Janet, A Success Story. October 22. #TSJ

Today was the big reading day for Janet and she got herself pretty wound up about it. She called me before lunch sounding really anxious and wondering when I was coming to get her. I calmed her down and explained how the day would unfold and she agreed to try and rest a little before I got there. That’s where I found her an hour later and I helped her get ready to go. She was excited but nervous.

When we got to the preschool Janet met her first challenge, a flight of twenty stairs. Pretty steep too but Janet gathered her energy and using my hand as a railing because the real one was too low, she made it all the way up just fine. Inside, it was all very familiar territory for Janet. So much so that she didn’t really even want to look around saying, “its the same old stuff”. It wasn’t, but it was familiar. About twenty, three and four year olds were gathered at Janet’s feet, and with a teacher holding the book, Janet dove right in. She started off great! Nice and loud, engaging with the kids, then something happened that threw Janet off and she never really recovered. It wasn’t a case of going to fast or making it up as she went along, she just seemed to loose focus enough to take her out of her rhythm. She made it through the book and the kids were very well behaved the whole time so based on that I think she passed. We’ll let Mary Lou watch the video and decide officially.

Janet was very relieved when it was over and not too happy with the way she read but agreed that she did it and the kids didn’t tune out so that was good. The experience did take a lot out of her though and once we got home she called nap time and slept for a good hour.

Once up I put her to work in the kitchen where she did a great job chopping and stir frying stuff for chicken fajitas. I never thought it would feel as cool as it does to stand at the kitchen sink with Janet and wash dishes but it does and I told her so tonight. That got the predictable self doubt response but hopefully inside it told her how well she’s doing. Janet got to relax and watch The Voice with some ice cream before driving back to Connect tonight and didn’t even complain about that. A successful day for Janet and one she can build on for the future. She worked hard to get ready for that reading gig and can be happy with her accomplishment.

Praying for a restful night and a confident and energetic Thursday.

Janet, A Success Story. October 21. #TSJ

Let’s start with the big news. Janet is coming home for good November 28th! It is becoming more and more obvious each day that Janet is losing her willingness to participate at Connect. She simply doesn’t want to be there anymore and is putting in the bare minimum of effort. After an earlier than usual phone call from Janet this morning, during which she sounded kinda down, I texted Brian and asked him if he thought that was a good date to bring her home. He concurred and Janet and I met with him and Tez this afternoon to make it official. They both had received reports from the staff that Janet was less cooperative lately and Tez says that her physical progress has slowed to the point where coming home a month “early” isn’t going to make much difference. He is confident that Janet will continue to improve, at a slow pace, and as long as we stay on top of the tone in her right hamstring she has a good chance of doing some decent walking. Janet is relieved to know there is now a firm date in place and will be counting down each day I’m sure. 37 as of Wednesday.

Nothing could overshadow that news of course but today was good for Janet in other ways too. She participated well at Games Night this evening and walked up and down the stairs in the process. I was able to convince her to do that knowing she’ll have to do similar at the preschool tomorrow. Chelsea invited Janet to read The Hallo-Wiener to her for practice and she started off great then had a really difficult time for the last half of the book. Hopefully that’s the bad read before the great one tomorrow. Janet’s dressing and undressing skills continue to improve and tonight I only had to help with her bra and lining up her PJ shorts so that she got her legs in the correct sides. The rest she did unassisted and quite quickly.

A lot is going to change over the next five weeks and I’m excited to get on with it. Janet is too and I pray she uses her remaining time at Connect to her fullest advantage.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #sold #home #preschool


The SOLD sign went up at our house today! The Subjects are removed and we are headed for a September 26th closing date and September 30th possession. Now we just need to figure out where we are moving to. Suggestions?

Janet was very excited to see me this afternoon saying she didn’t want to be watching anymore silly television. She’d had a pretty good day so far with a good Shuttle routine and Standing Frame session but she was more than ready to go home for the weekend.

Once at home and after a brief chat with our realtor, Les, we got busy sorting out the remaining boxes from under the stairs. Janet was a little tired but determined to see this through. There were a couple more boxes that triggered some sad thoughts about never being a pre school teacher again but those were alleviated today by realizing how much work was needed to be a good one. Janet worked extremely hard as a teacher for very little reward the last few years and she remembers that and so is able to part with that stuff. We aim to find a worthy pre school to donate all the toys and supplies to. Naturally we had to keep some things for future grand kids and Janet instantly exclaimed that was what the Barbie stuff and Duplo stuff is for. That was the last of the really tedious purging expeditions so I think the priority for the remainder of this weekend will be to find somewhere to move to.

Just before we finished with that load of boxes we stopped for dinner and Janet was very helpful in building our BBQ chicken pizzas. With work all done and before watching SYTYCD we went for a hot tub. The weather is noticeably cooler in the evenings now and I wonder how Janet will manage hot tubbing in the winter if we are fortunate enough to have one still. I have my doubts about her out in the cold but we’ll try because the benefits remain huge. I thought Janet would fade quickly while watching TV tonight but she was quite interested in all of the routines on SYTYCD tonight and didn’t fade until she hit the pillow a couple hours later.

Praying for deep and healing sleep and stronger legs. Sending a special prayer to Barb and Gary as they drive to Powell River tomorrow for a month. Enjoy kids!