Janet, A Success Story. July 28. #TSJ

Today marked the beginning of Janet’s ramped up effort to achieve her move out goals. Other than the first transfer out of bed in the morning and a long walk with me tonight, the wheelchair stayed parked. One long term resident, Chris, commented to us this afternoon how impressed he was that Janet was walking everywhere with her cane. Chris has long been a cheerleader for Janet and she still values his opinion so his comments did her some good today.

By the time I got to Connect this afternoon Janet was waiting for me in the living room. She said she couldn’t nap and wasn’t sure why she was inside in the cold so we immediately went out to the patio where she recounted her day for me. Janet’s recall continues to improve to the point now where I no longer feel a need to verify her stories. The time soon came for Janet to set the dinner table and she needed no physical help at all but seemed to have difficulty in figuring out how many places to set and what to put with each one. I’ll blame the lack of a nap.

Our evening was pretty mellow as we took advantage of the hot weather and went for a nice long walk around the neighbourhood. Janet is so much more observant and conversant than when we did that last summer it blows my mind. There is one house we pass on this walk that has dozens of cats roaming the yard. Last year I’d have to spend five minutes guiding Janet to a point of seeing one of the seven or eight that were clearly visible at anytime. Now, she can even spot the ones hiding in the shade of the carport, which they all seemed to be doing tonight.

Janet realizes her walking pace needs to increase and I noticed a slight improvement tonight but more importantly it was obvious Janet was trying. She wouldn’t try and read The Hallo-Wiener to me though so I read to her and she laughed like a little kid at the end. Love it when she gets excited about silly things. Emails are still a chore for Janet but when she puts her mind to it she can churn them out pretty fast now using the voice to text feature and thats what she did for a few tonight, feeling a sense of accomplishment when done. Janet deserved to feel accomplished tonight as she had a good day.

Praying for a good long sleep tonight and an energetic and progressive Tuesday.

Janet, A Success Story. June 2. #TSJ

Janet was back to “work” in a hurry today. She had all of her physical therapies completed by lunchtime and seemed OK with it all. Usually when that happens I’ll hear some complaint about how “terrible” or “hard” it all was but when I called her today she was all giggly sitting out in the sunshine after lunch.

It was obvious to me when I got out to Connect that Janet had worked hard her first part of the day as she never woke when I went into her room and stayed sleeping for another twenty minutes. Still no complaining when she woke up and with a hint of eagerness she walked down to the dining area to set the table. The complaining started soon after. I’ve been having Janet do as much without her wheelchair as possible and there is a lot of walking involved in setting a table. As she got tired, the whining started, but she persevered and was rewarded with a bit of Happy Hour in the sun that included a Skype chat with Heather. The conversation went well considering all Janet wants to talk about is the wedding.

We hung out in Janet’s room most of the rest of the night with Janet practicing reading, writing an email and listening to some music. Heather had shared the song she will be walking down the aisle to and Janet asked if I remembered what songs we used at our wedding. I was confident I knew the walk in song, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, but not the first dance one, Only Know I Do. Thankfully Laurel was on the ball and gave us that one. Janet still likes them both and sang along knowing a lot of the words.

The walking Janet did tonight was of mixed quality with the really good stuff happening at the end, which is a relief as some of her earlier stuff was not pretty. I think maybe she was a little tired from the morning and took a while to warm up. Wearing her sandals, I can see her toes and am a little concerned how the right ones curl up when she’s walking. Janet can’t move them herself much so we may need to find a way of keeping them stretched out if Tez thinks its a problem.

Janet’s speech and memory were outstanding tonight and she gave me probably her best summary of her day ever, nailing everything up to and including dinner. Interesting how the most recent stuff she couldn’t come up with. Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and a bright Tuesday.

Janet, A Success Story. May 10. #TSJ

After a big sleep in this morning Janet made her own breakfast then tried to compose an email by herself. She is getting pretty good at using the talk to text function on Gmail and I’m teaching her to use Siri on the iPad but her speech isn’t always clear enough to allow for a clean translation. Her email took a long time to compose but she did a solid job.

We chose to run a few errands while we could, one of which was to pick up her new shoe that had the strap sewn onto it. Janet test drove that pair at church tonight and other than being a little noisy they seemed good, good enough that she walked all the way from the car to her seat without complaining and only stopping briefly to chat once along the way. That was her farthest walk yet and it was repeated in reverse after the service. Big high five!

