Janet, A Success Story. June 14. #TSJ

This pretending to change time zone thing is not that easy, especially trying to tie it into Janet’s nap time and regular bedtime. If she’s not tired she can’t sleep. We are making progress on it though and hope to be on Eastern Time tomorrow.

Today was fairly routine save for one big moment this evening. The morning consisted of Miss Independent making her breakfast then having a bit of a giggle session with her mom on Skype. Then the work began. At risk of being old and prepared way too soon, we started packing. It feels like we are forgetting something already as Janet is packed in a very small suitcase and I’m not using my largest one either. Seems odd but good if it works.

Nash was on a sleep over with our friend Annie, who is going to look after him while we’re gone and we made a quick trip to pick him up. He was OK with coming home but seemed very comfortable at Annie’s house too. We went without the wheelchair and Janet did some nice walking up a large ramp to the front door of the building.

Nap time was a little early with the time change but Janet didn’t protest, she just didn’t sleep that long. The sun was shining bright when she woke so I plunked her out in it for forty five minutes while I made our early dinner. All warmed up and fed we headed out to church where I helped Janet walk all the way to the door to the auditorium. I then challenged her to walk down the aisle to our seats. This time there was resistance but she caved in quickly and for the first time walked freestyle all the way down the aisle and right into her seat! Outstanding!

As we continue to pretend its later than it really is we had dessert after church instead of dinner while watching some touching and amazing stories and performances on America’s Got Talent. A reluctant Janet was in bed at 9:30 real time, 11:30 pretend, saying she would not go to sleep, she’s snoring as I write.

Praying for a fun and productive Sunday on Eastern Time.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Sushi

Renovation Day 6 was another day of sanding, mudding and pulling staples. Progress none the less.

Janet had a busy first part of her day and was sleeping when I got to Connect this afternoon. Of course she woke up saying she wasn’t sleeping when I snuck into her room but she clearly had been and wasn’t quite ready to get up. When she did we went in search of countertops for the new house, a more difficult task than I imagined. I was counting on Janet to be relatively quick in picking a few colours she would be happy with but that proved a challenge without being in the house and having things like cabinets and flooring to match with. Then there’s the materiel and how much we want to spend. Oh well. We ended up with a few samples and ran into Connie at one store who told us they had just done their kitchen and found Quartz to be the best bang for the buck so we’ll look more at that.

Janet has a little bit of a cold and that did impede her ability to focus on colour matching but not her participation at church. Tim gave an excellent message that Janet picked up on fully. She hung in there real well as we picked up Nash then some sushi and went back to Connect. Even with her cold her appetite remains strong and she really enjoyed the sushi. We had a quiet night watching a little TV before getting Janet into bed.

Praying for a restful night that heals Janet from her cold and gives her lots of energy for the Seahawks game tomorrow and what promises to be a fabulous feast at Mark and Veronica’s house tomorrow night.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #demolition

Day one of the renovation project at our new house was definitely a day of demolition. Randy wasted no time in taking apart the main closet. I thought that was a reasonable goal for today but he also got the kitchen dismantled as well! Here’s what it looked like by 5pm.

I got to Connect as everyone was eating dinner and having Nash with me brought out the “ahh’s” and “he’s so cute” from most. I’m not ready to leave him in the new house yet so he’ll be travelling to Connect each day for the next while.

Janet was in a good mood until the word gym was mentioned. She fought long and hard against going but ended up making a real nice effort on the Shuttle and doing some nice free standing. I wasn’t going to upset her again so didn’t push the Standing Frame. We sat on the couch together and watched The Voice. Neither of us has been blown away by any of the talent yet but Janet still loves the show.

Tomorrow promises to be busy for me so I’m praying Janet has lots of energy and a willingness to work hard so she has a productive day.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #trinitykelowna

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house! That means this is my last night at the secret location very close to Janet. I’m not sure if I’m more excited see the house and get started on the renovations or be able to empty the stuff out of our new car that I’ve been packing around the last week. It feels like I haven’t really been able to drive it out of fear of sending something crashing. Both will be exciting I’m sure. Janet reminded me tonight that she’d like to be a part of things as they go along at the new place and when I asked her if she wanted to drive by the old house today she said “no, it might make me wish we lived there”. I asked her that as we dropped off some dog food for Nash and she didn’t want to see him either as “it would make me sad”. It would not have been fair to have him think we were picking him up then take off on him again so I’m glad she said no.

