Janet, A Success Story. May 10. #TSJ

After a big sleep in this morning Janet made her own breakfast then tried to compose an email by herself. She is getting pretty good at using the talk to text function on Gmail and I’m teaching her to use Siri on the iPad but her speech isn’t always clear enough to allow for a clean translation. Her email took a long time to compose but she did a solid job.

We chose to run a few errands while we could, one of which was to pick up her new shoe that had the strap sewn onto it. Janet test drove that pair at church tonight and other than being a little noisy they seemed good, good enough that she walked all the way from the car to her seat without complaining and only stopping briefly to chat once along the way. That was her farthest walk yet and it was repeated in reverse after the service. Big high five!

There was a Social Club event at our strata’s clubhouse tonight that we joined in on as soon as we got home. It involved playing a rather silly dice game called Bunco but the real fun was in hanging out with the neighbours for a couple hours. The game required moving from table to table each round and Janet and I played separately so she was at a different table than me most of the night. At first I wasn’t sure if she would enjoy that but each time I looked over at her she seemed to be smiling bigger and by the end of the night she admitted it was OK. High praise in Janet’s book.

Popcorn and American Idol closed another late night but what the heck, as long as Janet is awake enough and engaged in something I’ll let her do it and she enjoyed the show and especially the popcorn.

Praying for a good night of sleep and lots of energy tomorrow.

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