Janet, A Success Story. May 8. #TSJ

My lunch hour phone call to Janet today caught her full of energy and talking really loud. It wasn’t just her phone, she was amped up, giggly, loud and confident. Nice to hear although she still has challenges in bringing out key words.

The Janet I found when I got to Connect later on was tired and sapped of energy. She said she slept but it didn’t look like it to me. There wasn’t a lot of motivation to do any exercise but she was happy to go do her duty prepping dinner as indicated on her daily schedule. Chelsea had her helping to make breaded pork chops, rice and corn on the cob. Janet thought the whole process was “ridiculous” and it was a little chaotic and unorganized but still good she helped.

With time to wait before the dinner was served I encouraged Janet to go for a bike ride hoping that would perk her up a little. She said she was tired but turned in a very respectable ride and it did liven her up. Janet walked well from her room to the dining table and then back to her room. She complained a little of a sore right foot again and we’ll keep an eye on it. It didn’t seem to bother her later in the evening, especially when she free walked from her bed to her room door and then from her bed to the bathroom. I didn’t even ask her to do that one and she made it the whole way without grabbing me once. High five!

Respecting her low energy levels we did a bunch of Speech type work tonight that included reading, typing emails, voicing emails and a Skype chat with Laurel. Turned out to be a good use of time as Janet did well with all tasks.

The results of Janet’s blood work were emailed to me tonight and the Dilantin is still at the high end of the therapeutic range with no reply from the neurologist yet. An answer soon would be nice as I’m starting to see some signs of side effects with Janet or maybe I just think I am. I do think it’s strange the levels are so high all of a sudden but at least they are staying there now.

Janet was in bed by 9:30 and really wanted me to read but by 10ish she had fallen asleep numerous times and seemed out for the count so I said goodnight. Praying for a night of rejuvenating sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow.

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