The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #realestate #trinitykelowna #Godatwork

It was another one of those restless nights for Janet Friday and when she woke around eight o’clock Saturday morning I could tell she wasn’t really awake despite her saying she was ready to get up. Minutes later she was snoring away and did so until 9:30. Once up she was very bright and had a good conversation with her mom on Skype after breakfast. I laced her fruit and yogurt with some Peg 3350 to help with the BM situation and it was very successful. Janet agreed that was a much better way to take the Peg than drinking it.

Getting up late made the wait for our realtor to arrive more bearable and Janet was noticeably excited when Les drove up a little ahead of schedule. The offer he brought with him was from the family that took a long second look at our house yesterday and we quickly came to an agreement with only the usual subjects. Janet was beaming as we accepted the offer and gave a big fist shake and a YES as Les left to get the documents to the other realtor. Now the work to find somewhere to live gets serious.

After lunch Janet and I went out into the yard to work as I had to cut the lawn to be ready for a showing tomorrow and Janet really wanted to help. Yes, we will still show the house even with the accepted offer as its not a done deal until the money’s in the bank. Janet cut back some flowers that had finished blooming while I cut the grass in the front then moved to the back with me and pulled a bunch of weeds. She didn’t think she helped much but every little bit helps. It is better if I can work alongside her though so maybe we’ll do some of that tomorrow. While we were working in the back we got a surprise visit from Jim and Nancy’s daughter Laura and her husband David. They presented us with a massive box of awesome cherries. It’s good to know people in the business. Thanks you guys!

Today is the 50th wedding anniversary of our neighbors Barb and Gary. Their six children and families are gathered here from around the country and Janet and I were able to join the celebration after a quick costume change. It was nice to finally meet the entire family and to see Barb even happier than usual. We couldn’t stay long but we did reassure Barb that when we move she’ll be one of the first to know our new address so she can keep delivering her delicious homemade bread.

Janet I enjoyed the worship experience at Trinity tonight and feel blessed to be part of that faith community. On the way home we did a drive by of a couple potential places to live, one a complete no go and the other a very exciting possibility but it has to get on the market first. Are you listening Brian? Sushi and a movie made up the rest of the night, don’t bother watching The Big Wedding, and I managed to get Janet into bed at a decent hour and the early indications are this should be a better nights sleep for her.

That was quite a day, not a lot of physical activity but a lot of mental exercise and Janet powered through it quite well. Every activity she engages in I see a real effort to do well and her desire to contribute was emphasized numerous times today. We have a busy bunch of weeks ahead of us and I think Janet will navigate them very well.

Trusting God that He is at work in our lives and has a plan, and praying for rest, healing and continued improvement for Janet.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #realestate #cars

I pulled up to the patio off of Janet’s house at Connect, she was sitting out there waiting for me but didn’t clue in that it was me until Nash popped his head out the window at her. Big laughs and smiles.

Karl and Lorne had put Janet through her paces this morning and she was already for the weekend. Nash was very excited to see Karl and his buddy from last night, Humberto, who greeted Nash with a “hello friend”. Makes me rethink that therapy dog idea.

There were three showings of our house scheduled for this afternoon so we weren’t allowed to go home for quite a while. We did have an appointment at one of the Ford dealers in town and that as Janet even remembered was our first stop. We test drove a Fusion and a Focus. There is no comparison in driving experience between the two and apparently the same can be said about the riding experience. Janet noticed how much quieter and smoother the Fusion is. She can get in and out of both equally and her wheelchair can squeeze into the Focus but alas, not the Fusion. Maybe we need to look at a folding wheelchair.

Still with time to kill we stopped at Red Robin and sat outside sharing a salad for an hour. Nash waited patiently in the car as he had at the Ford dealership so we took him to the Mission Creek Greenway so he could run around a little. He wasn’t too interested though as it was pretty hot again today. We made one more car shopping stop before going home and that was at the Subaru dealer. I was disappointed there as the only car Janet could get in and out of is their version of the Focus minus the hatch space for the wheelchair. We’ll check out some others as we get time.

Home at 5:30 we later learned that we just missed a family that had been checking the place out. Apparently they stayed for over an hour and will be making an offer tomorrow. Pray its a good one.

With all the showings today the blinds had been open all day and since we don’t bother with air conditioning it was very hot inside and the sun was beating on both decks so Janet and I sat out front to cool down before Skypeing with Laurel. Janet wanted to hear from her as to when she’s “coming to town” and is excited that it’ll happen this coming Wednesday. Janet helped prep and build pizzas which I cooked on the BBQ. Turned out great and after watching AGT we went to bed where Janet continues to toss and turn as I write this.

Praying for rest tonight, a good offer on our house tomorrow and weekend of progress for Janet.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #realestategames #house4sale #standup

Within twenty hours of the For Sale sign going up on our front lawn we got word of an offer being readied. I gave Connect a heads up that I’d be taking Janet home for the evening and when I arrived she was waiting in the living room all smiles and ready. No one had told Janet why she was going home today and when I asked her she very smartly and correctly said “the lady that looked at the house wants it”. Brilliant!

Janet’s day had been a full one and she pointed out that she’d already done an hour in the Standing Frame, meaning she wasn’t doing any more. We had time to stop at the grocery store on the way home and Janet was a good helper again especially in loading stuff onto the conveyor for checkout. We got home in time for a Fresca before Les arrived with the offer. Janet enjoyed the discussion around the subjects and dollar amounts and I’m really glad she could be a part of it all. She did another great job signing her name and initials. We went back and forth a few times on the dollars and as of this writing we don’t have a deal. There are two showings scheduled for tomorrow, so here’s hoping.

After the initial offer presentation it was time to make dinner. Janet did a great job cutting up some green beans for us and wiping and setting the table outside so we could enjoy the nice warm evening. We had agreed to stay around the house as long as we could in order to play the real estate game as long as possible so we watched SYTYCD before driving back to Connect arriving at 9:45. I thought maybe Janet would be too tired for a trip to the gym but she agreed to go as she acknowledged she was only ready for bed if meant not going on the Shuttle. Once again she did a great job but blew me away with her standing afterwards. This time I watched the clock and for two minutes twenty seconds Janet stood without assistance. She even managed to sway a little from one side to the other to try and get more weight on her right leg. I had to talk to her the entire time and remind her she wasn’t going to fall and this time she did the best corrections she’s done with the fewest attempts at grabbing me. Very exciting.

Her efforts in the gym were enough to make her agree it was bedtime and just before eleven I said goodnight Janet and she said goodnight George. Oh well. I’m thankful for the time we got to spend at home tonight and for the incredible progress Janet has made. Praying for rest, healing and a day of more firsts tomorrow.