Janet, A Success Story. September 1. #TSJ

This was a pretty quiet Monday as Janet did her gym routine in the morning with Jess and Garrett. It didn’t sound like it was anything out of the ordinary and Janet even said the walking part was fine. I convinced her to walk up and down the stairs tonight and she did great, her best with me yet. Very quick going up and more confident coming down.

Janet very efficiently set the dinner table tonight and we enjoyed some sunshine during happy hour. Tennis was a big part of Janet’s day again as she called me early in the afternoon to say she was watching Genie Bouchard’s match. After dinner and the stair walking all she wanted to do was watch the Milos Raonic match. That made for a quiet evening but Janet enjoyed what she could stay up for but will be disappointed when she hears the result in the morning. I tried testing Janet a few times to see how much tennis knowledge she’s gaining and there is more of an understanding of the game and the players for sure. Sometimes though, its like she wasn’t even watching so I’m not ready to call her an expert yet.

After reading it was lights out time with Janet being quite giggly as I said goodnight. She is excited to be coming home tomorrow and really excited about the football game on Thursday. Since we are home then travelling, blog posts this week will be random so don’t freak if there isn’t one there when you wake up.

Praying that Janet sleeps well and has a productive Tuesday.

Janet, A Success Story. April 11. #TSJ

Friday was a pretty quiet day for Janet, only a stretching routine in the gym this morning, then home with me after lunch with a stop to pick up her new glasses along the way. The anticipation of Heather visiting had Janet pretty wound up the last couple of days and knowing today was the day seemed to overwhelm her a little. Janet had a couple hours of quiet time this afternoon and wasn’t ready to get up when it was time to go get Heather because I think very little of that time involved sleep. Janet was standing while we waited for Heather to deplane and was able to greet her with a nice hug. I was surprised at Janet not seeing Heather until she was twenty feet directly in front of us but I guess the angle she was standing at put Heather on her right more than I thought.

One of Heather’s goals for this visit is to find her mom a dress for the wedding. In a very un woman like way, Janet is almost complaining about going shopping. I’m hopeful that will change once she’s out in the field.

Janet managed a short walk from the dining table to the couch to watch The Voice after dinner. She complained that she was “out of it” on account of the three sips of wine she had. More like the lack of sleep which she is now catching up on.

Praying for a fun Saturday.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Weekend

Mom and I arrived at Connect just after lunch and found Janet waiting in the living room for us. She was in good spirits and willingly gave Mom the tour which inevitably stopped by the gym. Janet reported that she had done some stretching in the morning and that was all, Garrett confirmed that, so with some mild protesting I got Janet onto the Shuttle. I haven’t had her on that machine for a long time and was pleased to see that where we usually start from is now too easy for her. The amount she can push with one leg remains about the same as before and she continues to get good extension despite the lack of Botox right now. Janet gave it a good effort and I felt better about her leaving for the weekend having done some strengthening exercise.

We took a long way home trying to give my Mom a look around Kelowna a bit. Probably took a little too long as Janet actually agreed to a nap when we got home. She was refreshed after her nap and we all had a brief Skype chat with Brittney. The connection wasn’t the greatest but it was nice to see her and Ethan.

Making pizzas was next and again Janet wasn’t following directions very well. I asked her to turn on the oven, something she’s done many times with no help, and she seemed to have no clue what she was doing. I got a little mad at her and intentionally didn’t ask her to do much more after that other than stir fry her chicken, which she did a good job of. She also built a good pizza for herself and ate really well but was quiet and a little distant.

With no real plan for the evening we decided to watch Mama Mia as Janet insisted she’d never seen it and I was intent on proving her wrong. As soon as she heard the opening music she remembered and was singing along. Her command of the lyrics to those songs is not great so her singing was a lot more reserved tonight but she enjoyed the movie and the quiet evening.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep that provided lots of energy for a productive day tomorrow. Go ‘hawks!