Janet, A Success Story. July 15. #TSJ

To further prove the progress Janet is making I witnessed her make a phone call without any help at all using her iPhone. She methodically performed each step and successfully called me as I sat a few meters away from her. I haven’t been coaching her on the use of her phone much and she’s not getting many calls either so I’m not sure how she figured this out but even she was quite happy about it.

Happy was the word of the week for Games Night and the mood Janet was in all day I think. The exercises went well according to her and were completed before lunch. Jess took her for some routine blood work and Janet didn’t even complain about that, probably because it got her out of the air conditioning for awhile. Even her toileting went well today.

After her nap and setting the dinner table we sat outside and chatted for forty five minutes. Twenty minutes into that we were both sweating but Janet was determined not to go back in until she had to. She did go in for dinner then went right back out again after to warm up.

Games Night was the closest thing to unhappy for Janet today as everyone seemed a little off their game tonight. It was still good she went and the trip upstairs was a good walking workout. She asked me to help her walk to get her meds after that, I said no but I’d walk with her, and instead of refusing to go at all, Janet told me not to bother and off she went on her own. Love it!

Praying that Janet sleeps well tonight and has lots of energy for a productive Wednesday. She’s already excited about the house trip to The Asian Pear for dinner.

One comment

  1. Hi to you both. Nice to see you guys just keep going upward. So nice to read your success story. We have been so busy this summer I haven’t had time to read your story every day but try to catch up every couple of weeks. We find it trying in the summer months to keep up both places plus an empty lot we purchased a few years ago at Candle Lake. It’s a 1/4 acre and needs to be mowed every weekend. All this cutting grass takes a lot of time. I will be happy to be settled into retirement in 16 months as long as Cal doesn’t decide to stay a little longer.
    You guys take care and keep up the nice progress you are making Janet!
    Love from Sharo

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