Janet, A Success Story. July 10. #TSJ

Today was get away day for Janet and when I got to Connect to pick her up I could tell she had been focused on that all day. She was deliberate in telling me she had just finished the Standing Frame and was ready to go. Since she was headed for the dentist I insisted she brush her teeth before we leave and that also gave her a chance to walk down the hall, something she hadn’t done much of today. She knew to stop by the med room to get her meds for the weekend and from what I could tell she performed that task well.

Janet has been doing a great job of brushing her teeth and I floss for her every night so we were both surprised when the dentist showed us three cavities in Janet’s mouth. He says they are likely leftovers from her hospital days and just took this long to show up. Hopefully that’s the end of them. All else is good in that department and Janet blew their minds by walking into the office freestyle all the way to the exam chair. The folks there have been very supportive since day one so it was nice for them to see Janet’s amazing physical progress up close.

Exchanging nap time for sun time Janet enjoyed some warmth before helping me make dinner. I could get real use to cooking like this. She’s more of a help each time and as planned we walked down to Menchie’s for a frozen yogurt later on.

First Menchie's #selfie

First Menchie’s #selfie

It’s a fun and smiley place for sure and we’ll be back as a treat from there goes to the winner of our So You Think You Can Dance bet. We watched this week’s episode tonight and Janet’s contestant out performed everyone we thought with mine doing OK. They both survived the first cut.

Praying for a restful night of sleep that provides lots of energy for a fun Friday.

Remember, there will be no posts now until late Sunday night unless events warrant. Peace.

Janet, A Success Story. July 2. #TSJ Sailing Away

Yesterday,Garrett and I had tried to persuade Janet into going sailing with a few people today. She of course was having nothing of the idea but couldn’t argue with Garrett this morning as the weather was great and we had worked her enough that she felt she had to go. I don’t like pressuring Janet to do something she doesn’t want to do unless I feel its good for her and to venture out with people she likes into the sunshine is good for her. Later on she told me the sailing “wasn’t so great” but they all went out for coffee after and “that was fun”.

As it turned out, Janet could have pretty much stayed at the yacht club all day as the Sailing Association invited all of its users to a BBQ in honour of the naming of their new boat this evening. I met Janet and the gang there and we spent a nice couple of hours on the waterfront complete with food and wine.

The gang and Janet with her wine shooter. #thatswhatboatingisallabout

The gang and Janet with her wine shooter. #thatswhatboatingisallabout

There really wasn’t time to do much when we got back to Connect so I took Janet for a speed walk around the place. She wasn’t very happy about it but did very well, walking faster than I can remember and not stumbling at all. She did a good amount of freestyle walking as well including the trip to get her meds when she answered all of Chelsea’s questions as to what she takes correctly without help for the first time ever. She even got the day, month, date, year thing a hundred percent. High five!

Praying for a night of restful sleep and for more progress tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. March 13. #TSJ

My phone call to Janet today found her just getting back to Connect from a walk to the beach with Wes, Curtis, Garrett and Humberto. She seemed quite excited about it and a little concerned that she had to use Wes’s wheelchair as the footrest for hers was in our car. Oh well, it added to the adventure.

Cam and I met Janet later in the day as she was singing and grating carrots in preparation for a dinner she was not going to eat. She wasn’t complaining though. Curtis informed us that he was practicing sit to stands with Janet today and having her not use her arm at all. He said she did very well as long as she followed him very closely. I’ll have to get him to demonstrate so Janet can practice with me.

It was a little early for dinner when Janet was done with the carrots so we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood. Nice to be in the sun again. I chose to take us to Ric’s Grill near the airport as we could easily drop Cam at the airport afterwards. Bad choice. Terrible service, it took forever for our food to arrive and the quality was mediocre, especially considering the prices. Don’t bother. Janet and I were kind of excited about going there as a Connect resident recently was hired as First Cook. We asked the hostess if he was working as soon as we arrived and never heard from her again until we were leaving. She acted all surprised that the cook never came out to see us. Whatever. We enjoyed our time with Cam and that was the main point.

