Lack of Movement. Tough day for Janet. #TSJ

Garrett was helping Janet off the toilet when I arrived at Connect this morning and toilet talk would dominate our day from that point on. On my way to Janet’s room Lorne informed me that they had noticed a little blood in Janet’s pad when they got her up this morning and then a little in the toilet when they put her on there first thing. They did a quick check and asked Jen to look as well and it was determined that it was something to keep watch of but not a huge concern right now. Janet was in good spirits and not complaining of any pain at all. Off to the pool we went with a plan to return to Connect as soon as possible so Tez could work with Janet at the parallel bars.

We always get changed in the only washroom in the KGH Rehab Pool area and I sit Janet on the toilet while I change her partly to give her a chance to pee before swimming. We got all changed and I waited for her to try and pee but it was a no go so I stood her up to pull up her shorts and noticed blood in the toilet along with a very small stool. Janet was feeling fine and had no idea what was happening, there was a drip of blood every ten seconds or so and nothing else. I cancelled swimming got her dressed and called her GP. She of course was booked solid all day and suggested a walk in clinic or the ER and since we were already at the hospital we went over to the ER. That turned out to be a good decision and five hours later we were out with a prescription for a stool softener, one that works apparently, and a jug of Peg-Lyte, a colon cleanser. The doctor that saw Janet had an abdominal X-ray done and that showed everything as it should be except for a lot of stool build up, hence the two parting gifts. He also ordered a colonoscopy as soon as possible as the blood is coming from inside somewhere. He gave no indication as to what may be wrong but at the same time didn’t seem overly concerned and said Janet can carry on with normal activities unless the bleeding increases. Then he would want to see her back in the ER.

Janet was a phenomenal patient today. Staying awake the whole time and not complaining at all. I kept giving her sips of water even though there are signs all over the ER saying no food or drink until you’ve seen the physician. We didn’t get any food at all though but I think I felt that one more than Janet did. Janet was asked her birthdate by a lady taking a blood sample from her and she said it loudly and correctly right off the bat. I was impressed by that and by a few comments she made along the way like, “you must be getting tired of waiting here” and “Isn’t the doctor supposed to come and talk to us now?” She is a real trooper.

At 5:15 we were in the car (no parking ticket surprisingly) and calling Connect to let them know we were on our way back. Bob had held off cooking Janet’s salmon so ten minutes after arriving she was eating a nice meal. A few minutes into it she asked to go to the bathroom and had her first of two small bowel movements of the evening. There was blood associated with both but not any that was constantly dripping and Janet is not in any pain at all. She finished her dinner and an orange then half ways agreed to go for a bike ride. I really insisted on trying that as she had been sitting all day and we missed the pool and the workout with Tez. I didn’t push her at all once on the bike as it was late and it had been a long day. She still managed sixteen minutes of pedalling at mostly thirteen rpm. High five!

Surprisingly she wanted to read before bed so out came Slow Dance and into lounging mode went Janet. I read while she sipped water and wound down. By the time I turned out the lights it was 9:45 and Janet was finally ready for sleep. That was a tough day but I’m confident we will now get some good answers as to what’s going on or not going on with Janet’s bowels and hopefully start on a path to improving that situation. Once again the staff at KGH could not have been better (a little quicker perhaps) and we continue to get good support from the team at Connect. Praying for a restful night for Janet giving her the awareness to drink her two cups of Peg-Lyte tomorrow morning and to have a much better day than today.

Mixed Monday #TSJ

Janet’s day started strong with a good breakfast followed by a full body workout in the gym with Danielle. Her right arm and shoulder continue to loosen and her legs continue to be pretty tight. Garrett took Janet to the clinic for a blood test to measure the level of Dilatin in her so Janet got to go out today as well. When I got in Janet was watching TV in the living room. I gave her the “who am I” quiz and she failed miserably calling me everything but Larry. She only clued in after she got her name right but she did name all her kids correctly and I think that’s the first time she’s done that without assistance. We played match the Sesame Street characters and Janet did better than yesterday but you could see her struggling near the end. Lunch was a bowl of soup and some canned peaches, unauthorized apparently but no one was watching. I left for a while after lunch to finish selling Cam’s car and Janet was going to hang out in the living room with some of the others until I got back.

While I was away Janet decided she wanted to sit on the couch so without any assistance she proceeded to do so. Of course she missed the couch and ended up on the floor. Danielle said she was fine, a little scared but mostly smiling. She tried again later but Bob was watching this time and prevented her from getting too far. I like the determination.

I came back to find her watching TV again so we had a little chat about her couch surfing and she seemed to get the fact she needs help. The staff of Connect had planned a fire drill for this afternoon so we all had to go to our respective rooms and wait for that to happen. The alarm is quite loud and annoying but it was good to see them all go through the exercise and from what I saw they have a pretty good plan in place should a real fire occur. I took Janet for a little leg stretch n the gym before dinner and managed a decent result. Once again she doubted her ability to stand then proceeded to do quite well at it. Didn’t quite have the stamina today but still a strong effort. She was very hungry at dinner, eating a massive bowl of left over chicken and rice from Suzanne that I brought in just in case. Bob was making a stir fry but it would have to be pureed so he let me feed her the chicken and rice without him looking. Cool.

We had a nice Skype session with Laurel after dinner in which Janet was very loud and clear although sometimes speaking nonsense and other times completely off topic. She must have used all her energy during that conversation because thirty minutes later she was pretty much asleep and it was only 8:15. I don’t remember a more rapid decent into sleep mode. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering she had no rest time this afternoon at all and was pretty active all day.

Today was not a good bathroom day for Janet. She often asked me if she could go but it was always too late by the time she asked and she seemed to pee a lot today. Each time I’ve had her standing she had peed as well but this time she actually said she had to go just as she finished her second stand. Hopefully today was a blip but I will attempt to set up a proper schedule for the staff to toilet her in the future.

Praying for a restful night and readiness for an active day tomorrow.