Janet, A Success Story. June 7. #TSJ

Another independent morning for Janet as she made breakfast, typed an email herself and waited in the sunshine for me while I showered. I still get anxious about her when I leave her in situations like that. She is unable to get back into the house on her own from the patio and I worry a little about her needing to when I’m not available. I finished my shower as quickly as I could and went to check on her, she was singing away to the music I’d left on for her. I need to have more faith.

Its a good thing we were up at a reasonable hour because we had an early lunch date with John. He hasn’t been out for a meal in months and was raring to go as soon as we arrived at his care home. We wheeled the few blocks over to Joey Kelowna and sat outside for a nice leisurely lunch. I didn’t arrange the seating very well so Janet had a hard time hearing John but we managed. I think he really enjoyed getting out and we enjoyed listening to his stories.

With lunch done early Janet agreed to brave the mall as long as we shopped for me not her. She was a big help in colour selection as I actually found clothes that fit me and I managed to sneak a few things in for her too.

After a nice little nap we headed off to church without the wheelchair. After getting out of the car and closing the door unassisted, Janet walked across the parking lot with my help then went by herself the one hundred plus feet to “our” door then demanded my help to walk down to our seats. Janet got lots of encouragement along the way from friends and even people we don’t know. I had to remind her that her story is out there and more people know about her and are cheering her on than she may realize. Walking out of church was similar and took longer as people stopped to chat and encourage and ask about the wedding. Even someone neither of us knows asked Janet if she was ready for the wedding. Kiko walked with us the last little ways to the car and for the first time got to see Janet walking freestyle and even opening the car door unassisted. She is always so encouraging and upbeat, it all made for a very positive evening.

Our time at home tonight was positive as well. We enjoyed some good sushi and the movie Son of God which spurred a good conversation afterwards with Janet feeling touched by the film and glad we saw it soon after church as it helped to see things acted out rather than just spoken about. I guess we were both so immersed in the movie we forgot Janet’s meds until she was tucked into bed. It crossed my mind once during the movie and I thought I’d prompt her during our ice cream break but forgot by then. Oh well.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep that helps to bring lots of energy and a sharp mind for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #justvisiting

Around lunchtime today I called Janet and on the second ring she answered all by herself! She was about to have lunch so didn’t want to talk much but she sounded great and it was really cool to be able to call her like that. I did it again just as I was leaving to pick her up and this time she answered right away saying she was going to sleep. Good thing I called. I held back for an hour then went to Connect, loaded her up for the weekend and headed to KGH to see John.

John was awake this time and we were able to have a nice visit. He is looking and feeling a little better and enjoyed teasing Janet who was very compassionate and all on her own wished him a speedy recovery and a hope that he returns to sing with her soon. There is a real connection between the two of them and we are blessed to have John in our lives. As we made our way out of the hospital we ran into nurse Arlene headed off on a break. Janet didn’t remember her but Arlene took the time to really speak some love to Janet and assure her what an inspiration she is. I love it when others tell Janet truths like that.

Janet helped make dinner and we settled in to watch the first two episodes of The Voice. It is amazing to me how much Janet takes in and correctly processes things now. It wasn’t long ago that TV watching took place with no interaction at all, now Janet sings along, comments on performers, laughs and genuinely understands what’s going on. She is truly disappointed she has to wait a week to watch more.

Looking forward to a great weekend and praying for lots of energy and a positive attitude.