The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Bright

Renovation Day 21. Things are really taking shape now as Randy has begun work on the countertops and almost completed the crown moulding. I put in a couple of vents for the wine cabinet and cut out some drywall where the washer used to be and removed the supply lines etc. Three weeks from today our stuff gets moved in!

Jess reports that Janet had a very busy morning and Janet confirmed that during our post nap time chat. She was very bright and chatty and once I got her tuned into the start of the day she was off and running. Breakfast, she was very proud that she had coffee, the gym, no comment, helping Jess bake cookies, fun and they look really yummy but they are for Halloween, grocery shopping with Jess and one of the other residents, lunch, she helped Big Country to eat his, once a mom, always a mom. Janet was asked to use the Standing Frame while helping with the cookies but refused so I told her she was doing that with me like it or not. Willie apparently came to the lunch table with his shirt saver on backwards and Janet found that to be very funny, still laughing about it as she told me.

After that great chat it was time for a bike ride and Janet did her best ever, making a mile in twenty five minutes. She actually smiled at the end and when I reminded her of that at bedtime she smiled again and said “I know”. There was no argument about doing the Standing Frame after the bike and part way through she pointed out to me that she was putting weight through her right leg. She was and again she smiled about it. Who is this woman?

The dinner table tonight was very lively as Kieran was talking up a storm about this that and everything. The rest of the table was playing along for the most part but clearly getting tired of it when Big Country in his very soft calm voice said “Kieran, shut up”. I’ve never heard such loud laughter from everyone and it lasted a long time, in fact Janet and I laughed about it again at bedtime. That shot earned Big Country a happy face lollypop.

Janet and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching “the worst football game” we’ve ever seen. Thankfully Seattle won but it was so ugly we switched to The Voice at eight o’clock and just checked the game from time to time. Janet clearly likes The Voice better than football and sang along to a couple of the songs. Kieran and Wes joined us for a bit and that was fun.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and for today’s brightness to continue forever.