Janet, A Success Story. July 21. #TSJ

For some reason there seemed to be a little tension amongst the guys in Janet’s house at Connect today. She told me that “so and so” were arguing during breakfast and she voiced her opinion which got her “in trouble” with Jess. Janet actually seemed proud of what she’d said and her and Wes had a good chuckle about it this afternoon on the patio before dinner. I like that Janet is confident enough to speak up.

The first part of the day was busy for Janet, getting all her exercises done. She told me the bathroom situation went OK but not perfect. I decided to let her try and return to normal while I was with her tonight and she did perfect. She also did a great job setting the dinner table, needing only one prompt from me and impressing a staff member who hasn’t seen Janet in a couple of months at how dramatically she’s progressed. I am also gaining confidence in Janet’s walking abilities to the point where I can leave her alone to walk down the hall or move about in the kitchen and she appreciates that no one is hovering over her anymore.

Since the cupboards were pretty bare at Connect tonight Janet and I took a quick drive to a nearby orchard to buy some cherries and peaches to share after dinner. Janet did well walking on the straw ladened field we parked the car on and stepping up onto the porch where the fruit was begin sold from. I like these realistic settings for Janet to rehab in. We then went for a long walk in the setting sun around to the other side of Wood Lake. It’s nice to have time to enjoy the surroundings as opposed to always doing some formal rehab. Janet is pretty set on not doing anything formal when I’m around as she works hard to get things done early in the day so she “can have fun” with me. That works.

Praying for a good night of sleep for Janet and a Tuesday filled with progress.

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