Janet helped bake the pizzas at Connect for us and both kinds we tried were yummy. There was lots of chatter going on in the dining area tonight and Janet enjoyed the activity while we ate then she helped me clean up by wiping the table and putting stuff away. She was getting very tired but her drive to be productive kept her going until 8:40 when she called bedtime thinking I would read to her for half an hour. She lasted five minutes before snoring.

Praying for a good night’s sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #SheLife

Renovation Day Three saw walls come down, wiring pulled and final decisions made on placement of appliances etc. Here’s a look at where we are at now.
New House Day 3S

New House Day 3N

Janet was waiting for me in anticipation of going to her She Life group at the church tonight. First stop though was Diving Dynamics to try on a wet suit they brought in for her. It was a little challenging to put on but once it was on it fit well and looks good on her. The guys at the dive shop are confident it will keep Janet warm enough to enjoy the public pool and we will give it a go tomorrow morning. Next stop was home so Janet could see for herself what’s been happening. She admitted there is so much happening its hard for her to keep up.

Earlier in the day Janet helped Jess make cereal squares and Janet brought a pan of them to the church with her. She was quite excited about them and they were really good. The She Life session went quite long tonight but Janet was still smiling at the end and was able to tell me a pretty good recap of what happened. I notice a different sparkle in her eyes when she’s there and am really glad she’s enjoying it.

After downing her meds once we got back to Connect Janet was quick to say she wanted to get ready for bed then was sleeping before our prayers were done. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep and lots of energy for a good day tomorrow especially at the pool.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #tour

Day two of renovations was productive and we now have internet at the new house. I felt naked without it.

Janet called me around four to ask when I’d be there to visit her. She sounded like she was having a good day and when I arrived around five thirty she was all smiles and about to have dinner. She was quick to tell me she didn’t sleep “at all” last night and Curtis confirmed she was awake at four thirty. I feel she must have slept at some point because she was way too awake and bright otherwise. She very confidently told me of her morning and the “class” she went to that turned out to be some sort of residents meeting. Janet told me she spoke about our new car, selling our house and buying a new one. Pretty good! There was no arguing about the gym tonight and her Shuttle session was excellent. I keep trying to impress her with statistics but she doesn’t always buy into it. Her improvement is noticeable especially with the amount of extension she is able to get now. Janet was a little tired by the time we attempted some free standing so that wasn’t her best tonight. The Standing Frame was good tonight as well with a nice straight upper body but we still need to work on the leg positioning. Curtis will consult Tez tomorrow on that one.

Our plan was for me to read to Janet for a while before bed and Janet did a great job of getting herself ready. A page and a half into the read she was sound asleep. Good thing we were re reading for tomorrows She Life session and hopefully this means she will have a good sleep tonight.

With our good Internet connection restored I was finally able to upload the video tour of the new house. Check it.

Praying for increasing strength and flexibility and lots of energy tomorrow.