Janet, A Success Story. September 25. #TSJ

With a fist pump and a “yay, we’re outa here!” I brought Janet home early this afternoon. She had done her usual Thursday morning stuff with Jess and ate her lunch as soon as she could, in anticipation of my arrival and her exit.

Tez stopped me in the hall as Janet was getting ready, to express his concern over Janet’s attitude. He was pleased to hear of the upcoming appointment with Dr. Miller and Brian’s heads up to him. Tez knows Janet can do much more than she’s letting herself do and its frustrating him a little.

We had no big plans today other than watching The Voice. There was a stop at the grocery store where I tried to involve Janet as much as possible. She is a willing participant if she’s sees the relevance to doing something. The same goes for helping out at home. She did great in the kitchen tonight and deserved the few hours off to watch and sing along to The Voice. Janet correctly guessed which coach most of the artists would pick tonight. It was crazy how many she got right.

Praying for a good night of sleep and a fun day of learning tomorrow.

Janet, A Success Story. September 23. #TSJ

The dreaded day of Tez was upon Janet this morning but much to her relief Tez assigned his student to her and that lessened her complaining and she put in a reasonable effort. Janet’s attitude is becoming an issue however so Brian is sending an email to Dr. Miller ahead of Janet’s appointment with him next week to outline the four outstanding goals she is to achieve before coming home and asking for some strategies to help Janet through this final push at Connect.

Once again Janet didn’t nap today and therefore wasn’t that energetic this evening. Games Night was fun and Janet participated well for the most part. The best part of that was her agreeing to walk up the stairs on the way there and surprisingly back down them afterwards. I would have no problem allowing her to navigate the stairwell unsupervised now in either direction and I think Janet would do so going up but she’s still too nervous about the downhill trip. Today wasn’t filled with her best walking ever as she really seemed to be lacking confidence except that by the end of the night she willingly went cane free to get her meds.

In preparation for riding the Handydart one day I had Janet start to fill out the application form. After practicing on some scrap paper a little bit, Janet filled in her name, address and a few other basics in reasonably legible printing. There are some questions we weren’t sure how to answer so will talk to Brian before filling out the rest. I’m glad Janet is willing to try and do some printing now, it wasn’t long ago when her response was, “no, I can’t”.

Praying for an uninterrupted night of sleep and a Wednesday full of confidence.

Janet, A Success Story. March 16. #TSJ

For a brief moment I thought today was going to be spectacular. Janet woke up at a reasonable time after a solid night of sleep and seemed quite happy. Before breakfast was done a real negative attitude started to take over her and I found myself considering taking her back to Connect early. I contributed somewhat to her attitude by getting quite mad at her for misjudging the need to go to the bathroom. Her lapses in this area have really frustrated me lately because she was doing so well for so long. To help rectify the situation I told (not asked) Janet we were walking to KGH to visit John. I knew if I asked the answer would be no and figured the fresh air would do us both good as would doing something for someone else.

The walk was pleasant with Janet mildly complaining it was cold, I think more out of habit than really feeling cold. Thirty minutes after leaving our house Janet was wheeling down the long hallway at KGH that served as her wheelchair training ground during her 4B and Rehab days. What used to take her more than fifteen minutes took her maybe one and the large threshold at the end that always used to beat her was conquered today with a strong effort. Janet didn’t remember any of it of course but I sure do. As would happen, John was sound asleep when we peaked into his room so we left him a note and a happy face lollypop. Janet called her own successful bathroom break before we left the building and I felt things were getting better.

Our walk home took us a more pleasant way, close to the lake and Janet says some of it was familiar to her. She remembered the house she went to for some singing lessons last summer and knew where we were in relation to our house most of the time. Overall it was a very pleasant outing and Janet’s attitude improved a hundred percent. Mine too.

I read some of The Artisan Soul to her during lunch then insisted on a nap so she could be alert for the St. Patrick’s Day potluck dinner in our clubhouse this evening. We enjoyed the conversation and food and were happy to have the chance to get to know some neighbours better. There are some good cooks in our neighbourhood!

Janet declined the chance to wear green finger nails for St. Patrick’s Day and just wanted to read before sleep time. She lasted a good forty five minutes and answered my questions well as we read. Nice to be reading something she is tuned into again. Praying for lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.