The Team Save Janet Report is Out. #TSJ #Sledgehockey

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Clean out day at San Michelle Rd. took way longer than I expected and once again I didn’t get to see Janet until going on nine o’clock tonight. However, the job is done and we are officially in limbo land.

I got a huge surprise today when Jess texted me pictures of Janet all geared up to play sledge hockey.


I’m so glad she agreed to go and try it! She did tell me it was cold and not much fun but agreed it wasn’t fair to not like it just because she was cold. Hopefully next time I can go and we can bundle Janet up a little more.

Our short evening before bedtime was spent having dinner, she waited for me, and chatting before reading some Not a Fan. Janet asked to read it and still seems very interested in it. She seemed particularly bright to me tonight, commenting that “we missed going to church tonight” and conversing really well with me and Kieran. It was a fun if not short time.

Praying for lots of quality time together tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #SanMichelle

This post will be even shorter than yesterday’s as I was only able to see Janet for a brief time tonight. This is also the last blog post from our San Michelle Rd. house. My day was crazy busy with packing and loading and waiting for movers to show up. Good thing they were late as I needed the time to pack the kitchen and bathroom. I can’t believe how much stuff was in those rooms. I also had the privilege of picking up our new car today. More on that some other time.

With things running late I called Janet just after four to see how she was doing and tell her I’d be late. She had just gotten up from a nap and was a little confused as to what time of day it was. She thought she was getting ready for breakfast. She got quite upset when I told her I’d be late but there was nothing I could do about it. When I finally did get to see her it was 8:45 and she was watching TV with Humberto. Or I should say waiting for Humberto to leave so she could change the channel. She was in good spirits and loved the cookie I brought her and cautioned that maybe she shouldn’t eat it as she’d had cake for desert at dinner time. Janet had a hard time telling me anything else about her day, admitting she just couldn’t remember.

Today’s short visit will be rectified over the next eight days as I will be homeless and spending a lot of time with Janet. She is very excited about that. Praying for increased strength and and a willingness to keep working hard.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #CarShopping #TrinityKelowna #Sunshine #XFactor

Today was a nicely laid back Saturday. There was no rush to do anything and except for going to church and Skypeing Mary/Gaga we made the day up as we went along. Janet slept well but not long enough really as she went to bed so late. Her morning was good though and the chat with her mom went well. Neither of us was in the mood to do any packing so out into the sunshine car shopping we went. I was looking forward to zeroing in on one particular make and model but it wasn’t to be so after driving eight different cars since we seriously started looking there is still no clear winner. We did enjoy a nice lunch outside at a Extreme Pita location and even though all the outside tables were full a family invited us to share theirs. Nice!

Home for a quick nap it was back out to church then back for dinner which included probably the last corn on the cog of the season. With one talent show ending of course another has begun and tonight instead of packing we got caught up on X Factor and are really glad we did. This has got to be the best audition I’ve ever seen on any of the shows. Am I right?

With the day off from exercising I noticed Janet’s right leg being very independent today. Her right arm seemed stiff too and she said she felt a little cold most of the day. In the hot tub I was able to get good stretches on everything but aside from that it was hard to keep her right foot on the wheelchair footrest and when standing to transfer, her right foot was no where near being flat on the floor. We’ll do some standing and other exercises tomorrow and see if that makes a difference. We’ll also do some packing. No choice. The clock is running out.

Praying for a good night of healing sleep and a bright day tomorrow, Janet’s last full day at this house.