Janet’s day prior to that had been good with Garrett taking her to the gym this morning for a good long workout. We offered Janet the chance to go to sledge hockey again but her fear of being cold made that decision for her. Garrett said they did a really good stretching session and a decent job on the Shuttle. After lunch we got Janet into the Standing Frame putting as much weight through her right leg as possible and despite a few complaints of pain early on she tolerated it well. I still feel like we haven’t found the optimum positioning for her yet.

We attended the service at Trinity tonight and for the first time Janet stood and sang the entire first song! I held her the whole time and she wasn’t exactly elegant but she managed and it was cool. She enjoyed Wayne’s message so much she asked to go down front to say hi afterwards. She never does that and told me later that she is better able to follow Wayne’s talks as opposed to anyone else’s.

After a stop for dinner we arrived back at Connect with enough time for a Popsicle before bed. Today was a solid day for Janet and I’m praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and an exciting day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #swimming #walking #house4sale #standingframe

Janet felt her quality of sleep Sunday night was “terrible” but I think it was actually pretty good. She woke up a few times but seemed to go back to sleep quickly each time and when it came to getting up for real she was very bright. Knew my name, what day it was and most of what we were doing today.

Our morning went by at a nice pace and before we knew it we were driving to KGH for swimming. Janet had a strong day today and in her first session she swam on her back continuously for a good five minutes. I didn’t suggest in anyway that she do that, she just started, got a big smile on her face and kept going. Since she’s doing so well standing on her own out of water I was curious to see what she could do in the water. She surprised me by easily standing without using her arm to stabilize herself and she was able to “walk” for about fifteen feet with me well out of reach. Her walking was more like hopping as she was unable to get her right foot down to the bottom of the pool unless it was well behind her. She seemed pleased to be able to do this but is very aware and a little upset that her right leg doesn’t function the way she wants it to. The second session was not as exciting as the water was much deeper so the focus had to be on swimming and Janet was getting tired. She did manage some excellent rolls from back to tummy while swimming and felt pretty good about it too. As we were waiting for the change room, Moira came over to say that her daughter had seen Janet in Hope last weekend. We stopped for gas and a pee break on our way back from Nanaimo and Emma was doing similar. She had done a bring your kid to work thing with Moira way back when and remembered Janet. I told Janet she is pretty memorable but she wasn’t buying it.

We had to be out of our house this afternoon from two till five as the home inspection was taking place so after swimming we just had time to stop at the store and race home to get Nash before the inspector arrived. He was early of course so I got to meet him and Janet got to meet the buyer’s realtor as he came by to get the key for the inspector. They both seem to be very nice and if anything bothersome is found I’m sure we can work with them to resolve it.

Janet knew she had work to do at Connect so right after a late lunch she wanted to get to the gym to get it over with. Her Shuttle session was alright as I could tell she was getting tired not having had a nap. The Standing Frame was well tolerated and she even went over her target of forty five minutes without getting upset. After dinner we took Nash for a nice long walk and Janet faded rapidly after that, going to bed just before nine. She worked hard today, impressing me in the pool, willingly doing some of her workout routine and pushing through a busy day without a nap. Praying for a long night of deep sleep for Janet that gives her lots of energy for tomorrow’s activities.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #hottub #nash #purging #showing #panting #rant

Janet had a much better sleep Saturday night and since it was Sunday today and we had nothing scheduled until the afternoon I let her totally sleep in to try and catch up on what she’d missed the two previous nights. She woke up on her own at almost ten and was looking refreshed.

After a leisurely breakfast it was time to get to work as there was a showing scheduled for two. After some minor clean up Janet started vacuuming. This time I only needed to get her started and position her a couple times otherwise she was good to go for the whole hardwood living area. Her comment once she was done, about twenty minutes later was, “I’m exhausted”. It is pretty hard work for her especially considering she has to propel her wheelchair as well as operate the vacuum. Good job!

