Janet, A Success Story. October 27. #TSJ

The goal today for everyone was to take some pressure to perform off of Janet and let her do her thing. It seems to have worked. Jess reported that the day was good in that Janet participated well in her therapies. When Janet called me she seemed satisfied with her day so far but unsure of how things would play out the rest of the day. She wanted me to hurry up and get there but I needed time today to step back a little and prepare myself for a new approach.

Janet was up from her nap when I arrived and met briefly with the new Communications Assistant for Connect who is doing a story on Janet’s visit to Okanagan College for a newsletter. Once a star always a star I guess. I didn’t “push” Janet for anything at all this evening. We chatted and responded to emails before dinner. Janet interacted really well at the dinner table and then amazingly agreed to walk the stairs with Chelsea afterwards. Her neighbour Debra is struggling with her Speech Therapy and Janet really wants to help her so we talked about that with Chelsea and I think Janet will approach Debra tomorrow to see if she’s willing to work with her. Janet is quite aware of her previous struggles and wants to give back. We showed Chelsea some of the Speech apps that Janet used to use and even played a few of them. Janet found it amusing that she was unable to correctly do a lot of them only a year ago. The evening was rounded out watching the fourth quarter of an entertaining football game with Wes, Brad and a new volunteer, Hannah who remembered me from being at a friends house a couple weeks ago, went to UBCO with a friend of ours and probably played basketball against Laurel years ago. She will be helping in Janet’s house Monday evenings for a while and seems like a great addition.

Janet walked using her cane all evening and I allowed that in hopes she feels more in charge of herself. Chelsea and I did encourage her to take longer strides if she’s going to use the cane and that was the extent of any nagging. Since was on think for yourself mode, it was pleasing when she remembered her meds all on her own.

As I was saying goodnight to Janet tonight she was very happy about how her day had been, especially the evening with me. She was relieved that I didn’t make her “do all sorts of things” and she promised to keep trying to get better. That clearly can only happen on her terms and my new role may have become clearer tonight. I believe Cam called it “husband”.

Praying for another good night of sleep for Janet and the confidence to have a productive Tuesday.

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  1. Hi Larry and Jan,
    Reading your posting yesterday brought tears to my eyes. Larry, you have been for years now the strength and determination that Janet needed to get to where she has gotten. Jan has always been an achiever and a strong, determined person, but for a long while, you had to do double duty and keep her going so that Janet could take over and shine through again. This was a huge mountain you both climbed together.

    Thing is, when you are climbing, and having to stay so focused, you don’t have time to look back and even the future was day to day. It seems perfectly natural to me that you and Jan would be at cross roads and reacting to it. This is a whole new beginning! The unknown is usually a bit daunting, but this is just where you have been climbing to! You’ve arrived!! Reached the summit!

    You and Jan will proceed in this new phase like you had in the most difficult one, loving each other and wanting to please and make each other happy. If there ever was a more beautiful example of true love, yours is it. What a blessing.

    The most important and essential ingredient of all is your faith and the day to day miracle God has made happen in your lives. How could you have gotten this far and cleared all the hurdles if Jesus had not been
    walking with you, guiding you, nurturing you and filling you up with His love so you could have all the love needed to give each other and inspire so many as well along the way! And He is NOT leaving you. He is going the whole distance with you, until that day comes when you can meet Him face to face. Then He will most likely say “Good work my good and worthy children!”

    God Bless you both as you embark on your next adventure. May God continue to fill you with His love.

    You have my utmost love and respect,

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