The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #walkies

For the first time since way before getting sick, Janet intentionally woke me up. She brushed my chest and said “Are you awake?”. It was almost 8:00 and I had not heard anything but snoring from her all night so wasn’t surprised she was raring to go. What did surprise me was her reasoning for wanting to get up so early. Neither of us like hockey enough to get up at 4am to watch a game so we agreed last night to record the gold medal game and make an effort to have it watched before the scheduled Skype chat with Mary/Gaga at 11. After Janet’s question to me came this comment, “we have to watch the game”. She was genuinely pumped for it and displayed her best recall of short term memory yet in saying that. Up we got and while she watched the start of the game I made her breakfast. It was really nice to be able to fast forward through the intermissions and a little bit near the end to make sure we were done in time. Janet really enjoyed it and was excited Canada won, giving them her patented fist shake as the final horn sounded. It was then safe to make the Skype call.

Janet didn’t have a lot to say this time as I think she was still trying to process the hockey game but she did alright. The rest of the day was wide open and Janet chose to finish watching the figure skating next. Overall, I think the Olympics were a good thing for Janet. It sometimes caused a little too much TV watching but the quality of what we watched and the stories connecting us to the athletes made it very real and understandable to Janet. Good times.

The bulk of the rest of the day was spent scanning old photos and watching the closing ceremony. Janet seems quite determined to complete the sorting and scanning of all her old pictures and she had great fun dating pictures and naming people. In an effort to get her thinking more about being able to walk, I had Janet walk almost everywhere in the house today. She made numerous trips from the table to the couch and back and from the den to the entrance to our room. She never once complained about it or said “I can’t” so that was good and for the most part her steps were deliberate and strong. At least three times today she stopped walking, let go of me and brushed her hair out of her face. I praised her on being able to do that and instead of immediately dismissing the compliment she seemed to take it in and accept it. At least that’s how I’m reading her silence.

There was a little resistance to going back to Connect tonight and I took the opportunity to run down every positive thing she did this weekend and recently in general. Instead of anger and frustration I got calm listening and perhaps a little acceptance. I repeated the weekend’s “wins” for her at bedtime hoping to keep her focussed on positives.

Having gone napless today Janet was asleep before ten tonight and I pray is ready for a week of hard work and progress.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #shopping

The Olympics has done something strange to Janet. Today was the second day in a row she watched hockey and as she told me about today’s game she had a big smile on her face. Hockey? Seriously? At least she was happy. Not as happy as she was from getting a phone call from Laurel this morning as she called to announce where her internship will be. Janet had been anticipating the call and I left her my old cell phone for that reason. She was able to answer the call herself and seems far more receptive to the idea of having a phone than an iPad.

In bed and sort of sleeping when I got to Connect I convinced her to go pants shopping on the way home. Because of the AFO, only one pair of Janet’s decent pants fit her now. In a very un woman like manner she didn’t want to go shopping and I probably should have held back as the expedition really did tire her out. So much so that when we got home at 6pm she decided all on her own to have a little nap. She wasn’t too tired to get out of the wheelchair and onto the bed all by herself though. High five!

The rest did Janet good and we ate dinner while watching our recorded version of the Women’s Figure Skating. No surprise, Janet really enjoyed it and looks forward to finishing it off tomorrow. She is soundly sleeping as I write this and I pray that continues through the night and that she has lots of energy for a productive Saturday. We continue to pray for John as well as Barb and Gary who are battling the flu. Get better kids!

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Home

Janet’s day started off with a bath, something she says “is almost fun here” as opposed to at Connect. Since she was a little cold afterwards I got her breakfast for her as she readied herself for the weekly chat with her mom. I thought Janet was quiet during their Skype time but she felt good about it afterwards and said “it’s always good talking to my mom”.

I find myself allowing Janet to set the agenda a lot while she’s at home and lately there’s been a lot of “let’s watch the Olympics”. That’s fine, but it means a lot of sitting around so today I decided to have Janet do some athletics herself whenever there was an opportunity. First chance was right after the chat with mom and with no hesitation at all Janet walked from her spot at the table to the couch, almost twenty five feet. I held her hand and acted as a cane of course and I notice she’s not using me quite as much as she was a few weeks ago. Her steps with her left foot are much improved and she knows she needs to put more weight through her right leg. For a few steps I actually pushed her upper body back to the right so she was more centred. Janet felt like she was going to fall when I did that which is interesting because she was actually standing very straight then. We did similar walking trips throughout the day and I noticed that the longer Janet went the less she was able to control her right leg, especially moving it backwards before sitting down. Overall I was pleased with her efforts today.

