Janet, A Success Story. October 1. #TSJ

A happy Janet called me this morning wondering when I was coming out to see her. Not sure why she was so happy as it had been a routine morning for her with the exception of no Speech with Mary Lou. Janet usually likes those sessions so it wasn’t like missing a workout with Tez. She wasn’t pleased that I would be a while as Cam and I were busy cleaning out his car and doing laundry. Janet fully understands what thats like though and so do some of you.

Janet was sitting on the edge of her bed when I got to her room, ready to get up from her nap. She had partially dressed herself and is getting better at that week by week despite complaining that its too hard. Still in a good mood she agreed to practice her six minute walk test before leaving for dinner and SheLife. The course that Tez had laid out in the upstairs hallway had been partly destroyed so I had to guess where the thirty meter turning point was before starting Janet on her way. I followed close behind her the whole way and in six minutes Janet unofficially traveled ninety five meters. Or ninety or eighty five, somewhere in that ballpark. A significant improvement over the last time and much better than I expected. Janet was going for it the whole time and was pleased with the result herself. Now she just has to give that same effort tomorrow with Tez and every other time she’s walking.

To kick off another season of SheLife Janet and I stopped for Chinese Food before going to the church. This was the first wheelchair free visit to the Asian Pear and Janet did a great job serving herself at the buffet and cleaned her plate with very little spillage. Quite a difference from the first time we went there. The welcome for Janet at SheLife was warm as expected and she was really touched by how caring the ladies there are to her. Tonight was more of a get to know each other night rather than study time so Janet was able to talk a lot about her summer activities and more. She had a good time and is glad to be back.

There was one more chance to see Cam before he heads to North Vancouver tomorrow and that just happened to include some frozen yogurt. We tried a place called Goji’s which is right close to the church and we all found it to be quite yummy.

Praying for Janet to have an overflow of confidence in her ability to do anything she puts her mind to.

Janet, A Success Story. March 13. #TSJ

My phone call to Janet today found her just getting back to Connect from a walk to the beach with Wes, Curtis, Garrett and Humberto. She seemed quite excited about it and a little concerned that she had to use Wes’s wheelchair as the footrest for hers was in our car. Oh well, it added to the adventure.

Cam and I met Janet later in the day as she was singing and grating carrots in preparation for a dinner she was not going to eat. She wasn’t complaining though. Curtis informed us that he was practicing sit to stands with Janet today and having her not use her arm at all. He said she did very well as long as she followed him very closely. I’ll have to get him to demonstrate so Janet can practice with me.

It was a little early for dinner when Janet was done with the carrots so we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood. Nice to be in the sun again. I chose to take us to Ric’s Grill near the airport as we could easily drop Cam at the airport afterwards. Bad choice. Terrible service, it took forever for our food to arrive and the quality was mediocre, especially considering the prices. Don’t bother. Janet and I were kind of excited about going there as a Connect resident recently was hired as First Cook. We asked the hostess if he was working as soon as we arrived and never heard from her again until we were leaving. She acted all surprised that the cook never came out to see us. Whatever. We enjoyed our time with Cam and that was the main point.

Things went downhill a little further upon our return to Connect. Janet did a great job with the Standing Frame after being a little grumpy going into it. She then went on her own to get her meds and brought them back to the living room to take them. I normally just watch to make sure she gets all four pills and think nothing of it. This time though, I noticed a different pill in the package. I pulled them away from Janet and went to the med room to ask Chelsea to help figure out what was going on. Turns out Janet’s doctor changed her prescription as a result of the blood test Janet went for yesterday but no one told me or the staff that hands out the meds. The change is in a good direction and could have been a positive event, but for me it was a little scary and a lot maddening to discover it after Janet had opened the package. I will follow up tomorrow.

The med issue didn’t concern Janet at all and she happily got ready for bed so I could read to her and she lasted right to 10:30. In fact she was still quite awake when I left so I’m praying she gets a good night’s sleep, has lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #joke #son #yoga

For once when I snuck into Janet’s room she didn’t wake up so I snuck right back out again and let her sleep. She’d had an active day so far starting with a shower which for most of us is a quick simple routine thing but for Janet its about an hour long procedure that does take some energy from her. After breakfast Jess took her to the gym and to a yoga session. Janet wasn’t able to tell me much about the yoga but was trying really hard to tell me about something different she’d done today. I got in too late for a report from Jess so will have to get the details in the morning. Janet’s chart shows that she went and thought it was ok and may go back. She was under the impression that since she’d done this extra thing that she wouldn’t have to go to the gym with me tonight. Wrong but I promised her a chat with Jess to clear that up.

Cam brought his mom some lunch and they had a nice visit before nap time. Janet is quite surprised at how much Cam has matured and laughs out loud when she thinks about how well he did with his summer job and the fact he’s about to start his last year of college. There’s a little sadness in the laugh as she realizes all her kids are grown up but there’s a healthy amount of pride as well.

Janet and I started our time together today with happy hour out on the patio. The sun had reappeared after a couple of good thunder storms and helped clear our heads. Tonight’s dinner was much improved over last night’s and Janet gobbled it up. On her request, we then headed for the gym. It’s still a struggle to get her to believe how much she’s improving and tonight she even was arguing just for the sake of arguing. Once she started on the Shuttle she gave a solid effort and did the same with the Standing Frame.

I used our YouTube time as some bonus Speech Therapy and asked her questions about each clip after we watched it. She impressed me with her comprehension especially one that proved she totally understood a joke. Really nice to know she isn’t just laughing along with a crowd.

Janet was very strong with her transfers tonight and overall was quite bright and fun to be around. Praying for lots of rest tonight and for a productive day tomorrow.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #improving #cauliflower

Jess brought Janet into KGH this morning for the monthly chat with Dr. Miller. I met them there and after a few of the Rehab nurses said their hellos to my rock star wife we sat down with the doc. Janet continues to impress with her improved speech, memory and overall brightness. She very happily told him about our house purchase and was able to answer a lot of questions pertaining to recent history that seemed to impress Dr. Miller the most. He seemed surprised at some of the responses he got. Dr. Miller isn’t focused on Janet’s physical rehab but when Jess got Janet standing by herself for a couple minutes his face lit up and he really laid out all the positive things Janet has accomplished, hopefully boosting her confidence. It was a pleasurable meeting that even Janet agreed was worth while.

Janet returned to Connect with Jess in time for a quick lunch then singing with John. She was later able to describe the lunch she had and tell me that singing was fun. I’m not sure how much of a nap she had as she was wide awake and eager to get up when I walked in. Cam arrived a few minutes later and Janet really enjoyed him hanging out with her for a couple hours. We went for a nice walk and Janet gave Cam a little tour of Connect. Janet at one point had a had time remembering Cam’s name and called him Richard, Ricardo, Rick, Mike, Andrew and then very laughingly, Cauliflower. Brilliant. Dinner was a disappointment tonight but Janet made up for it with some fresh vegetables and an apple and she still had lots of strength for the Shuttle. Despite her dislike of “the whole thing” she is getting stronger on a weekly basis. Curtis did some sit to stand exercises with her and was able to adjust Janet’s grip on the pole to where she is forced to use her legs almost exclusively to stand up. You could see the difference immediately as Janet favored her left leg but with some coaching got some weight through the right one as well. She stood nice and tall in the Standing Frame tonight giving a really good stretch to those hamstrings.

Another good day for Janet with obvious signs of improvement. She is starting to complain about her splint occasionally and I’m not sure if the Botox is wearing off or what but we’ll check it out with Julie soon. Praying for lots of energy for tomorrow’s activities.

The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #nolongerhomeless #Connect #purging

Another good night of sleep for Janet and a decent start to the day eating breakfast in the sun. The day was made even brighter when we received a text from our realtor that the sellers had finally accepted our offer! Janet was relieved and excited and the news definitely gave her a lift as it did me. If you are curious about where we may be moving to (not a done deal until we have the keys) here’s a link to the MLS listing. Possession day is October 6 which means I need a place to live for at least five days, maybe more, depending on how much work we decide to do on the new place before moving in. If any Kelowna types have suggestions as to where is a good place for me and a little dog, let me know.

Before starting the purge of Cam’s room Janet had a brief Skype chat with Laurel. That one went better than yesterday’s but still not nearly as good as Saturday with Mary/Gaga. Wish we could capture that energy and keep it in her. We got a really good start on Cam’s room today and Janet helped a lot with the bagging of stuff once it was identified. She got lots of good laughs looking at the clothes that used to fit Cam eighty pounds ago.

There was no arguing about nap time after lunch today and Janet slept well for an hour and a half. For only the second time in my memory Janet asked to sit inside after we’d been out on our deck for a while. Too hot she said. Surprising, but it was warm today. That made for a nice time on the patio at Joey Kelowna for dinner with Cam. A little thunder shower rolled through during our meal and for a minute or so Janet got dripped on. She had the presence of mind to hold a napkin over her head until our server came over with a tray to cover her while another server closed the awning. Pretty funny.

Janet was resigned to doing the Shuttle and Standing Frame once we got back to Connect tonight and she did very well with both. Usually in the Standing Fame we have to watch something really lame on TV but tonight there was a James Bond movie on, Die Another Day, and Janet surprisingly liked it. I think she enjoyed the fast pace, really fake fighting scenes and Halle Berry Ok that last part might have been me.

Praying for lots of energy for a busy day tomorrow and thanking Jesus for the great weekend together.