The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #simplesaturday

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much stuff there is to do in getting up in the morning and each time Janet and I get up I think we are off to a good start on the day. That is until I look at the clock and see its taken forty five minutes to get to where we are having breakfast and it’s no longer early morning. In fact, not far from here, it’s no longer morning at all. Such was the case today but it was ok as we had a very adaptable schedule.

The first commitment was the weekly Skype chat with Mary/Gaga who had to wait a little beyond her scheduled time as we were watching the women’s championship match from the Aussie Open and wanted to wait to pause at the end of a very exciting first set. Janet conversed well but asked me for help on more than her usual number of questions. The only reason I can think of for that is she was really caught up in the tennis and couldn’t think of much else. We watched the rest of the match after Skypeing and when I asked Janet what she wanted to do next she said, relax, as “I was all nervous about the tennis”.

We did practice a little standing and walking even though Tez said not to walk. I’m scared Janet will forget how so I’m going to have her do a little anyways. When we purged our old house we filtered out a lot of Janet’s recipe collection but were still left with a large stack of paper. I’ve slowly put some of the recipes into an app on Janet’s iPad but there are a lot to go. Thankfully Janet’s friend Janet F. asked for a recipe today so we were able to enter it and then email it to her. Janet read me the ingredients as I typed and then she dictated the email to Janet F. Another project started. Yeah.

Janet did a good job making her lunch today then opted for a nap before church. She slept for an hour and a half and was a new person when she woke. During our drive to church she was quite stern about informing me that she was not propelling herself in from the parking lot as it’s “too hard”. Janet has been using the words “too hard” a lot lately when trying to get out of something. Each time I explain she’s done before what she’s being asked to do therefore it’s not “too” hard. She might be starting to agree. Naturally she very competently wheeled herself into church and did an excellent transfer into her seat. The music tonight had Janet standing and smiling and singing away for all but one song and she even leaned over to me after the first one to say “that was a fun song”. Cathedral Made of People by Downhere if you want to check it.

We enjoyed a quiet evening at home, making dinner together and watching The Breakfast Club. Janet was on point the whole time and enjoyed the movie. It is a classic. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep, full and complete healing and a productive tomorrow.