Janet, A Success Story. March 27. #TSJ

Thank you to all of you that sent words of encouragement and praise to Janet after watching the video of her walking yesterday. I read them all to her and can’t overstate the importance of having her hear from others how well she’s doing. Janet is quite nervous about walking with her cane and that makes her less than enthusiastic about doing it so any encouragement thrown her way is valuable.

Jess put her through her paces this morning with the first full workout since getting that stomach flu last weekend. Included in the routine was a walk from the gym to the front desk using only her cane, a distance of about a hundred feet. Because of her nervousness Janet expends a lot more energy doing that than needed so to go that far is really good.

I arrived at Connect just as Janet was finishing lunch and we took off for the day with the first event being a little haircut. Janet is trying to grow her hair out a little so this was a quick trim to keep things in shape. No before and after pictures needed this time. I tried to get Janet to walk from the waiting area to where she’d get her hair cut but she was too chicken to try in public. The need for a nap once at home was not debated but Janet only slept for about a half hour and I was concerned she wouldn’t be at the top of her game for the evening. She managed to walk from our bed to the dining table quite nicely though. She’s doing well enough that my main concern is not of her falling but in trying to help her get her right leg forward enough each step. There still isn’t a huge amount of control over that thing but there is improvement. Janet walked to the bathroom after dinner despite “not feeling well” and was pleased she got to be in her wheelchair as we headed out after that.

The featured activity tonight was a trip to the Kelowna Community Theatre for a screening of a film called The Crash Reel. It is the story of U.S. snowboarder Kevin Pearce who crashed and suffered a brain injury just prior to the 2010 Olympics. It chronicles his life all the way through his remarkable recovery and is designed to give hope to others facing similar challenges. The event started with a talk given by Kelowna’s silver medalist, Kelsey Serwa, and we both found her to be interesting and a well spoken young lady. The film was a little long but very interesting, brought back a lot of memories for me, and Janet’s big take away was “to accept what has happened and make the most of it”. Awesome.

Janet worked hard today especially at walking. She gets quite emotional about it all, thinking she should be doing better. The film we saw tonight helped her visualize how far she’s come and I think it had a real impact on her. Praying for a big night of sleep that allows Janet to fully participate in whatever she’s asked to do tomorrow.

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