The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Mexico

This is going to be short as its crunch time for moving and every minute counts.

Janet went swimming at the Rutland Y today with Jess, Garrett and some other residents. She told me it was alright and kind of boring. When asked to elaborate she gave her stock answer of “its the same thing”. I think she enjoyed it more than she’s letting on and Garrett says there was some good stretching done along with walking against the flow in the River Run area.

I got to Connect much later than my usual time and Janet was getting up from her nap. Dinner was served right away then we tried going for a walk in the last of the Fall sun. The weather has really changed in a hurry here, I saw frost on the rooftops yesterday morning and Janet had to wear her winter coat for tonight’s walk. I still had my shorts and polo shirt on but was cold by the end of the walk. In Janet’s words, “we’ve lost our summer”. We are happy to see that Joel and Kiko are having a good time in sunny Mexico and even happier that Team Save Janet is represented there. That warmed us up.

Have you got a picture wearing yours in some far away locale? We’d love to see it.

After a little discussion Janet agreed to a workout on the Shuttle and then the Standing Frame with decent results from both. I’m hoping the team meeting next week allows for Janet to express her feelings about going to the gym so much and we can alleviate her fears. A lot of it still boils down to confidence and she’s saying more and more how her right leg doesn’t want to work.

Bedtime reading is becoming a nice trend and we did that again tonight. Praying for lots of sleep tonight and a productive Friday for Janet and also for me.