Janet, A Success Story. July 9. #TSJ Video, Speed Walking

Janet’s day was pretty routine for the first half. She reported to me that she “did everything and it was all good”. Her pendant alarm rang as soon as I got to Connect so I went straight to her room where she was getting up from her nap and needed to go to the bathroom. Without her AFO and shoes on it’s not possible for her to walk on her own so she needs help and is really good at asking for it now. Once dressed, Janet walked well all the way to the patio where we stayed through dinner as the A/C was too cold inside. I will admit I turned the A/C on at our house today for the first time, as by 11 o’clock this morning it was over 28 degrees inside and that’s too warm even for me.

I thought with the heat I’d be able to convince Janet to go for a swim in the lake but she wasn’t having anything to do with that. It was all I could do just to get her feet in the water. It’s a start.
We spent a lot of time planning things tonight. One thing I try to involve Janet in each week is the meal planning at home. She helps decide what the dinners will be and helps create a shopping list with me. Doing that could be a chore but thankfully Janet seems to enjoy begin involved in the decision making and appreciates each meal more when it happens as she had some input into it. We also try to plan some of our activities for when she is home and I think tomorrow evening we are finally going to get to try Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. MMMM.

You haven’t gotten to see Janet walk for a while so I thought I’d give you a quick peak. Last night she flat out refused to go get her meds without me, tonight she never even asked me, she just got up and walked away. This is her making the return trip in record time.

Impressive huh? For reference, that walk really took just under three minutes.

Janet asked to go to bed a little early tonight so we’d have more time to read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret. We did and she laughed a lot and continues to really enjoy it which is maybe why she remembers it so well. Each night before I read I ask her to tell me what happened the previous night and since we started this book she’s been bang on.

Praying for a good night of sleep and an energetic Thursday.

Janet, A Success Story. May 24. #TSJ

During breakfast this morning Janet remembered that Mary Lou had asked her to bring in a children’s book to practice reading with. Janet was excited to look through our collection and wasn’t at all upset by the thought of reading a kids book, until she tried reading one. She is still figuring out how to compensate for her right side impairment so when she reads a long line of text she misses the last three or four words. Being able to read a children’s book well enough to present it to a Pre School class is Janet’s goal and the book she has chosen is The Hallo-wiener. We will try and find a Pre School that will let Janet come in and read and with five months before Halloween she should have enough time to get to that level. I love that she set that goal.

Not wanting to hog all the sun to ourselves today we drove out to see John and as soon as he saw us he asked if we were going outside, even before he said hello. He seems much more with it today and we enjoyed a long leisurely stroll where he was able to tell us a bit of his life story. John has always been a great talker and he got on a roll with us today.

We arrived at church with enough time to allow Janet to walk freestyle most of the way through the lobby. She tired out close to the door we enter the auditorium by and that’s where I was going to start helping her anyways as the floor slopes from there. I noticed Janet’s pace was slower during this walk partly because she was distracted by the other people milling about. Solid effort though.

Planning seemed to be the theme of the day as we set tentative dates for a number of activities we hope to do this summer. Janet agreed that there’s no point in having an idea if you don’t take any action on it, so we did and the calendar is filling up fast.

Praying for a happy Sunday.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #home

Today was sleep in day as we had no set agenda at all and I planned on giving Janet full reign on how the day was spent. In preparation for working with Memory Coach Wendy, I helped Janet make a to do list for the day on her iPad and she then had to choose which item to tackle first and so on. She’s still resistant to the whole idea and at one point mentioned she wished she had been born sooner so she wouldn’t have to learn all this stuff.

The first task Janet chose was to reply to some emails she had been putting off. I thought I’d have to do much more assisting than I did and Janet was very persistent in typing her replies herself. She did reach a point where she said it was just too much for her so we tried the voice to text feature in Gmail. This was a really cool lesson for Janet as the words Gmail heard were not always what she thought she was saying so it forced her to speak slowly and really think about the pronunciation of each word. She could instantly see if she got it right or not. I think we’ll do this more just for fun.

Next up was meal planning for the rest of the weekend then a trip to the grocery store. Janet flipped through the Slow Cooker recipe book and wants to try a Minestone Soup tomorrow. We tried an Italian Vegetable one the other day with Joel and Kiko and it turned out a little crunchy so hopefully lesson learned. Janet helped pick out vegetables at the store with me and was ready for a nap by the time we got home.

Our evening was quiet with Janet’s favourite pizza for dinner followed by some very necessary nail cutting and painting finishing off with the requisite movie. Tonight’s film was Midnight in Paris. One I know I’ve seen before and I think Janet too but it would have been pretty close to when she got sick and she didn’t remember it at all. It was a little ironic as she talked earlier about being born too late and the movie’s premise is about wanting to live in a past era. Janet thought it was funny and a little weird.

Praying for a solid night of sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow.