Cinco de Mayo

Say Yes to the Dress? Janet & the girls shop for a wedding dress for Heather. #TSJ

Janet awoke earlier than I thought she would this morning and we were eating breakfast by nine. As planned there was no rush to do anything this morning so once breakfast was well underway I brought out a whole bunch of bathroom type stuff for the girls to purge. It didn’t take long to discover that Janet is a curling iron hoarder. Six pairs of them! She is also a contact lens case collector, dozens of those were found in various spots. It all made for some good laughs and Laurel and Heather each managed to find something they could use that Janet no longer will and we have less to pack come moving day, whenever that is.

More purging took place downstairs as we sorted through an old cedar chest that contained a lot of old dresses the girls used to wear and a cute pink lacy sleeper that Janet says was Andrew’s. I hope not but you never know.


That was a pretty active morning and I think Janet maybe got up a little too soon as she was pretty tired by 11:30. Laurel and Heather gave her a good stretch then she agreed to have a little nap before the big event of the day.

An hour later Janet was awake and re-energized for an afternoon of wedding dress shopping for Heather. I dropped Janet and the girls off downtown so they could go for lunch before the two o’clock appointment at the bridal salon. When I picked them up at City Park later on Janet was hanging in there nicely and said they’d had a good time. Heather was unable to say yes to a dress though.

We met Courtney at church tonight then all went for a pre Cinco de Mayo dinner at Hector’s Casa for what is a family tradition. As far as I know there is no Mexican blood in our family but its always fun to go out for Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. Janet was doing really well so was allowed to have a margarita. There is a Keek of her first sip. @larrylatour . Dinner was good with the conversation centered around weddings of course as Courtney is getting married late this summer.

The day was quite busy for Janet and after lounging in her wheelchair for a little bit once we got home she fell asleep before I could get her PJs on. Praying for a night of rest and healing and looking forward to an enjoyable morning with Laurel and Heather before they both head back to their homes in the afternoon.

No Smiling. Chef Janet helps again. #TSJ

While bathed in the morning sun I woke Janet up around 8:30 this morning so we didn’t have to rush through breakfast before going to church. It has been well over a week since Janet’s last BM and with no action overnight I decided I’d really try and get her more physically active today in hopes that would get her going. With that in mind I had her do as much of her morning routine herself as possible. That included a few standing attempts with her pulling up or pushing down her pants. She excelled at that again today. As Janet finished her breakfast she turned to me and asked, “if it’s OK with you I’d like to go to the bathroom?” How could I say no? That turned into her most successful bathroom trip in over a week and I gave her a standing ovation. Not even sure if I gave my kids one back in the day so Janet’s pretty special.

The morning success paved the way for a positive and enjoyable Sunday. There was singing and laughing at Trinity with Tim’s talk being on sex and Janet thinking that was pretty funny. I finally got her to sign her passport renewal form so after church we went to the dreaded mall to get some pictures taken. It wasn’t that hard for Janet not to smile for the camera but it was super hard for her to control her blinking. Thank goodness for digital cameras. She did a great job and took the best passport picture I’ve ever seen. We stayed there for lunch then went home for a really good stretch and a nap. I got both of Janet’s legs the straightest I can remember after working them for a good twenty minutes. The left leg especially still seems quite tight but once you get it going a bit it loosens right up. Janet didn’t argue about her nap today but did say that she doesn’t sleep during her naps or snore. I told her I would record some video of her sleeping and snoring during this nap if she would believe me then. She agreed, fell asleep for two hours but only snored a couple times so no video. Next time, and it’ll get Keeked.

Janet was such a big help with dinner yesterday I wanted to make something today she could help out with as well. Cinco de Mayo is coming up and we were discussing what to do for it and decided to warm up for it by making enchiladas. Janet chopped an onion, opened cans, poured, stirred and scooped and was very willing to help in anyway she could. Cooking this way is actually becoming fun and I hope we can keep it that way. You can see her scooping with a smile on her face on Keek, @larrylatour.

After dinner we watched a little basketball and halftime came just at the right time for a quick stretch. This one wasn’t as good as Janet was getting tired so I took it easy on her wanting our evening to be fun. She had a little problem with the Dilantin tonight in that I neglected to get her to drink a lot of water after taking the pills. I thought since we were sitting watching TV she’d sip on her Fresca enough to get them all the way down. Wasn’t the case and she started complaining her throat hurt. Turned out to be nothing more Fresca and a little ice cream couldn’t cure then it was a bowl of popcorn and The Voice before bed. Janet actually called her own bedtime tonight. The Voice ended about 9:40 and she started wheeling away mumbling something that turned out to mean she was ready for sleep.

Praying that Janet has a restful night that brings lots more healing to her legs and right arm and provides her with energy and strength for tomorrow.