The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #AGT #trinitykelowna #memory #cards #yardwork

After a good night of sleep Janet was up at a decent hour this morning to enjoy breakfast in the sunshine with Laurel. That was her intention anyways and she did get to do that in between bathroom visits. Nothing was wrong with Janet other than I think she saves up for her weekends at home. Just sayin.

In order to take advantage of the nice day and still be productive we all went outside and did yard work for an hour or so. Janet and Laurel worked together clipping off dead flowers and such while I pruned back a large tree that hangs over one of our parking spots and the road. We didn’t really have to do any of this stuff but I remember moving into this house six years ago and taking the entire summer just to clear enough jungle to see the property we had bought. I don’t want to leave a jungle for the next folks and Janet enjoys contributing and being out in the sun. We paused to have a Skype chat with Mary/Gaga and are grateful for the technology that allows us to do that on a moments notice and even from outside. Janet faded a little before the end of the chat so we went in and made lunch. Janet helped chop things for Quesadillas and I think enjoyed hers more because she made it. She needed a little more assistance than recently with the chopping but still gave it a good go.

When I returned from meeting with a prospective painter for the new house, Janet and Laurel were playing cards. There was no gambling involved, just a good game of memory with Janet doing very well. In fact she even won a game. She agreed to a short nap before church and actually did sleep for over an hour. Tonight’s service was very good and Janet was engaged pretty much the whole time.

As usual, Saturday is Janet’s day off from exercise so no hot tub tonight or standing on her own. We all relaxed after dinner to watch AGT before heading to bed. Janet agreed this was a good day, especially being able to hang out with Laurel. There were lots of laughs, we accomplished some things towards the move and Janet was involved and contributed to many things today. I’m feeling very blessed by the skills she is regaining and pray for continued healing and re learning.