Janet, A Success Story. March 20. #TSJ

First day of Spring? Tell that to the folks in Calgary, namely Laurel and Raj, who were supposed to drive to Kelowna today to visit us for the weekend. Blowing snow wisely kept them in Calgary much to our disappointment. I had promised Janet that as long as she worked hard during the day I would bring her home after dinner to maximize her visiting time. She held up her end of the bargain including a record setting bike ride followed by a Standing Frame session before dinner.

Eager to get home, Janet powered through dinner, got her meds and we were gone. Once settled she was happy to sit on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and get all caught up on our singing competition shows. I did have her walk everywhere in the house when she needed to go somewhere so it wasn’t a totally work free night. Janet’s gait is unchanged but her stamina seems to be growing and she never once complained about having to walk anywhere, even to the bathroom at the end of the night. Her sit to stands from her wheelchair were very good today. Often I have to help keep her right leg close to her left one or she doesn’t seem able to activate it, not today. Hopefully that becomes a trend. While free standing Janet is commenting more that she feels like she’s falling even though she’s quite steady. I’m hoping that is from an increased body awareness and that soon she’ll be able to recognize when she’s standing straight and strong and when she’s not.

Janet is happy to be home and looking forward to the weekend and I’m praying that she maintains a positive attitude and continues to gain strength and confidence.

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