The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #nolongerhomeless #Connect #purging

Another good night of sleep for Janet and a decent start to the day eating breakfast in the sun. The day was made even brighter when we received a text from our realtor that the sellers had finally accepted our offer! Janet was relieved and excited and the news definitely gave her a lift as it did me. If you are curious about where we may be moving to (not a done deal until we have the keys) here’s a link to the MLS listing. Possession day is October 6 which means I need a place to live for at least five days, maybe more, depending on how much work we decide to do on the new place before moving in. If any Kelowna types have suggestions as to where is a good place for me and a little dog, let me know.

Before starting the purge of Cam’s room Janet had a brief Skype chat with Laurel. That one went better than yesterday’s but still not nearly as good as Saturday with Mary/Gaga. Wish we could capture that energy and keep it in her. We got a really good start on Cam’s room today and Janet helped a lot with the bagging of stuff once it was identified. She got lots of good laughs looking at the clothes that used to fit Cam eighty pounds ago.

There was no arguing about nap time after lunch today and Janet slept well for an hour and a half. For only the second time in my memory Janet asked to sit inside after we’d been out on our deck for a while. Too hot she said. Surprising, but it was warm today. That made for a nice time on the patio at Joey Kelowna for dinner with Cam. A little thunder shower rolled through during our meal and for a minute or so Janet got dripped on. She had the presence of mind to hold a napkin over her head until our server came over with a tray to cover her while another server closed the awning. Pretty funny.

Janet was resigned to doing the Shuttle and Standing Frame once we got back to Connect tonight and she did very well with both. Usually in the Standing Fame we have to watch something really lame on TV but tonight there was a James Bond movie on, Die Another Day, and Janet surprisingly liked it. I think she enjoyed the fast pace, really fake fighting scenes and Halle Berry Ok that last part might have been me.

Praying for lots of energy for a busy day tomorrow and thanking Jesus for the great weekend together.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #purging #trinitykelowna #toast

After a pretty good nights’ sleep Janet got up fairly early for a Saturday and we enjoyed a pleasant breakfast time making sure we were all fueled up before tackling the day. Janet continues to gain confidence in her abilities and scared me a little this morning when she tried getting up from the table to walk to the other end of the kitchen and make herself some toast. I had left her sitting in a dining chair eating breakfast while I showered and by the time I got back she had spun around in it and was clearly trying to stand up. She was frustrated to realize she couldn’t do it but I love the attitude in initially thinking she could. One day.

We had a nice Skype chat with Mary/Gaga on our new computer then headed downstairs for more purging. Today was to be a final sweep of Laurel and Heathers’ old room and we didn’t quite get it finished as we had no idea there was that much stuff in there. A lot of it is garage sale material and in fact we sold their desks and dressers today just after cleaning them out. Good timing.

Courtney came by for a visit and joined us for a late lunch. It was nice to catch up with her and really nice to have her go through her stuff and lessen some of the clutter. Janet and I stopped work in time to do a drive by of a couple houses on the way to church. One looked promising but we decided against the neighborhood, the other was the one that’s not listed yet and we keep trying to catch the owner at home. No luck. The church was happy to receive some of the spoils of our purging today and we enjoyed the worship experience and being able to visit some of the Team Save Janet crew.

It was dinner and a movie at home night following church and we are 0 for 2 in recent movie choices. Don’t bother with I Give it a Year. We usually do well with British comedies and there were a few very funny moments but not worth recommending. Janet stayed awake the whole time so it couldn’t have been that bad I guess. We started getting ready for bed as soon as the movie ended and Janet was sleeping before prayer time. Praying for a full night of sleep that provides lots of energy for tomorrow.

Say Yes to the Dress? Janet & the girls shop for a wedding dress for Heather. #TSJ

Janet awoke earlier than I thought she would this morning and we were eating breakfast by nine. As planned there was no rush to do anything this morning so once breakfast was well underway I brought out a whole bunch of bathroom type stuff for the girls to purge. It didn’t take long to discover that Janet is a curling iron hoarder. Six pairs of them! She is also a contact lens case collector, dozens of those were found in various spots. It all made for some good laughs and Laurel and Heather each managed to find something they could use that Janet no longer will and we have less to pack come moving day, whenever that is.

More purging took place downstairs as we sorted through an old cedar chest that contained a lot of old dresses the girls used to wear and a cute pink lacy sleeper that Janet says was Andrew’s. I hope not but you never know.


That was a pretty active morning and I think Janet maybe got up a little too soon as she was pretty tired by 11:30. Laurel and Heather gave her a good stretch then she agreed to have a little nap before the big event of the day.

An hour later Janet was awake and re-energized for an afternoon of wedding dress shopping for Heather. I dropped Janet and the girls off downtown so they could go for lunch before the two o’clock appointment at the bridal salon. When I picked them up at City Park later on Janet was hanging in there nicely and said they’d had a good time. Heather was unable to say yes to a dress though.

We met Courtney at church tonight then all went for a pre Cinco de Mayo dinner at Hector’s Casa for what is a family tradition. As far as I know there is no Mexican blood in our family but its always fun to go out for Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. Janet was doing really well so was allowed to have a margarita. There is a Keek of her first sip. @larrylatour . Dinner was good with the conversation centered around weddings of course as Courtney is getting married late this summer.

The day was quite busy for Janet and after lounging in her wheelchair for a little bit once we got home she fell asleep before I could get her PJs on. Praying for a night of rest and healing and looking forward to an enjoyable morning with Laurel and Heather before they both head back to their homes in the afternoon.

First Better Than Second. A day at home. #TSJ

The energy Janet had at last night’s dinner party carried over into this morning as she woke up way earlier than I expected. 7:30! I was fine with that as I was sort of up anyways in case I was able to connect with a friend who’s traveling in China right now. That didn’t work out but Janet and I got off to a good and early start.

Over a long breakfast we sorted through her massive mess of recipes in advance of our possible move. A lot of her collection were pages ripped from magazines that had never been looked at since the first time so it was easy to throw a lot of stuff out. I let her call the shots on all the books so we are keeping way more than I would have but we also found some recipes I had been looking for recently and some we had totally forgotten about. We now have a collection that can be organized and used as opposed to just taking up space. Janet was surprisingly determined to get this job done passing on a couple opportunities to take a break or do something else.

Between cookbook purging and all the usual morning tasks, noon arrived quickly and with obvious signs of a weather change I convinced Janet we should go for a walk then or we may not get a chance. It was not as nice as it was yesterday but still felt good to get some fresh air. Janet did a great job of “driving” Nash, having to reign him in on his leash a few times. Our lunchtime entertainment was some NCAA basketball then Janet was clearly ready for a nap.

Once again nap time was interrupted by the barking dog but only once and I think Janet had a good rest but as the day wore on I could see she wasn’t going to have the stamina she did yesterday. She was up in time to watch a pretty impressive hail storm outside that quickly made the pool cover white. It was fun to watch the transition and interesting to watch Janet take it all in. She was kind of groggy the rest of the evening, needing help to eat dinner and not talking very well. There was a nice burst of energy when she chose to make a play list of songs to sing with John. I was surprised she wanted to do that and as we sat at the computer with a glass of pop she smiled and sang along to quite a few songs that I will put on her iPod for John to play with her. Of course she had enough energy to eat some ice cream before bed but just barely as she was asleep before I laid her down once we had her pj’s on.

I suspect it took a while for the late night yesterday to catch up with her and I hope that is what’s behind the fast fade over the second half of the day. Praying for a solid night’s sleep that provides lots of energy for an active day tomorrow.