Janet, A Success Story. May 18. #TSJ

Janet’s day started with a couple of Skype chats back to back. First up was Leslie followed by Mary/Gaga. Both conversations went well with Janet needing minimal help along the way. Because we got up so late, shower time had to be after the Skype sessions so by 12:30 we were ready to start our day. On a whim I had Janet try walking freestyle from the bed to the dining table and she did it with only one pause to hold onto me briefly. That’s thirty feet all on her own folks! She repeated that a couple times during the day then bested it by ten feet going all the way to the bathroom. There was no mention of a sore foot until after dinner tonight and Janet walked a lot today so I think the couple days of minimal walking did her some good and the problem could be just new things being used a little too much. Janet complained a little tonight at Connect but not as much as before.

That was the highlight of the day except for Janet doing a nice job helping to make dinner. She was bright and cheery and talkative all day, showing no signs of having too much Dilantin in her now. I hope she has enough.

The ride back to Connect happened too soon again but it didn’t take long for Janet to settle in. Jess was working tonight and talked with Janet for a fair bit as soon as we arrived and that really helped. Praying that Janet has a restful night of sleep and wakes up with a positive attitude and lots of energy and no soreness tomorrow.

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