Janet, A Success Story. August 14. #TSJ

Janet’s little cold didn’t keep her from working hard this morning with Tez. Again, the focus was on taking long strides, especially with the left leg. Janet did well and said herself that she can do it but its hard.

When I got to her room just before lunch, Janet was reading The Hallo- Wiener out loud and let me sit it on the last half. There is improvement for sure and with some help from a guiding pencil Janet did better seeing all the way to the right of each page. That continues to be her biggest impediment and I think she can overcome it with a lot of practice.

I took Janet grocery shopping with me today before going home for lunch. It was nice to have her in the store helping me decide on what to get and once home, she did a great job making herself a sandwich while standing at the island. I saw no sign of any balance issues but did catch her once with her feet way too close together. That was coming up the steps from the garage and she corrected herself right away as she knew she was off balance. Back in the kitchen to make dinner, Janet stood strong at the island again and helped a lot and is showing much greater stamina in doing so.

The rest of the night was relaxing as that’s Janet’s goal for the weekend and I want her to shake her cold completely before we do anything crazy. Praying for lots of sleep tonight and an exciting Friday.

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