We made our escape before the showing along with Nash and stopped to get a few things at London Drugs before going to check out a neighborhood we are interested in. We parked in the VIP parking right by the doors and left all the windows down for Nash. As we approached the checkout area ten minutes later there was a page for the owner of a car with our license plate number. Customer Service told me they’d had a complaint about the dog “panting” in the car. I politely explained we had been in the store ten minutes and were on our way out, the dog is fine. Then we got in line to pay and were able to see out to our car. There was a women and a guy looking at it and they were both acting like they’d just seen a murder. He whipped out his phone and she came inside to Customer Service who pointed us out in the line up. Thanks. This lunatic approached us explaining she was the one who complained. Duh. Without going into detail, I didn’t handle this in a very Christ like way but I didn’t make it personal, I ended it telling her to mind her own business. Fully expecting to be assaulted when we got to our car I elected to not engage the freak on his phone and focus on getting Janet in the car and Nash a drink of water as normal. I’m not sure who he was talking to but he really wanted me hung. I hope it wasn’t 911 because if someone with a legitimate emergency couldn’t get through that would be a real crime. We had planned on grabbing some Wrap Zone while we were there but decided to get out before the Sheriff arrived so we headed for what would be a nice new neighborhood for us. Nash was happy to walk through Guisachan Park with us despite all his panting and even survived a walk of about three blocks around the neighborhood, panting all the way. One lady even slowed her car down to smile at him as he was panting. I kept hoping the do gooders had followed us but no luck.

We arrived back home at three thinking the folks looking at the house would be gone but they weren’t, so with Nash still panting we went for a little walk on our street. Cam called so we sat and chatted with him and watched for the people to leave, Nash panted the whole time and was really showing signs of relaxing. Finally, an hour after they had gotten there and almost two hours after their appointment time, the lookers left and we got to go home. Nash panted all around the house and yard as he could smell that someone had been there. Janet wanted to go for a swim but the water was too cold, so hot tub it was. We still hadn’t done much exercise this weekend so I was glad to get a good stretch on her legs and right shoulder. Nash hung out on the deck with us, panting most of the time.

Our PC finally died so I get to shop for a new computer. Janet has no interest in that at all so I brought up some boxes from under the stairs and had her sort through the stuff while I shopped. Most of what I brought up was old stuff from when the kids were in school and Janet did a great job sorting things into piles for each kid. Rather than us deciding what to keep and what to throw out, the kids can do that once we have it all sorted. I’m sure Cam will want to hang on to all his report cards. Nash laid on the floor beside us panting except when he was sleeping. He was only sleeping, not dead, we could tell because every few minutes he would open his eyes, lift his head and pant a little.

We enjoyed a nice dinner outside then did a little more purging before watching The Secret Millionaire. We used to watch this show together a lot and would often end up in tears after each episode. No tears tonight as I think Janet was a little too tired to really get into it. She’s having a little challenge getting to sleep right now but I’m confident it’ll be a good night. Nash is sleeping on the floor beside Janet, no longer panting, because he’s sleeping.

Praying for rest and healing. Praying for wisdom in dealing with lunatics and thanking God for everything He’s blessed us with.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #standup #realestate #nash #vision

Another day of real estate games saw me having to bring Nash to Connect with me so people could look at the house in safety. He actually was a very good boy the whole evening and made a good friend in Humberto, one of the residents in Janet’s house.

Nash and I went into Janet’s room at the end of her nap time and she was surprised to see him and relieved to see me. Nash made himself at home on her bed while Janet and I chatted about the day so far. She of course had done the usual gym routine but wasn’t able to tell me about anything else. We decided to go for a walk with Nash and that was fun for all and not quite as hot as it has been so Nash handled it better. Janet did a good job of controlling him crossing streets and meeting other dogs. Nash even had a chance to meet a cat but could not have cared less. Good boy. We stopped at the beach for a bit and Janet impressed me by pointing out a duck swimming in the water about fifty meters away. She saw three others further to her right and I can’t remember her ever initiating a sighting of anything like that before. It was always someone asking her if she could see this or that. I have noticed an improvement in her vision and this confirms she is processing things better.

Given the choice, Janet elected to do the Shuttle before dinner and had another solid session. Her right leg to me is definitely stronger these last few days. That could be part of why she’s standing on her own so well. Three minutes thirty five seconds tonight without grabbing onto me once. She wanted to quit at two minutes but I convinced her she was still looking strong and she carried on. I’m loving this.

Knowing she had to do the Standing Frame Janet begrudgingly did so after dinner and to help her get through it Nash paid her a visit.

She liked it for a few minutes then asked me to get him down even though he was quite comfortable.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet as Janet was tired after not sleeping well the night before and not much during nap time this afternoon. We looked for somewhere to rent close to Connect but are finding that as challenging as somewhere to buy for the long term. Patience.

Praying for a good nights rest for Janet and continued strength building.