Things went downhill a little further upon our return to Connect. Janet did a great job with the Standing Frame after being a little grumpy going into it. She then went on her own to get her meds and brought them back to the living room to take them. I normally just watch to make sure she gets all four pills and think nothing of it. This time though, I noticed a different pill in the package. I pulled them away from Janet and went to the med room to ask Chelsea to help figure out what was going on. Turns out Janet’s doctor changed her prescription as a result of the blood test Janet went for yesterday but no one told me or the staff that hands out the meds. The change is in a good direction and could have been a positive event, but for me it was a little scary and a lot maddening to discover it after Janet had opened the package. I will follow up tomorrow.

The med issue didn’t concern Janet at all and she happily got ready for bed so I could read to her and she lasted right to 10:30. In fact she was still quite awake when I left so I’m praying she gets a good night’s sleep, has lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

Independence Day. Janet gaining responsibility #TSJ

I was not surprised to hear that Janet made it through last night without falling out of or escaping from her bed. She continues to chuckle at the thought so I think if she ever does wind up on the floor it truly would be an accident. I also sense a little pride coming from her for being able to sleep with no rails.

Lorne reported that Janet’s first half of the day was quite busy. They had a good session in the gym and he very happily told me Janet asked to go to the bathroom twice for him and was successful both times. That continued with me for the rest of the day as Janet continues to improve in that category. Mary Lou saw Janet for Speech this morning as well and with her nodding off while waiting for me in the living room when I arrived it was clear she had been busy.

We went down to her room to debrief and wait for our meeting with Brian when nurse Jen stopped by. She surprised me by announcing that Janet is going onto the self administered medication program. I would not have thought Janet was ready for something like this but as it was explained I can see where it is a good time to start training Janet to be independent with her meds. She was given a booklet that describes the program, her medications, has a schedule for when each is to be taken and a log that Janet can sign off on each time she takes them. I expect her to pick up on the timing pretty fast as most of her meds are associated with meal times with the last one being at bedtime. The challenge will be in learning the names of each and what they are for. The staff will continue to help her and score her each day on how well she’s doing and look for ways to help her with what she’s not doing well. Janet seemed receptive to the idea and remembered at dinner time that the booklet was for her meds but that was it. Baby steps. Jen had a look at Janet’s former peg site and agreed it is healing very well, suggesting that after Janet’s shower in the morning we leave the dressing off and see if all stays nice and dry. If so, no more poly and no more dressings. Yay!

Mary Lou tracked us down in the kitchen a few moments later to say she had spoken with John, a gentleman I talked to last week about coming in to sing with Janet. Turns out they know each other from church and Mary Lou is totally supportive of John working with Janet. He is not an accredited music therapist but is an accomplished singer and conductor and based on my initial conversation with him, quite a positive, high energy older guy that loves life. Mary Lou doesn’t see a need to meet with him before hand so I will arrange for him to visit Janet next week for some sing along fun.

While I was talking to Mary Lou, Janet wondered off for a few minutes and came back with Brian in tow. Better late than never. We had a good chat about shower/bathtub aids for the house and I will try and figure out which option will work best for us this weekend. I’m thinking a bench for the bathtub but we’ll see. We also talked strategy for getting Janet in for some outpatient hydro therapy at KGH Rehab. I think Janet and I will try and pay a visit there on our way home Friday.

With the meetings finally done Janet was in clear need of a nap and more than willingly lay down on her bed falling asleep within minutes. When she woke up I lovingly told her she was snoring for over an hour and she tried telling me that she wasn’t even sleeping. Cute.

The nap was probably not long enough as Janet’s energy level was not near what it was last night. She ate a good dinner, impressively peeling a mini mandarin orange all be herself as part of dessert but faded quickly after that. She went upstairs with me, Garrett and Humberto to listen to some live music that never happened but I’m not sure how much she would have been into it anyways. We did have a nice little chat before bed though and she was pretty much asleep before our prayer ended.

Praying for a healing and restful night and thanking Jesus for the progress made so far and all the good people looking after Janet.