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The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ, #AGT, #boughtandsold

Today was the big day in real estate for us as we signed all the legal mumbo jumbo that confirmed the sale of our house and the purchase of the new one. Exciting stuff, especially watching the government rob us blind. Oh well. Janet did a great job staying awake and signing copy after copy. That was most of our afternoon and it came after a busy first part of the day for Janet. So busy she asked for a nap just before one o’clock. It must’ve been a good one because she sure lasted late tonight as we watched the finale of AGT. The guy we thought should win did and Janet was quite excited she picked another winner. Check him out here, amazing. I’m keeping this short today as it is really late and all is well in Janet world.

Praying for lots of energy and brightness for a busy day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #realestategames #house4sale #standup

Within twenty hours of the For Sale sign going up on our front lawn we got word of an offer being readied. I gave Connect a heads up that I’d be taking Janet home for the evening and when I arrived she was waiting in the living room all smiles and ready. No one had told Janet why she was going home today and when I asked her she very smartly and correctly said “the lady that looked at the house wants it”. Brilliant!

Janet’s day had been a full one and she pointed out that she’d already done an hour in the Standing Frame, meaning she wasn’t doing any more. We had time to stop at the grocery store on the way home and Janet was a good helper again especially in loading stuff onto the conveyor for checkout. We got home in time for a Fresca before Les arrived with the offer. Janet enjoyed the discussion around the subjects and dollar amounts and I’m really glad she could be a part of it all. She did another great job signing her name and initials. We went back and forth a few times on the dollars and as of this writing we don’t have a deal. There are two showings scheduled for tomorrow, so here’s hoping.

After the initial offer presentation it was time to make dinner. Janet did a great job cutting up some green beans for us and wiping and setting the table outside so we could enjoy the nice warm evening. We had agreed to stay around the house as long as we could in order to play the real estate game as long as possible so we watched SYTYCD before driving back to Connect arriving at 9:45. I thought maybe Janet would be too tired for a trip to the gym but she agreed to go as she acknowledged she was only ready for bed if meant not going on the Shuttle. Once again she did a great job but blew me away with her standing afterwards. This time I watched the clock and for two minutes twenty seconds Janet stood without assistance. She even managed to sway a little from one side to the other to try and get more weight on her right leg. I had to talk to her the entire time and remind her she wasn’t going to fall and this time she did the best corrections she’s done with the fewest attempts at grabbing me. Very exciting.

Her efforts in the gym were enough to make her agree it was bedtime and just before eleven I said goodnight Janet and she said goodnight George. Oh well. I’m thankful for the time we got to spend at home tonight and for the incredible progress Janet has made. Praying for rest, healing and a day of more firsts tomorrow.

Pizza Party

A better start to the day for Janet than yesterday. She had two eggs for breakfast and then a nice shower and was all smiles as I met her coming out of the shower.

The gym was busy so we cut our visit there short and headed out for the day. First stop was Toys R Us to see if we could find some board games to play together. Chutes and Ladders was an obvious first choice and the Dora the Explorer version made it even more exciting. We also found a memory card game with a Sesame Street theme and a Spelling Bee Bingo game that looks like fun. All these games in theory will be good brain exercise for Janet and all in different ways. I’m glad we found some to try but was disappointed with Toys R Us. Quite the dump, reminded me of Zellers.

Despite the snow we held to our plan of doing a little house hunting and went downtown to cruise by some of the potential buildings. On the way we noticed there was a realtor in at the Remax Kelowna office so we stopped in. That franchise is owned by Cliff and Barb from KGH Rehab so I felt OK going in there knowing we are just kicking tires right now. The agent on duty was very nice and has already emailed me a list of potential properties for us so I guess the game is on.

At home it was time for lunch and Janet was all excited to try her first grilled cheese sandwich. I made sure it was toasted really well as Connie has mentioned bread is a big no no. Janet really enjoyed the sandwich and accompanying dill pickle and surprisingly added some potato chips to her plate. Never would have done that before. We watched a little football before Skypeing Leslie. Janet wasn’t too loud but did OK considering it had already been a busy day and she had not had a quiet time. She did have a bit of a rest after the chat with Leslie as I gave her a little stretch.

Since we are breaking all the food rules I decided to go for broke and have Janet and I make our own pizzas tonight. It was really fun helping her build hers and she devoured it faster than she would have before. I even let her have a glass of Pepsi with the pizza but she actually did not like it and was adamant there was “booze” in it. The little of it that she did drink she handled just fine as she did all the other food she ate today. My confidence is high for her swallowing X-ray.

Janet faded pretty rapidly after dinner so I quickly shoveled a path to the car and we went back to Connect and got her into bed. Another solid day filled with firsts. Praying for a restful and healing night and a productive day tomorrow.