Janet, A Success Story. June 8. #TSJ

There was a lot of sitting around today for Janet, unfortunately, and I’m not sure how we could have avoided it. Breakfast was outside as it was just too nice not to and the only way out there for Janet is in her wheelchair. She stayed outside for a Skype chat with her mom that Janet says was “good and funny”.

I managed to get her doing something other than basking in the sun by suggesting we start the packing process for our trip to Heather and Allan’s wedding. That required her getting some things out of her closet which I suppose she could’ve done walking but I wanted this to be as much her doing it on her own as possible. She picked out some jewellery to wear with each outfit and we got a good sense of what we need to take. Job well done!

Back into the sun we went for lunch, so Janet was sitting again after a short walk on her own. The times she did walk today I kept myself as far from her as I could while staying in range to prevent a fall. Janet seems to walk more confidently when she can see me and moves towards me so I’m going to try and avoid walking beside her as much as I can. Before going for a walk we had a brief Skype chat with Heather to answer some questions that came up during our packing session. She appears to be hanging in there just fine. We almost made it to the beach on our walk but Janet complained of the wind so we turned back. There is nothing worse than a cold Janet.

A very kind Italian lady who lives in our complex cooks a big pasta and meatball dinner for everyone once a year and tonight was the night. Janet of course was less than excited about going but mostly enjoyed being there and talking to some neighbours about tennis and to another couple about Ontario. One of the benefits of living here is the sense of community and I’m glad we can be a part of it. Janet walked into the room tonight leaving her wheelchair parked outside and received lots of “wows” and “look at you” ‘s. Gotta be good for her.

Without any complaints we drove back to Connect and got Janet settled in after she presented Chris with a happy face lolly pop for his fortieth birthday today. That’s one thing I can ask Janet to do and she never hesitates. Praying for a restful night of sleep and a productive Monday.

Dinner and a Game #TSJ

My day with Janet started a little later than normal and she asked me “what took you so long” when I arrived. She was smiling and when I asked her to try and remember what I’d said about today she responded with “you said you wouldn’t be here till four”. I actually said three but that is still a major improvement in her memory recall and for the record it was 2:45 when I got there so I was actually early. Janet was quite cheery but after twenty minutes or so her words started scrambling beyond recognition so I suggested a rest. Of course her response was no way but when I said ok, let’s go use the Shuttle then, she opted for the rest. I warned her the Shuttle would be done before we left for dinner.

She was in the midst of a very deep snoring sleep when some loud voices in the hallway woke her up so she didn’t get the full benefit of the rest time she had but it was better than nothing. I took her to the gym and she was all for it until I parked her beside the Shuttle. She got really upset and took quite a bit of convincing to get her to give it a go. She did well, matching her personal bests for reps but not getting the best extension ever. I decided to try the machine myself, partly so I could justify me saying positive things about it but also to try and see what may be causing Janet’s hatred of it. I can see how effective a leg workout it is but I got quite a weird sensation when I started some reps. I felt a little like I was floating and was not in total control of my balance. That is a feeling that would totally freak Janet out and I wonder if she is experiencing that. She hasn’t said so but I’ll talk to Tez next week about it.

We met Suzanne for a pre game dinner at a little Italian bistro in Lake Country. Janet ate her first real salad and a massive portion of lasagne. She didn’t talk much but she sure did eat. We got to the UBCO basketball game and enjoyed it very much.

A long time family friend, Simon, came over to talk to us at halftime. Janet had a big smile for him and will be seeing more of him over the next while as he’s started doing some practicum work with Tez at Connect. Cool.

Janet sang her way home as I tried to find a way to turn up her volume. She was quiet most of the night and seemed a little tired but does her face ever light up when she starts singing. After a snack and some more singing it was way past bedtime so I got her all tucked in. In our prayer I asked that she continue to work hard in the gym and understand how good the Shuttle is for her and she started crying because I said that. She was fine after we talked about it for a bit but my goodness this is getting a little much. We may have to find an alternative soon.

Praying for a good nights rest and an energetic day of fun tomorrow.