There was a Social Club event at our strata’s clubhouse tonight that we joined in on as soon as we got home. It involved playing a rather silly dice game called Bunco but the real fun was in hanging out with the neighbours for a couple hours. The game required moving from table to table each round and Janet and I played separately so she was at a different table than me most of the night. At first I wasn’t sure if she would enjoy that but each time I looked over at her she seemed to be smiling bigger and by the end of the night she admitted it was OK. High praise in Janet’s book.

Popcorn and American Idol closed another late night but what the heck, as long as Janet is awake enough and engaged in something I’ll let her do it and she enjoyed the show and especially the popcorn.

Praying for a good night of sleep and lots of energy tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. May 8. #TSJ

My lunch hour phone call to Janet today caught her full of energy and talking really loud. It wasn’t just her phone, she was amped up, giggly, loud and confident. Nice to hear although she still has challenges in bringing out key words.

The Janet I found when I got to Connect later on was tired and sapped of energy. She said she slept but it didn’t look like it to me. There wasn’t a lot of motivation to do any exercise but she was happy to go do her duty prepping dinner as indicated on her daily schedule. Chelsea had her helping to make breaded pork chops, rice and corn on the cob. Janet thought the whole process was “ridiculous” and it was a little chaotic and unorganized but still good she helped.

With time to wait before the dinner was served I encouraged Janet to go for a bike ride hoping that would perk her up a little. She said she was tired but turned in a very respectable ride and it did liven her up. Janet walked well from her room to the dining table and then back to her room. She complained a little of a sore right foot again and we’ll keep an eye on it. It didn’t seem to bother her later in the evening, especially when she free walked from her bed to her room door and then from her bed to the bathroom. I didn’t even ask her to do that one and she made it the whole way without grabbing me once. High five!

Respecting her low energy levels we did a bunch of Speech type work tonight that included reading, typing emails, voicing emails and a Skype chat with Laurel. Turned out to be a good use of time as Janet did well with all tasks.

The results of Janet’s blood work were emailed to me tonight and the Dilantin is still at the high end of the therapeutic range with no reply from the neurologist yet. An answer soon would be nice as I’m starting to see some signs of side effects with Janet or maybe I just think I am. I do think it’s strange the levels are so high all of a sudden but at least they are staying there now.

Janet was in bed by 9:30 and really wanted me to read but by 10ish she had fallen asleep numerous times and seemed out for the count so I said goodnight. Praying for a night of rejuvenating sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Encouragement

Wednesday started out fairly routine for Janet with a Speech session with Mary Lou after breakfast. They looked at the worksheets Janet had completed and Mary Lou decided it’s time for some harder ones. The rest of the session was spent talking and Janet described some of the things we went through as we moved houses. When she relayed that to me it was evident that she remembers a lot of it and can recall it too. Her visit to the gym included a bike ride and Standing Frame and maybe some walking but she couldn’t remember exactly.

In bed but wide awake when I arrived, Janet and I had a long chat before getting up to get ready for SheLife. During our chat I asked Janet if she had checked her emails today and she said no. I told her she has some so she should check more often. When she got up a half hour later she remembered to check them without prompting from me and only needed help unlocking the iPad screen on her way to her inbox. Progress.

Janet complained to me on the way to SheLife that someone has been helping her stand for the worship segment and she wants to do it herself. I suggested she practice when we get there. After dinner and a bathroom break we got to her table with only minutes to spare but Janet wanted to practice anyways. I did not intend for it to be a show but everyone seemed to be watching and they burst into applause as Janet stood all by herself. The former Janet would’ve been totally embarrassed at that point and there was a hint of that below a big smile and some nervous laughter. I believe that moment did a lot to encourage Janet and on the way back to Connect all she could talk about was how many people came up and hugged her and told her how happy they are to have her there and how they can’t wait to see her walk. Janet may not be learning much from the material being studied this session but tonight especially she received a whole lot of encouragement. Thank you ladies!!

By the time we returned to Connect it was bedtime with one of Janet’s last duties of the day being to straighten out her legs once she’s nice and flat on her back. Recently she’s been gaining enough control of her right leg to push it out after I give it a little kick start. Tonight I didn’t have to help at all. High five! After reading for twenty minutes or so Janet had drifted off having just enough energy to say she is enjoying the book more and more now. Thanking Jesus for all the kind people in our lives and praying for a confident and strong Janet.