Janet, A Success Story. November 23. #TSJ

As the weekend comes to a close, Janet reminded me a few times today that she doesn’t have to go back to Connect tonight. I even tried fooling her into getting ready to go but she wasn’t even close to falling for it.

These first few days have felt a lot like a long weekend, staying up late, getting up late and focusing on entertainment rather than rehab. That won’t change too much this week as we prepare for Janet’s homecoming party on Friday. She’s excited and will be kept busy with it all week. She does have an appointment with Alyssa at H2O on Tuesday where hopefully she’ll get a little exercise. Janet has been walking freestyle around the house a lot and may attempt a wheelchair free grocery shopping trip tomorrow. I want her to push the buggy but maybe the cane is a better first step.

Multiple times a day Janet expresses her relief and excitement of being at home full time. Her mood is good and she is contributing to everything we do on a daily basis. She keeps getting lots of praise for her baptism testimonial and for her actual baptism while we are out in the community . Trinity has to wait for a few of the candidates to hand in their publication waivers before posting the videos. As soon as I have access to them they will be posted here.

Praying for a good night of rest that enables Janet to get up and going at a reasonable hour and to enjoy a productive day. Also praying for Mary/Gaga who has had to cancel her trip here for the homecoming due to illness. We ask for God’s healing hand on her.

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