Janet, A Success Story. September 29. #TSJ Goaal #3!

It’s a rare occasion when Janet recounts her morning activities without a complaint so I really enjoyed her phone call early this afternoon where she told me all about the stuff she had done with the only negative being her review of her step exercises as being “terrible”. She seemed pleased with everyone else and sounded quite upbeat. When I got out to Connect a little later Janet was awake in bed after napping briefly, something she hasn’t really been doing much of lately.

Janet’s attitude shift enabled her to take the initiative and walk down to the kitchen to find out what her duties for the evening were. As Chelsea had her help with making stuffed baked potatoes I showed Brian the video from Janet’s attempt at boiling water on the cooktop at home. He approved and when Janet arrived on the scene congratulated her on achieving another goal! Janet seemed genuinely pleased with that news and wasn’t too upset about not passing the laundry test yet. She needs a little more practice in familiarizing herself with the controls on both washer and drier. She’s close.

For her post dinner stroll tonight I pulled Janet around the insides of Connect including up the stairs. Janet handled those well but was feigning exhaustion part way up in such a way that I think she’s mentally giving up at the first sign of exertion. In the end she completed the routine well and maybe realizes a little better just how long of a stride she is able to take.

Praying for a night of restful sleep and a productive meeting with Dr. Miller tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. June 30. #TSJ

June left with a bang today as Janet showed amazing progress on the cognitive side of things. She called me after she’d finished her lunch and I got a sense that she was having a good day right away. She was laughing and speaking very clearly. Her first question was “did I catch you at lunch?” Usually there is no question at all, I am often expected to ask questions. She then launched into a speech about how she’d done all her exercises and been sitting in the sun and how excited she was that everyone from the house was about to walk over to the beach. All that with no prompting.

I fully expected to find Janet sleeping or at least about to get up from her nap when I got to her room at Connect. Not so, she was just wheeling out of it, saw me, and waved with a big smile on her face. She happily told me she didn’t have a nap and I figured that would come into play later. It did, as this was not Janet’s best night physically but that didn’t matter as it was stellar cognitively. She did manage a good walk to the kitchen to set the table. There was too much reliance on hanging onto things as she walked around but the job got done with just a few reminders along the way. We sat in the sun until dinner was ready and our conversation flowed well with Janet initiating sometimes. She did a great job in chatting with Andrew on Skype after dinner, sounding loud and clear and finding key words with a minimum of hesitation.

Janet continues to be a little frustrated with her reading skills and tonight did well as long as I helped her look all the way to the right. She definitely now lasts longer before the frustration sets in. The best part of the day came at the end when I always ask Janet to give me a rundown of her day. Most often she’ll get the first few things then kind of give up and say she doesn’t remember. Tonight she went non stop from getting up to going to the beach before I got there. Very impressive and encouraging. I’m praying Janet realizes the progress she has made and is continuing to make and that there is no stopping until she is fully healed.

Janet, A Success Story. June 16. #TSJ Ready and Waiting

Janet and I spent most of today wondering why we decided to leave for Ottawa tomorrow and not today. She figures it must have been a money thing and she’s probably right, all I know is there must have been a good reason.

There wasn’t much to do today other than the last check of our packing job and cleaning the house a little. Janet skipped her nap today, wanting to be really tired so she could sleep tonight. So far there’s no indication that plan worked but she is in bed now and her eyes are closed.

We watched bits of the World Cup soccer games today and Janet saw the second half of the USA Ghana game by herself while I dropped the dog off and ran another errand. I got back just after the USA scored the winning goal and Janet was all excited telling me how “the play was all in that end then the other team scored”. It’s awesome to see her improving ability to understand what she’s watching.

For exercise today I had Janet do quite a few laps around the house and one stint of helping me wash dishes that required her to stand at the sink with me. What a great feeling to have her standing beside me, and she thought it was cool to be able to look out the window instead of at the backsplash. Hopefully that translates into more willingness to stand and walk at every opportunity.

The snores have started. Praying for a good night of rest and God’s guidance through our travel day tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. June 11. #TSJ

Nap time was late for Janet today. She called me at 2:40 to say she’d finished her workout and was going for a nap. There was no particular reason for being so late and she didn’t even do all of her gym activities, everything just took a long time to get done. There was an opportunity to go sailing this morning but Janet turned it down thinking she’d only have to do all her other stuff later in the day. When I explained its OK to do different things once in a while and not do every single regular activity, a light seemed to come on, so maybe next time she’ll say yes.

Janet was ready to get up when I arrived and she asked to get her bike ride over with. The walk to the gym was not Janet’s best but she did it then put in a really good bike ride. The walk back was better but she still seemed a little off so I let her hold my hand all the way to her room then down for dinner. Seeming a little off was an understatement after dinner. Janet’s chore of the day was to empty the sanitizer and put away the dishes. Last time she did this it went really well, tonight she got it done but under major protest and with a couple pretty good meltdowns. Not sure why, but it seemed like her confidence level was way down and her balance a little off. Her right leg action appeared to be coming much more from her hip than usual too. The freestyle walking trip to get her meds at the end of the evening was pretty good so I’m putting it all down to a bad day and hope that a more relaxed day tomorrow will rejuvenate her.

