Janet, A Success Story. August 6. #TSJ Victoria

The last two days have been very full ones for Janet. Tuesday was travel day, as we drove to Nanaimo fearing we were leaving the sun and warmth behind. Turned out if followed us and we’ve enjoyed beautiful weather the whole time. Janet handled the five hour drive to West Vancouver very well, staying awake the whole time and requesting pee stops without prompting. I got a little nervous on one occasion when Janet asked as we were just motoring past a rest stop and I knew there wasn’t another for at least twenty minutes. She made it though. Trooper.

We had planned on being at Annette’s house in West Van around 1:30 but after leaving late, stopping for bathroom breaks and getting stuck in a traffic backlog from an accident it was three by the time we arrived. Annette presented us with a beautiful lunch on her nice sunny deck and Janet and I enjoyed a good visit before enduring the ferry ride to Nanaimo.

Since Janet had been sitting for the bulk of the day I made sure she walked as much as possible on the ferry. Once we got to our seats the wheelchair was parked and Janet made a couple trips to the bathroom as well as one long excursion to find a warmer seating area. She did really well considering the number of people she had to maneuver around and the unfamiliar territory she was in. Janet said she was nervous about it but by the end of the ride felt much better about it. In fact she didn’t use her wheelchair at all going back to the car to disembark. Once at mom’s, Janet was happy to enjoy a drink on the patio watching the setting sun before calling it a night.

Wednesday morning came really fast as Janet didn’t sleep well and was up by seven. That was fine though as we were able to take our time getting dressed and having breakfast and figuring out what to do. We settled on driving to Victoria to visit The Butchart Gardens, something my mom hasn’t been to in like forty years, me in twenty eight years and Janet never. It was a beautiful day to be there and a very tired Janet managed to enjoy it and even walk a few times during our visit. Even though Janet was super tired she agreed to go to Victoria Inner Harbour for a quick walk about. It’s gorgeous there and we couldn’t have picked a nicer day to do that.

Showing great stamina and a healthy appetite Janet was all in for a fish taco dinner at Pennys Palapa, a funky little barge on the water right outside from my mom’s building.

I was shocked Janet cleaned her plate but not surprised she still had room for an ice cream cone after. The fact it was Tiger flavour helped a lot.

So ends a very busy day with a prayer that Janet has a long and restful night of sleep and that we have a safe trip home tomorrow with Brittney and Ethan.

PS. Janet and I ask that you keep our friends Barb and Gary in your prayers over the next few days. Gary is scheduled for open heart surgery at KGH the morning of Monday August 11th.








  1. Larry- I put the photo of your 2 special women on my desktop. I think it is a lovely shot of the ladies. Love your Mom’s bag!

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