March Madness

Button Race. A nice family day for Janet. #TSJ

Laurel and Raj went out to Connect to pick Janet up just before lunch today. Janet told me she was surprised to see them but didn’t cry. She was showered and had been to the gym so was off to a good start. Lunch was at Joey’s where Janet enjoyed some fish tacos and was quite alert and responsive throughout the meal. Once home it was pretty much nap time and for once she didn’t need much convincing.

After a good nap Laurel and I took Janet and Nash for a sunny and warm walk around the neighborhood then settled in for some March Madness and a good sushi dinner. Janet ate a lot, I was surprised by the amount, and even enjoyed a little wine with the meal. Her water intake for the day was the barely the minimum but I didn’t have to nag her quite so much. She seems to give in easier when others are around.

Overall Janet seemed pretty quiet again today with some really good moments thrown in just to let us know she’s still doing OK. Laurel and Raj showed us some pictures of their trip to the BVI and Janet enjoyed seeing the beautiful beaches and colorful water and insists that we move there. Oh no, that was me ten years ago. Still would be nice to visit but I don’t know about doing such a long trip with Janet like that. It took Laurel and Raj 28 hours door to door from Calgary, not sure Janet could tolerate that. She faded pretty fast tonight and agreed to get ready for bed at 8:45. One of our bedtime rituals is to have a race doing up buttons on Janet’s PJ tops. I start at the bottom and she starts at the top. Whoever does up theirs up the fastest wins. Tonight, for the first time, she beat me! Praying for a restful night that brings lots of energy for an active and fun day tomorrow.

A Moving Monday. Janet rebounds a little. #TSJ

Hoping to get answers to Janet’s lethargy and pain I called her doctor’s office first thing this morning and got the impression I wasn’t going to be able to speak to her as she was booked solid. The lab results had arrived and were just faxed to Connect before I called so that was my next call. Jess reported Janet was OK, oddly complaining about sitting up whereas yesterday the complaints came about laying down. She was slowly drinking a smoothy and seemed relatively fine but Jess had no intention of taking her to the gym or anything like that. Nurse Jen and I talked about the lab results which indicate that Janet’s Dilantin levels are within the therapeutic range but at the low end of it. I’m surprised by that and even more concerned now about Janet’s tolerance for that drug. There are a number of things that could be affecting her though, bladder infection and dehydration primarily. Jess just missed a chance at a urine sample before I got in this afternoon and will try again in the morning and as far as the dehydration goes I don’t think Janet is but she can certainly drink more and maybe needs to do so to overcome the effects of the Dilantin.

Jess had just put Janet to bed when I arrived about 1:30 this afternoon saying the first part of the day had gone fairly well and Janet ate a decent lunch before nap time. She was awake when I went into her room and we had a brief chat before nurse Jen came in to examine her a little. Janet’s vitals are normal and there is no evidence of anything wrong other than she’s a little pale and complains of pain from time to time. The problem is she indicates the pain is in a different part of her body every time you ask her. One area that does get mentioned a little more than others is her left butt cheek. I can’t trigger a pain response there but she does touch it sometimes when asked to show where the pain is.

Jen left just after two and Janet was snoring minutes later and continued till 3:30 when Bob stuck his head in the door on his start of shift rounds. Janet fell back to sleep quickly and save for one more brief eye opening slept loudly till 4:50. It took a little while for her to get her speech going but once up in a sitting position started to come around a little quicker. By the time we were in the kitchen for dinner she was pretty bright and happily started drinking her water then ate a large dinner complete with one of Sandrine’s macaron for dessert. Thanks Kiko and Brenda!

I tried getting Janet to make her March Madness picks the way she used to, by choosing the team with the nicest uniforms, but I couldn’t find a website that made it easy to do that so I just had her pick the name of the team she liked best for each match up and she ended up picking Indiana as her winner. A pretty good choice I think. It was movie night in the neighboring house and Janet agreed to go over there with me to watch for a while. Unfortunately the movie was one of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels which Janet found to be very uninteresting but she enjoyed being there with the other residents and hung in for about an hour. I gave her a bio break once we got to her room and she thankfully and surprisingly had a bowel movement. I was way more happy about it than she was and she says she wasn’t feeling any better because of it. Still a really good sign and hopefully Janet will realize some benefit by the morning. We read some news articles on the iPad for a while after that. I asked her to read and she would get two or three words at a time but no more and was starting to lose her speech and agreed to go to bed at 8:45. I was pleasantly surprised at how long she lasted tonight and by her increased brightness and I must credit the long nap for that. To me Janet is still showing signs of an intolerance to Dilantin and there probably is something else going on but today was much better than yesterday.

Janet’s doctor never returned my call but I’m confident she will tomorrow and I plan on taking Janet in to see her Thursday after swimming as long as she doesn’t get any worse. It certainly appears she’s getting better but we still don’t know the cause of all this. Praying for another restful night and an even brighter day tomorrow.