Since its Janet’s birthday next week and Humberto’s on Sunday the house is having a picnic for them in Vernon tomorrow. Janet doesn’t think it’ll be fun but I know Jess made a carrot cake for her so that at least is one good thing.

Praying that Janet has a solid night of healing sleep and wakes up tomorrow with a positive attitude and a willingness to fully participate in everything she’s asked to do.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #social

I caught Janet napping again this afternoon which is good as she really does function a lot better in the evening if she is rested. She wasn’t able to give me much detail about what she did with the first part of the day and I trusted her when she told me she did lots in the gym or “downstairs” as she calls it sometimes.

Our drive to the pre SheLife dinner was quite chatty for a car ride as Janet continued to try and tell me about her day. She struggled with details and getting the right word out and seems to be telling herself she can’t remember way too fast. I wonder if writing a note about each task as she completes it would help her remember it longer. Might try that soon.

Janet wheeled herself into her SheLife session tonight with me spying on her just to make sure she found the right table. She seemed more than happy to go off on her own. The session went quite long and Janet said the video they watched was too long but all the remaining ones are half the length so it should be fine. She said she was able to contribute to the discussion and enjoyed the evening. During the drive back to Connect Janet gave me a pretty good run down on what they discussed, much better than her earlier report on the days events.

Once back at Connect it was get ready for bed, read and say goodnight. Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep that provides lots of energy for a busy tomorrow. Thanking Jesus for the community of friends we are able to do life with.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #baking

Slow out of the gate again this morning Janet was full of energy so I guess letting her sleep in was a good thing. With coffee in hand she had a good Skype chat with Laurel before we watched the Men’s Championship match from the Aussie Open. Janet was cheering for Rafael Nadal but learned to like his opponent, Stanislas Wawrinka, who ended up winning. Janet seems to be able to really connect with the tennis players as they are not all covered up as other athletes are and there are only two on a court with TV providing plenty of close ups. She enjoys hearing their stories and really does get emotionally connected to what she’s watching. The Aussie Open was great fun and hopefully there is more tennis in our future.

Not having all the supplies needed to continue our work with Janet’s memorabilia we decided to try some baking. Yikes! It actually was a lot of fun as Janet was eager and knowledgeable and able to help quite a bit. I had to run to the store for eggs and when I returned Janet had most of the other ingredients out on the counter ready to go. We made Janet’s famous lemon squares and in the true spirit of baking are giving them away to an unsuspecting couple. I hope they turned out!

Janet faded late in the afternoon and had a very long nap not getting up until almost six o’clock. Again, it seemed to do her good as we enjoyed a nice dinner which I got ready as she talked to Andrew on Skype. She was able to keep the conversation going for a decent amount of time and only looked to me for answers a few times. She’s getting close to being able to initiate these chats on her own so beware.

Dinner was late and so were The Grammys so by the time we got back to Connect it was time for bed and a little reading. Janet enjoyed a leisurely weekend and hopefully is recharged and ready to tackle the week ahead. Praying for complete healing and thanking God for all we are blessed with.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #personalbest

Mom and I met Janet and the gang at the pool this morning and for once Janet was all smiles and laughing before swimming. Somehow they had gotten to talking abut helicopters during the drive in and Curtis had everyone trying their best imitation of what a helicopter sounds like. Janet tried hers as we met her at the car but she was laughing too hard to do it. A fun way to start the day.

Janet excelled in the pool today setting a personal best for swimming on her tummy and for the first time ever, she was able to tread water. That was pretty funny as she insisted on using her arm and of course ended up spinning around in circles. She thought it was funny too and tried a few times without her arm just to see and was fairly successful. I think the wet suit helps with buoyancy and Janet clearly has a lot of confidence in the water now. We did some standing in the kiddie pool as well as some leg exercises including bringing both knees up to her chest while floating on her back with my support. In the KGH Rehab pool she was never able to push her right leg back out on it’s own, she always used the left leg to assist. Today Janet did it routinely without assistance. That was a very nice and encouraging surprise and is a move she needs to have in order to walk well. High five!

After swimming we met Courtney at Urban Fare for lunch with Janet having her usual and propelling herself through the store really well. She called her own nap time once we got home and awoke an hour later refreshed and able to help with dinner. I noticed a couple of times when I gave her instructions she wasn’t following them very well and I’m not sure why. Usually I can tell her to get two or three things from the fridge at once and it won’t be a problem, tonight she grabbed things I didn’t ask for and didn’t get things I did ask for. Maybe she was more tired than I thought. Over all she was helpful and managed a decent transfer into a dining chair when we were ready to eat.

My mom likes to have her dessert right after dinner and Janet and I usually wait until close to bedtime. Tonight Janet eagerly accepted the offer of ice cream right after dinner and that apparently fuelled her up nicely as when we got to the gym at Connect she set a personal best on the bike after claiming she was too tired to do very well. We wound down the evening by watching a little basketball while Janet had her meds then reading a chapter of Open that spawned some good conversation afterwards and instead of putting her to sleep seemed to wind her up a little. Oops.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep that gives Janet lots of energy for a productive Friday.