We have now watched all the figure skating events to date and agree that the Pairs competition was by far the best so far. Janet was very excited watching that today and it was fun seeing her so into it.

Even after a short nap this afternoon Janet faded quite rapidly tonight, partly I think caused by the dread of going back to Connect. She was eager to read when we got there but fell asleep within minutes then woke up and wanted me to keep reading. We carried on like that for half an hour before she was clearly out for the night. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep that provides Janet with lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TV

Following our tradition of not participating in “Hallmark Holidays”, Janet declined to go to the Connect Valentines Party this morning and instead went to the gym. That’s my girl! She was in bed but awake when I went to pick her up this afternoon and we headed home right away.

Janet knew what the basic plan for this weekend is and listed off the main items for me. Her memory keeps on improving. When I gave her options for after dinner tonight she chose to watch the Olympics. My suggestion of a night without TV was met with laughter and a “yeah right”. The former Janet would have been all over that.

After choosing what to have, Janet helped me make dinner before settling in on the couch to watch the Men’s Figure Skating which we had recorded. We were both disappointed with the performances overall but Janet still enjoyed watching it all and had some poignant comments about some of the skaters. It’s fun to watch things with her that she is actual paying attention to.

Today was a bright day for Janet with excellent memory skills, good transfers and lots of smiles. We’ve discontinued her watch alarm reminder for meds time and she asked for her pills with just a little prompting from me tonight. Praying for a good night’s sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Physio

No phone call from Janet today, she was too busy. Tez had her in the gym and up at the parallel bars where Janet “walked” a couple of laps using a cane while in the sling. Tez insists that is the safest way and Janet didn’t complain much to me about it so maybe she feels a little better about it now. She did say the walking was very hard and she doesn’t think that’s the way to start really walking again. Janet says she will just “get up and go, in a couple of days”.

I could see Janet as I rounded the corner into the Connect parking lot as she stood in the Standing Frame. Its funny being able to see her like that, taller than she really is. Dinner followed the standing with Janet doing an excellent job cutting her ham with a rocker knife. Most meals don’t require such cutting so it had been a while since I’d seen Janet use the rocker and I’m impressed with her improved skills.

Janet asked to work on her SheLife stuff for tomorrow after dinner and I have to admit I found it a little overwhelming myself. We ended up just reading the associated Bible story which Janet followed well and asked some good questions of. She still doesn’t think she gets it but I can’t see what else there is to get. Her questions were exactly what I would ask and seem to be totally appropriate discussion points for her group. Hopefully things go well for her tomorrow night.

The only exercise Janet didn’t do before my arrival today was the Shuttle and she turned in another fine performance this evening which earned her the right to choose the rest of her night. Olympics it was and she really enjoyed the Slope-style skiing and the figure skating, so much so that there was no time left for reading. So ended a strong day for Janet and I pray she gets a solid night’s sleep and has a productive Wednesday.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #sidestep

A bright sunny morning helped Janet and I get up and at em today albeit with no set agenda. After breakfast while watching Canada win gold and silver in Women’s Moguls we cleaned up from our wine club gathering last night with Janet able to empty the dishwasher full of wine glasses and also help me shrink the dining table back to every day size. We scanned a whole bunch more old photos into the computer with Janet manning the scanner again and doing what I believe has been a good job of identifying people and approximate dates of photos. We had some laughs and got a lot done before nap time that was spent more in reading than napping.

Janet executed a very nice transfer from her wheelchair to her seat in church tonight especially the side stepping part. She was very confident and well balanced, in fact all of her transfers were like that today with her only challenge remaining control of her right leg. I sense a little more muscle activity there but that doesn’t seem to be equating to an increase in control yet.

It has been a while since we brought home sushi for dinner and watched a movie and Janet was happy to do so tonight. We watched Captain Phillips and although it is not a Janet movie she enjoyed it and didn’t find it to be too scary or violent. A little wound up afterwards it was good the Olympics were on and we stayed up too late watching the Men’s Downhill partly so Janet could “forget” the movie.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and for a productive day tomorrow.