Janet, A Success Story. May 11. #TSJ

I hope all you mothers had a great day today. Janet said hers was “boring” and I got really mad at her for saying that which made for a mediocre evening after what I thought was a rather pleasant day.

Janet was up earlier than yesterday as she had a Skype chat booked with her mom but she still got a sleep in compared to a Connect day. She did a great job getting her breakfast on her own with one little reminder from me for the toaster oven. The mom chat was pretty good and we then walked in the sunshine to the store for some dinner supplies. Upon our return Janet was back on Skype, this time with Heather, and curiously, she didn’t seem to have much to say except for when the topic was Heather’s wedding. Janet is truly excited about that and knew on her own it is just over a month away.

Wanting to enjoy the sun more, we took the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood which ended with a nice chat with our neighbours Bonnie and Toly. I’m really grateful for such good neighbours and for Janet to be able to “bump into” them so often. It will be great when Janet is here full time.

Since we had been in the sun so much we figured John would be wanting some so we drove out to see him and after a slight bit of arm twisting we got him out of bed and out into the world. This was his first adventure off the property and you could see the life returning to his face. I’m somewhat concerned that now that he knows the code that unlocks the doors he might make a run for it one day. Only partly kidding.

Janet slept for an hour when we got back home then chatted with Andrew, Laurel and Cam. Those conversations were poor I thought and Janet agreed that she should’ve taken some time to wake up more before making those calls. Now we know.

Janet had two excellent free walking sessions today going from our bathroom to the dining table, once needing a little help along the way and the other completely on her own. Still being Janet, she refused to acknowledge how well she’d done. The good part about that is she really wants to do better. She will.

Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep for Janet and that she wakes, refreshed, energized and with a positive attitude for the day ahead of her.

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