Janet, A Success Story. November 19. #TSJ #homesweethome

Nine hundred eighteen days ago Janet suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that kept her in hospital then a rehab facility until today.
IMG_0448 That was then. August 2012

This is now!

This is now!

Janet is home!

I asked Janet if she was thinking of today as a day of lasts or a day of firsts and she quickly responded lasts. She couldn’t wait to get out of Connect and reminded me throughout the day that we don’t have to do this anymore and don’t have to do that anymore. There were lots of fist pumps, whoo hoo’s and huge smiles. Goodbyes are difficult for me so I was glad that Janet handled those today. I’ll be better at it next week when we go back for a farewell lunch. Janet gave everyone a nice hug and thank you as we departed this afternoon with the only emotion being happiness although she did admit in the car that it was a little sad to say goodbye as “they are good people”. Indeed.

This was not the start of any vacation for Janet, we had an appointment with Alyssa at H2O right after a quick lunch and she put Janet through a little fitness assessment so she can start building a program for her. Janet seems impressed with the facility and likes Alyssa so for the time being it looks like working out there a few times a week will be fine and may even include some pool time. Janet has agreed to try that once.

Tuckered out after the emotion of her last day at Connect followed by the fitness assessment Janet enjoyed a good nap before dinner then we took off for the church and the last SheLife session until the new year. Janet is grateful for the love and support she gets from her table mates and took a lot of compliments about her baptism testimonial tonight. She came away from the evening feeling pretty good and was quick to remind me that we were going home not back to Connect. Deserving of a treat, Janet stayed up a little late to watch The Voice and have some ice cream. Now she is snuggled up in her own bed in her own home ready to begin a new chapter.

Praying for a restful night of sleep and an energetic Thursday.


  1. Tears of joy. Thank you for the update. See you on Saturday and at the homecoming party!

  2. Apparently I put in my email address where my name was supposed to go. Smart move. PS Larry, I can’t wait to show you some of the pics from the Christmas movie shoot!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog via the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. … Janet’s hard work and your dedication to her are truly inspirational. Praise God for the amazing work he has done! Your story gives me much hope — the love of my life is at a rehab hospital, 2 months out from an aneurysm rupture, still not communicative, and very minimally responsive. We are trusting in God during this scary and uncertain time, and your story fills me with hope. Thank you so much, and God bless.

    1. Part of the reason for this blog is to give hope and inspiration to others. We believe you didn’t “stumble” upon it but were guided. Stay strong and if we can help in any way let us know. Praying for you both.

      1. Thank you so much. I am fighting hard to maintain faith that God has a plan in all of this, so I’m sure you’re right about the “stumble”! I appreciate the prayers.

          1. His name is Shawn. Right now we are specifically praying that he can regain consciousness. He is working with a speech therapist each day who is trying to get him to consistently respond to her with thumbs up/down, etc. So far he’s shown it a couple times, but that’s it. Prayers very much appreciated!

            1. Good to know. Thanks! When Janet was in that situation we started playing music for her. It sounds like Shawn is conscious if he is responding occasionally so keep talking to him and play him some music he likes. Janet’s first emotional response was to music.

  4. Thanks for the tip. Shawn is a wonderful singer and was on his church’s praise & worship team. So we’ve been playing his favorite music and will keep doing so. I believe music will resonate deep in his soul (and brain)!

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