Janet, A Success Story. November 10. #TSJ

After what I believe was a good morning in the gym, grumpy Janet showed up at lunchtime today. On the menu was a pasta salad that Janet wouldn’t stop complaining about, its made with mayo you know, so much so that she got sent to her room. That’s where I found her later in the afternoon ready to get up from a restless nap. She was sticking to her story that it was the staff that was grumpy, not her, but with new staff on for the evening Janet was happy to go help with dinner prep especially since she could eat an apple while doing so.

Whatever had happened during the day was not evidenced this evening at all. We did some moving home planning, happily of course, Janet was a lively conversant at dinner and she agreed to go for a freestyle walk with me. That one surprised me, she even went up and down the stairs. There were minimal attempts at grabbing onto walls and furniture and the stretch down the hall to the living room was some of her fastest walking yet. Another surprise came when Janet accepted Chelsea’s invitation to practice picking something up from the floor. Janet can do this but is quite scared still so needs a lot of coaching. She wasn’t successful this time but Chelsea and others will keep working with her. Part of the plan is to watch Legally Blonde where there is apparently a scene that demonstrates how a lady is supposed to pick something up. Whatever works.

Praying for Janet to have a good night of sleep and to enjoy a positive Tuesday.

Janet, A Success Story. May 27. #TSJ

More history was made today! Janet achieved a wheelchair free afternoon and evening! I’m more excited than she is of course and had to take time to explain the significance of it to her. I don’t anticipate ever being totally without the wheelchair but hope Janet can now see her way to being able to get around the house on her own without it. The amount of walking she did today was comparable to yesterday and Janet was quite worn out by bedtime, physically at least. The only complaining she did was towards the amount of freestyle walking she was asked to do. There were a few “tantrums” which she quickly passed off and got on with the walking and actually did some of her strongest yet.

There was more good news. Janet’s doctor called to say her Dilantin level is right where we want it to be and she therefore doesn’t need a blood test next week. Janet is relieved by that and I think if we can keep her hydrated her levels should stay good.

Dare I say there’s even more good news? Janet admitted that Games Night was “alright” tonight! There was the usual protest leading up to it then for some reason Janet participated her most ever, giving good answers to Family Feud questions, correctly guessing Spiderman in a name the celebrity questioning game then getting right into the Heads Up version of Act It Out. Janet always liked Charades and this was a simple version of that. She even smiled while playing.

Today, like most days, was full of good news. Janet told me that a student took her to the gym this morning and “used” her to practice some physio therapy techniques he is learning. They worked on stretching Janet’s right arm then had her do some step up exercises which she was quite excited about. Tez is hopeful this will increase Janet’s use of her right leg with which I’ve noticed an improvement this week.

This all sounds pretty rosy and that’s the way it was today. Praying for more of the same tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. May 18. #TSJ

Janet’s day started with a couple of Skype chats back to back. First up was Leslie followed by Mary/Gaga. Both conversations went well with Janet needing minimal help along the way. Because we got up so late, shower time had to be after the Skype sessions so by 12:30 we were ready to start our day. On a whim I had Janet try walking freestyle from the bed to the dining table and she did it with only one pause to hold onto me briefly. That’s thirty feet all on her own folks! She repeated that a couple times during the day then bested it by ten feet going all the way to the bathroom. There was no mention of a sore foot until after dinner tonight and Janet walked a lot today so I think the couple days of minimal walking did her some good and the problem could be just new things being used a little too much. Janet complained a little tonight at Connect but not as much as before.

That was the highlight of the day except for Janet doing a nice job helping to make dinner. She was bright and cheery and talkative all day, showing no signs of having too much Dilantin in her now. I hope she has enough.

The ride back to Connect happened too soon again but it didn’t take long for Janet to settle in. Jess was working tonight and talked with Janet for a fair bit as soon as we arrived and that really helped. Praying that Janet has a restful night of sleep and wakes up with a positive attitude and lots of energy and no soreness tomorrow.